Topic: Allow the selection of other containers when cooking with a pot  (Read 1457 times)


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Honestly, it's annoying how, if I'm cooking things like vegetable soup or boiling turnips, the resulting cooked item will end up all in the pot. I get that this is 'realistic' in a very vulgar sense of the word, but in practice, all this means is that I have to press an extra couple keys pouring the food over from the pot into a wooden bowl or other container if I wish to cook up boiled turnips en masse. Unnecessary user input, really, that makes these activities very annoying to do. I think it'd be much more convenient for the player, without losing anything, if the empty pot was just another 'tool' required for the cooking, and the game would ask separately for the target container (which could be a wooden bowl, a skin, a tub, or even the same pot the game has already selected, if that suits the player). I'd be quite happy if this was introduced.


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