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Making a single thread to collect the following typos and the likes that I've found, so as to not spam the board with several threads for minor text issues. Mark-up in citations (emphasis, italics, underscores, etc.) mine.

EDIT: Post 1 is the bunch of in-game encyclopedia article spelling/grammar/punctuation issues the thread originally was about. Post 2 onwards are random spelling issues as I come across them. I really don't fancy making a new thread for every missing space or comma.

All of the following refer to in-game encylopedia articles/item descriptions:

*Most valuables are found in the 'pedia by [material][type]: bronze ball pendant, silver ring, silver chain bracelet, etc. Both small and normal bronze brooches are listed merely as 'brooch', which covers both sizes. As the article explicitly references such brooches are made of bronze, perhaps 'bronze brooch' would be better?

*Arrow: "[...]There are no special types of arrows for regular bows and crossbows, so any arrow can be shot with any bow. In addition to regular arrows there are also broadhead arrows and blunt arrows." This is meant to say 'crossbows and regular bows use the same arrows: plain, blunt and broadhead'. Instead, it technically says 'Neither regular bows nor crossbows have any special kinds of arrows. Blunt and broadhead arrows do however exist'. Perhaps a better order and wording would be "In addition to regular arrows, there are also broadhead arrows and blunt arrows. Regular bows and crossbows use the same types of arrows, so any arrow can be shot with any bow."?

*Battleaxe: "Despite of their size [...]" should be either 'In spite of their size' or 'despite their size'. Utterly senseless, of course, but that's English for ya. Could also use a comma between 'edge' and 'resulting' a sentence-and-a-half earlier in the description.

*Bronze bracelet: "[...] worn by w omen of western cultures." (Stray space)

*Fur: "its' wearer" should be 'its wearer'.

*Leggings: "[...]When worn with pair of trousers leggings give extra protection and warmth." should be '[...]with a pair of trousers, leggings [...]' (missing article, missing comma) "Some leggings can be worn also instead of trousers." -- 'can also be worn' would be the more common word-order.

*Mace: "Most have metal heads, oftern [...]" should be 'often'. "[...] affixed to wooden shafts between 24 and 38 inches in length" should be 'shafts that are between [...]' or 'shafts of between [...]'.

*Mittens: "A gloves without separate fingers". Gloves is plural. "A pair of gloves", instead. Next sentence could use a comma after winter-time. Last sentence: "to protect the hands in a battle." ('In a battle' is not strictly wrong but somewhat implies metal mittens can only be used for a single battle. I doubt anyone would misunderstand it, though, and I wouldn't have mentioned it if that was the sole flaw of the description)

*Paddle: "Paddle is used to shove punt or raft ahead." Lacks any and all articles. "A paddle is used to shove a punt or raft ahead." instead. (Though, afaik, except in very shallow waters, a paddle doesn't shove, not like a sesta/pole. It propels.)

*Spectacle helm: "From the outside, spectacle helm [...]" - a spectacle helm.

*Veil: Latter half or so of the description probably fits better in a more general article on woman's clothing. Of the topically-relevant information, "[...] of wool or linen, sometimes nettle is used" could use 'although' before sometimes.

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Next bunch, these are related to food and food-preparation:

*When trying to dry outside the appropriate season, you get the following warning:
"The weather doesn't suite the task. It's too warm and humid at the moment!"
Should be suit.

*When smoking, at the part where it requires a heated room, the following message is given:
"You need to be in a heated room or a building, preferably a sauna."
Should be "in a heated room or building". Right now, it means that any heated room OR any building, heated or non-heated, is sufficient. Which is obviously not the case.

*When smoking/drying, at the part where it requires tying equipment, the following message is given:
"A rope, a cord and so on. You can make these by yourself also."
Looks a bit strange. Sentences usually don't end on also like that: either use 'as well' or put 'also' straight after can. First sentence isn't wrong, but 'or similar' would probably fit the message slightly better than 'and so on'. That's more a choice of style, though.


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Slight deviation from the purpose of the thread, but related to the previous post.
While it's true a rope *can* be used for smoking/drying, it's a gross waste of resources as I assume ropes are consumed in the same way as cords are (I've never tried). Thus, if modifying the description, I'd probably do it along the following lines:
"tying equipment, like a cord, which you can make yourself. A rope would work as well, but it is not recommended as the tying equipment is destroyed by the process.".