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It has been a long time since I last played seriously, but I recall quests being too rare given that the percentage of them that can be viably completed is too low. Even if quests were easier to finish before they expire, the number of quests might not be enough for me personally. Consequently, I would appreciate it if there was a method to adjust the number of quests in the world.


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There are some bugs that can cause quests to be absent longer than they should be (Sami has fixed a number of bugs in the next release). The only quest type I think should be a major hurdle is the robber quest, as it's dangerous, you need a lot of resources to hire companions (and those are a danger to you and each other if equipped with missile weapons), and companions frequently just ignore orders to help other companions engaged in a desperate fight (some of these issues are addressed in the next release), and eventually you run out of potential companions because of the robber fight attrition (robbers can also be tackled using extreme tactics using only the PC).
Apart from that, the "wounded adventurer" quest can be lethal if the animal remains and attacks, although a more sensible player than me would withdraw and return later (but well within the quest time window) if the animal is still around.
Which other quests are too hard to finish in time (all the "search a large area for X quests are tedious and could do with a smaller area, but that's not a matter of difficulty)?

It's also a matter of looking for quests with a decent regularity in more than a single location (and I've never had anyone coming to my character to offer a quest...).


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I suppose quests that conflicted with my other plans and required walking a long distance were hard to complete in time. There may have been other things as well that made it more difficult but I can't remember anymore.


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As PALU says there are lots of quests that take a lot of player time, if not a lot of game time (herbs! and well... finding those pesky robbers).

There is one quest I thought of that I almost never can take unless everything feels squared away, and can involve a lot of walking - the escort to your homeland quest. If you happen to be from a far-away culture that one can take a lot of time and is certainly disruptive... though if things are relatively stable it's not hard to complete within the time limit. But more often than not I've had to turn it down, which seems to delay future quests a fair bit.

I personally don't mind the quest frequency right now, though it depends. If I am a relatively unsocial character, I get as many as I need and turn down a lot of things. If I am hanging out near villages more, it does feel like not quite frequent enough. And lots of quests can be done really quickly... chores and messages are frequent and usually doable in a day.