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Making a new thread for this so that we can have all the pertinent info in the OP. This is a migration of the legacy character thread from the old forum. There are some screenshots and stories of older characters in that thread that you should read but I won't copy here.

In ##urw, we have been playing legacy characters together. This post is to make coordination of the legacy characters easier.

  • When it is your turn, play one month in game, then pass it on to the next person.
  • You have 1 real life month to play your turn. If you don't manage to pass the character on in that time, we will mark you away and send the file you received to the next person in line. You are welcome to come back any time. If you are getting close the deadline it is okay to pass on in the middle of the month, better to pass it on than not.
  • All characters share the same "next" order so that always the person who is next is the person who hasn't played in the longest. New people start at the front.
  • You can do whatever you want during your turn. Ask urwbot for a quest and/or a rule if you aren't sure what to do.
  • Try not to die. Before doing something dangerous, take dogs with you and hire some companions.
  • If you die anyway, let us know what happened, and then we'll make a new character. No savescumming.
  • Before making a new character, check that there is someone to pass the character onto with "urwbot, legacy players"
  • If you want to make a new character, ask urwbot for a hard or insane start like so: "urwbot, start hard" or "urwbot, start insane." Play the full first month of the character's life and have it ready to send before adding it to the bot.
  • Inside the character's folder is _notes.txt with a little history of what happened during the previous months of the character's life. read it when you get the character, then update it before you pass it on.
  • Use map markers to explain stuff like "meat drying by this shelter" or "this village is mad at us" so we know.

How to use urwbot to join the legacy game:

You can talk to urwbot with /msg urwbot COMMAND or urwbot, COMMAND. All commands related to the legacy character start with "legacy"

  • legacy join YOUREMAILADDRESS  - join the legacy game. your email will be kept private except that it will be PMed to the person who has a character to send you. A zipped character folder can be like 10-20MB so make sure you have room in your e-mail for that.
  • legacy leave - stop playing legacy games entirely (first pass on the character you have to someone else though!)
  • legacy away - go on vacation from legacy games. no characters will be sent to you but you can come back later.
  • legacy back - return from away, receive characters again
  • legacy mail - if you are next in line, get the email address of the person to send your character to
  • legacy mail YOURNEWEMAILADDRESS - change your email address.
  • legacy sent - tell urwbot you have sent your character to the next person in line. now you are in line for receiving a new character again.
  • legacy new NAME - you made a new character and want to send it to somebody. Don't do this if there are already 3-4 characters in circulation.
  • legacy next - find out who is next (the title of the chatroom should have this info too)
  • legacy char - find out which legacy characters are alive
  • legacy players - find out who is currently active.
  • legacy died - report to urwbot that your character has died. it will be removed from the roster and you'll be put back in line to wait for a new character.
  • legacy rule NAME - find out the rules for a character.
  • legacy rule RULE - set a new rule for the character that you have.
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Kamputuuri has died.

Here is the history of Kamputuuri:

Spoiler: show
 Kanower(Character creator)
Ok.. I have nothing interesting to say. I've been preparing base and that is all.
Just this: Open MapAreas.png for locations(fishing place, our base)
My(And I hope that our goal) is to rebuild our base(fences) into the house :) But you can do whatever you want.

Our character is islander.

He is good in carpentry, fishing, building and of course in swimming.

His favorite weapons are bows and axes.

For islander he has very good physical stats.

Don't die =)  Good luck

+There is some food in fishing place(in cellar) and there are nets too(on    river)

+Be friend with first village under our base.

+There is one ritual what character doesn't know. I was too lazy to go to the sage.


Turn 1 Caine , Seedtime-month

I moved nets from rapids to next to cottage since i'm very lousy fisher. You can see it as I don't have any fish anymore for your turn sorry! There is some turnips and 2 nets so you can get food quickly
I have started building cottage following fence-guidelines. That's almost everything that happened in Seedmonth. I also learnt some new rituals. Fishing place cellar is empty now.

Turn 2 Davidor , Fallow

I think building your home next to a lake instead of rapids is a great idea where lake will frozen in winter. I'm not sure why previous fishing failed, but my problem is getting too many stale pikes. The smoking-tanning cabin needs a fireplace. Village in noeth have a sage and learned lots of rituals there. If there is time try grab 2 nets there.

