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Another "let's collect similar issues in one thread 'cause Sil ain't no board-spammer" thread, this time regarding weight issues.

Weight rounding on shown weight:
Displayed weight rounding* is a bit iffy and always rounds up, sometimes to the point of utter ridiculousness.

A pinch of heather flowers is, by my calculation, 0.025 lbs either exactly or so close to it that the difference is less than 0.0001--in other words, utterly negligible. (Did some testing with various amounts of heather pinches and the knowledge that even a minuscule amount over the full lbs causes the displayed weight to be rounded up to the next number.)

40 pinches of heather thus are exactly 1 lbs and the stack has a shown weight of 1lbs.

41 pinches of heather flowers, a weight of 1.025 lbs, is rounded to a displayed weight of 2 lbs.

*The game knows perfectly well the actual exact weight of an item or stack, as shown by various crafting and cooking options requiring set weights of items. The issue is, as far as I can tell, solely in the rounding displayed, not the actual behind-the-scenes weight calculation.

Small animal carcasses occasionally weigh less whole than in parts:
There's various factors in play that decide the exact weight of any particular animal, as well as the weight of however much you get off an animal. It does occasionally happen with small animals that the total parts gotten from a carcass (being fur+meat cuts+fat+feathers if any) weigh more together than the carcass did to start with. This is mostly a well-hidden thing due to the rounding issue described above.

Grisly willow carcass of "2"lbs//1.3lbs*

Rendered to:

No skin (mutilated beyond usage)
No feathers (due to no skinning possible)
2x  willow grouse cut
1x willow grouse fat
for a total weight of a fragment above 2 lbs. (In genuine, not fake-rounded, weight)

*Rounding issue. Going by "Carrying" field in upper right, 1.3 lbs. Rounding there too, but playing with heather flowers showed it has to be within 0.025 lbs of that amount, so let's go with a full 1.3 lbs.

Have witnessed the issue on above-mentioned 1.3 lbs willow grouse giving just over 2 lbs in parts and a small 0.6 lbs squirrel rendering to a little over 1.3 lbs in parts (which made me first look into this, as meat cuts are always 1 lbs exactly and I noticed the carcass weighed less than that), but suspect most of the smaller animals to occasionally have this issue.

Weight of skinned carcasses same as weight of "whole" carcasses:
Skinned carcasses don't have the weight of the skin removed from the carcass' total weight. If, as I suspect, the carcass' entire weight is used to calculate the number of cuts, skinned carcasses may systematically give slightly more cuts than they actually should.

Furthermore, it means that if someone for whatever reason opts to haul around both a skin and the skinned carcass it belonged to (as opposed to either skinning-and-butchering it in one go or moving it to wherever they aim to go before skinning and butchering--which are both probably significantly more common actions than skin-and-carry-the-carcass, but there *are* nonetheless various circumstances in which opting to skin-and-carry is a perfectly valid choice), they're hauling along more weight than ought to be the case. In some cases, it can well mean the difference between being over-encumbered or not.

Small stag carcass of "456"lbs (too heavy to carry, so it hardly mattered in this case, but the principle remains. As I can't carry, I can't determine the exact weight beyond "somewhere between 455-456.0 lbs")

Rendered to

Fine stag skin of "24"lbs//23.3lbs
Small stag carcass (skinned) of "456"lbs//455-456 lbs

Appears to occur with all non-fish animals.
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> A pinch of heather flowers is, by my calculation, 0.025 lbs either exactly or so close to it

As an aside, you can get weights of items exactly by inspecting the OBJ files.  Should help you avoid tedious in-game stuff to figure out weights.  Heather flowers are exactly 0.025 lbs.

You can see the "weight of the whole can be less than the weight of the parts" with plants very easily:  mod a plant that produces an enormous amount of leaves or something, and you can make a plant that weighs 0.5 lbs when harvested and produces 100 lbs of leaves.  At least for plants, the weight of the plant is set independently of its ingredients.
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Thanks for the heads-up. Most of the time, the weight that can be seen through the right-hand panel is more than accurate enough for my purposes, so I had never bothered looking into an official way to get the weight of items. (Usually, one number past the period is more than exact enough, and there's not that many things weighing less than >0.1lbs)

As to modded plants: yup. Non-modded plants occasionally give more than they actually weigh, too, now that I think of it.