Turn 3 Plotinus, Hay month July

Built fireplace in the rapidshome. I think it's okay to have a home in both places. Sami has said that lakes are better than rapids for net fishing, but I've done most of my fishing in rapids anyway. It'll be interesting to do some lake fishing for a change. But the home by the rapids will be good when winter comes. I found some spoiled hazel grouse eggs near the lake-home -- Sami has said they can spoil if the nesting was interrupted by player activity nearby but they can probably also spoil if they are left too long so I'm not sure which this was. Gathered lots of feathers.

Also made some paths to make it easier to remember where the house is within the tile. Bought the nets Davidor mentioned. Finished picking the nets and now it's your turn. You can decide whether to cast them again or not -- we have lots of fish anyway. Don't kill us, Averious!

Turn 4 Averious/Plotinus, Harvest month August
averious:Didn't complete this month, been too busy with work and such. Haven't really done anything to my knowledge.

Okay, guess it's me (Plotinus) again. Caught lots of fish. Bought a better shovel. Worked on the house. Bought a better splitting axe (rough -> decent). Collected berries and other plants for use in future traps and pushed them onto the north wall of the house so that birds won't eat them in the meantime. They will work even after they spoil, i think. Have fun, Caine! Your month is a good month to buy seeds from villagers if that's something you want to do. There's food in the cellar and also some against the wall.

Turn 5 Caine, Fall month September

I finished cottage, did some fishing and smoked lot of fish. There is some smoked fish at village at Lampokorpi (sheepmire) which are ready in few days. Now there is fireplace at cottage so you can smoke a lot with there. Those should be picked in few days.
I bought some seeds and barley and rye grains and month went quickly. Nets are set just straight east from the cottage.

Turn 6 jhharvest, Dirt month October

Eh. I'm not sure if I have anything to report. I made a "trap fence", I guess. :D Oh, I didn't go an pick up the fish that Caine mentioned since I didn't really know where that village was. It'll probably still be good though.

Turn 7 Plotinus, Dead month November

Gathered lots of arrows that you guys dropped, and founds lots of feathers. Made skis. Hoping to get another animal leather so we can make a ski stick too. Encountered a njerpez at night and got to 66% injured but I stole his sword and backed up and he went back to sleep and we escaped. I didn't think we'd survive if he woke up again.

Okay, I finished making the skis and caught a stag so we'll have some more fur. Killed a different Njerpez, made some designs with preparing soil for agriculture, and a few smaller trap fences in sort of a ring around the house (but spread out). Have fun Davidor

Turn 8 Davidor, Winter month December

The most painful part about deforestation isn't logging, well it is painful but gathering logs at one place is more painful. Kamputuuri spend most of this month doing so. Clearing the entire field will take few more players efforts.
Poison shouldn't kill you, comes from mispress of buttons and eat an unidentified leaf.

Turn 9 Caine, Center month January
Kamputuuri continued deforestation, there is lot of logs to haul around ^^. Poisoning didnt get any better in this month, sometime it got better and then it got worse so it was like a rollercoaster.

Turn 10 dRbiG, Pearl month February

Took a bit of a break from all the logging. Extended the central-western trap fence a bit. It caught a bear, so we have a ragged fur and a bundle of meat drying outside. Built three cellars along the southern wall of the cabin: one for seeds an grains, one for stale foods, and one for spoiled foods. So that maybe we don't get poisoned by eating smelly stuff so easily. Also the poisoning is finally gone!
Got usual number of birds from the smaller traps, turned all skins into leather; meat and fat sits raw in the main cellar.
Did some board making (you can't escape the lumber), aiming for perfect ones. Traded 6 of them for a box of turnip and a box of hemp seeds. Should be useful in seedtime season.
Explored some a bit to north-west, found three new villages. One of them seems to be well stocked having even a masterwork juniper bow for trading.
There are two hazel grouse skins dehairing at the eastern exit of the cabin.
There's also a pesky stag wondering about our settlement. Tried to hunt it with a bow, but that doesn't seem to be very effective. Perhaps some trap pits?

Turn 10 Caine, Soil month March

I hauled some trunks to stack them and hunted capercaillies. That nosy Stag started to annoy me :D I tried few times to catch it and kill but no success. I build traps around new cellars. Mainly small lever trap and one sharp pit with stakes if that silly stag comes back. It lurks around the settlement all the time. We need to get real shovel. One pit with that wooden shovel and I was done :D

Turn 11 Plotinus, Swidden month April

We have a real shovel. I went to some village and got the bird thief quest. Now that map markers are implemented I am leaving notes about what items the villages have and stockpiling those items that we might want to buy in the main hall of the village. The game remembers village items that you pick up and interact with and won't remove them from sale the way items you don't touch will be removed. I use yellow map marker for villages without animals, white for villages with animals, and green for villages where we're owed a reward but you can use some other system if you want.

There was a njerpez warrior near our place so I attacked him and killed him and used the shaman mod to harvest his thighbones. I don't plan to do much shaman mod stuff but it feels like a waste not to.

Almost completed the bird quest but we were attacked by a njerpez on the way home. He cut us and we were bleeding so we tried to back away, he attacked our legs so we couldn't walk, we tried to hack at his legs but he killed us. Oh well.


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Helena has died. Helena was our character that played the shaman mod. She was a really old character, originally made in 2014 and then passed from player to player. She was 19 months old. If you're interested in joining the legacy game, come see us in IRC!

This is the _notes.txt of Helena's life:

Turn 0: Plotinus Swidden month (April)

Made a little home on the island ten tiles northo f where we are. We don't have a raft yet but we can easily swim across the river (especially at ford if you're carrying lots of stuff). Spent a while exploring and starving. Really regretted not pumping survival and tracking because making fires and active hunting were both kind of a pain. Made a trip to buy y a fishing rod to ward of starvation. Started work on the trap fence and made considerable progress towards that. The trap pattern I started goes: 515253545557585, but we're sharing so I guess you can do what you like, but I had hoped at least there would be one of each type of trap in the trap fence because we'll need it for the shaman mod to catch lots of rare animals.

Helena is a Shaman character. Download Simon's Shaman mod here if you haven't already:

Our trap fence caught a forest reindeer and a weasel so far. The cuts are drying at our shelter on the island, and I did one of the first steps of the shaman made and made a forest reindeer shaman staff. It's a pretty good spear. I packed it onto the sheep because I'm always worried about robbers. I did see a few suspicious humans on my travels but I managed to avoid them. Just be careful.

The shaman mod needs:
plants, including some rarer ones so it is always good to do a little harvesting (in summer and autumn)

furs, including some rarer ones, so it good to have all types of traps and also maybe to buy furs of different types

linen cloth, which cannot be bought but only obtained from NPC carcasses so don't turn the linen into cords but save it for mod related stuff. You can safely turn nettle into cords or wool or fur; I expect we'll end up with a lot of stag furs that we can use for cords, or other tying equipment mods.

birch-bark, which is really rare and again you can't buy it, just sometimes NPCs will be wearing birch-bark shoes so don't destroy it if you find any.

weapons, specific types (not just knife but a specific type of knife, not just any spear but a specific type of spear), including some rare ones, so don't trade away weapons if we only have one of them.

Turn 1: Jhharvest Seedtime month (May)

I put down a few more traps and the fence caught a stag. The meat is smoking in the big house of the nearest village. Also hunted down a forest reindeer, the meat of which is in the sauna of the nearest village. The sheep is carrying valuables, there's some meat in the cellar. I saw a bear on a peninsula to the east but it ran away when I tried to poke it with a spear.

Turn 2: Ulfbehrt Fallow month. (June)

Havn't done much except chopping down trees and gathering ressources for cabin building and other things. Food shouldn't be a problem. Have tons of food in the cellar and got some 200 bear cuts being smoked in the village.
Helena got poisoned, but luckily it was only a mild form. So I kinda got lucky there.There is stag wandering near the traps, so don't forget to check. Nothing more to say. Except... have fun :)

Turn 3: Plotinus Hay month (July)
Spent most of my turn working on the house. Thanks for all the logs and boards, Ulfbehrt. Caught the stag in the traps. It is smoking in the village sauna. We're going to need a lot of leather for the shaman thing so I am dehairing the stag skin. I think the bug is still there that dehaired skin will rot the day after it is ready if it took longer than 4 days to dehair, so be ready to pick it up and continue tanning around day 10 of your turn (when it stops saying "early Harvest month" and starts saying "Harvest month"), but check it a little earlier than that to be sure. Harvest month is a good month to be harvesting the plants we will need for shaman! I got a head start on harvesting, the plants are in the cellar and the unthreshed plants are next to it.

Turn 4: Caine Harvest month (August)
I continued building up the cottage and finished stag leather.
I visited one of the Sartola village to buy decent dog companion.
After that I went to woods to gather some plants and maybe hunt some animals but I encountered local robbers and I though I could manage to kill them when they demanded all my belongings, there were only 2 of them. Somehow even with good spear skill my javelin throws weren't accurate enough and end result was that dog was killed in action and Helena got +50% injuries :( Rest of the month Helena just lay low and continued cottage building.

Turn 5: Davidor Fall month (September)

Turn 6: jhharvest Dirt month (october)
I finished the house. I hope you don't hate my decorating. I also started a grove shrine to NE of the house, there's a shelter in a grove.
   Luonnotar Dreaming = swap candles for goldenrod leaves?
Next I was going to do the read fish intestines - I think I gathered up all the supplies. Also ate some Noaidi's to improve the spiritual mojo. :0

Turn 7: plotinus dead month (november)

Got a smelly naideh headcloth from the fish intestines ritual. Did it a few times but it didn't increase any skills. Bought a lynx, glutton, and wolf fur. Killed a bear and made a fine fur. Killed a black grouse and a hazel grouse. Made a ceremonial mantle. Made a noadi's drum (stag spirit drum), and a fire bow. Did luonnotar dreaming for a while and our ritual skill increased on the 4th try. Killed a snake! Made laced shaman shoes! Did fish intestines ritual a bunch more time and got a ritual increase. Did cleanse your body a few times and the naideh headcloth turned white. not sure what it increases yet but probably ritual?

Turn 8: NiCool winter month (december)
Explored the driik territory and got a full set of masterwork tools. On the way back to my settlement, with 3 dogs and 4 companions who have been a great help with hunting.These tools are expected to be a lot of help as i try to build the supplements for the rituals.

Turn 9: dRbiG center month (january)

[Had some problems finding where exactly our settlement is, so now there is _map_home.png (thanks to Plotinus) - in case somebody ends the turn in the middle of nowhere.]

The center month was quiet and rather uneventful. Helena did a simple trap fence around the settlement, just to be on the safe(er) side, and placed three additional loop snares just south-east of the southern 'exit' of the fence. Seeing that supplies of dried food were low Helena extended the main trap fence south of the settlement. She built further west with trap pits only - that part of fence is meant for food for her and the dogs.

The shelter north east of the settlement is the shamanic grove of peace, where Helena brought a wooden bowl and a stack of candles to focus on Luonnotar dreaming. More candles are in the settlement east of the cabin door.

The traps provided one elk, one stag, one arctic fox and a some usual bird catch. The fox and elk furs are done, the stag fur is de-hairing at the settlement (near the river) - remember to check it out as it should be ready for further processing in about a week. Helena made a bunch of bandages and lots of cords. A nice pile of meat is currently drying - should provide sustenance for long time to come. There are also some raw cuts in the cellar for the dogs.

There are some foreign traders nearby and at least one wandering Njerpez warrior. No sighting of any mid-to-big game happened within reasonable distance from the settlement (winter is quiet indeed). Helena found another village up north, but nothing of interest there to trade.

Speaking of trade Helena had the idea to take some fine furs and tour the northern villages to look for glutton fur and perhaps dog leather, as they are the only missing elements to making a shamanic hood.

Turn 10 Plotinus Pearl month (February)

They don't sell dog leather; we'll have to wait until one of our dogs is killed in combat.Found that Njerpez and it killed one of the dogs so I'll make a shaman hood now.

You can use grep to find notes left in the game: grep '\-\-' HELENA/msglog.txt

Made some herbal potion sachets -- this trains the herblore skill. I left them in the cellar. Use herblore on them to find out what they are for.

I made an elk spirit drum.

Made some irresistable concoctions (junkar's bait).

Built a bit of a field just north of the cabin.

Turn 11 Caine Soil month (March)

(This is also NobCob) Nothing, Caine? Not sure if he touched the save file.

Turn (11.5??) NobCob Soil Month (March)

Helena decided to take advantage of the late winter conditions, and went off to ski and spear-hunt.
Early in the hunt, Helena managed to kill an Elk, who was summarily skinned and butchered.
On the journey back to camp with meat and skin, a Njerpez Warrior awoke Helena while she slept in the forest, just two steps from mutilating her!
Her mastery of spears proved valuable.
By the time Helena had set the fur out to tan, there was already a forest reindeer in the trap!
This was clearly a sign from the gods. Soil Month will be a month of hunting, gathering, and of routine sacrifices.
Hopefully this is the gods' will, and a good way to ready her skills.
Total count: 2 elk, 2 forest reindeer, 1 arctic fox. Lots of food drying / in the cellar.

The village to the south had complained about a band of five Driikilais robbers ravaging east Sartola...
Helena decided enough hunting had been done. Her tribespeople are in danger, so she decided to take arms.
In the area described by the old man who had been robbed, Helena met a vagabond woodsman.
He claimed to be a simple man, but had two axes, not just one. And a woodsman rarely needs to fell a tree with a shortbow, right?
When asked if he wanted to help find the robbers, the strange man with two axes and a bow refused!
Helena operated under the assumption that he was with the robbers, and ran through him with a spear.
Later, a Njerpez warrior crept up on Helena as she prepared to rest in the mountains while searching for robbers.
A spear through his helmet was decent revenge for crippling the poor dogs...
With two maimed dogs, Helena realized she was not up to pursuing the robbers further.
The dogs will rest at home. Hopefully they will heal in time to chase the robbers once more.

Things to do if you have free time in the spring:
Gather Bear Pipe when it's ready, it grows on the coastline. Gather A LOT. Sleeping is overrated.
Extend the trap fence to the south. It works alright now, but if you add more trap pits it will be a fur factory.
More shaman stuff (I ignored it in favor of winter hunting.)

Turn 12 OK8 Swidden month (April)

I was truly useless at this. Not only did it take forever for me to play, I also did nothing but stupid things. I went exploring in the east, found nothing useful, did nothing smart. On my way back the ice melted so I had to take a really long detour to make it back to camp only to almost starve to death on the other side of the river. I had to make a couple cords out of our overcoat to make a raft and make it across.
Playing such a well established character was overwhelming for an inexperienced player like me. I'm happy I didn't kill her and you still have a chance to build upon it.

Turn 12.5 Davidor Swidden
Since OK8 didn't finish his month I'll just take both.
And wow, 3 years in real life and just one in this save.
The home is quite messy so I sort things and trade for many valuables and good equipments. Finished the robber quest and punt quest. Also kill a bear an elk and a reindeer. Bought a bull and a cow.

Turn 13 Davidor Seedtime month
Mainly training skills. Got a few fishing spells. One achievement during this month is to sneak kill a black grouse with a knife at 88% stealth while I was training.

Turn 13 MrMotorhead Fallow month
Helena checked the traps and decided to pay a visit to nearby villages.
She met a wounded adventurer, recovered his handaxe and managed to kill the bear that had injured him.  She decided to travel far to the east to search for a Kaumolais spear which are supposedly fantastic for combat. However nearing Kaumolais territory she met a Kiesse tribesman who offered the location to a tresure if Helena would lead him back to Sartola, so she cut her trip short and headed home.  Helena had a very dangerous encounter when she found a Njerp war camp, just barely managing to run away before disaster.  She didn't think she would have time to get the treasure reward and leave that for the next month, good luck!

Turn 14: kaizokuroof Fallow month. (June)
(Kaizokuroof misunderstake the rules and thought it was for seasons, instead of months. Not sure how I did this, I feel dumb, sorry about this friends)
This month Helena found summer to be hot, so she journey up and down the west coast, exploring and relaxing by swimming lots. She then travelled out in search of island villages and traded some small game she had caught for fish in local village, as well as a net and few other things.

Turn 15: Kaizokuroof Hay month (July)
(because I'm dumb) Helena continued to map out the western coastal regions, hunting birds when available and exploring small islands as well as swimming and weatherlore (no skill points that I noticed).
after finally heading back to camp for a few days to top up the food for animals and get some milk, I made my way out west again looking for some large game to replenish all the food I'd eaten (there is still a large amount and I caught a few elk).
Helena ran into a Njepz warrior, but easily cut him down with a few javelin throws. After about 2 more KM, another Njepz, however this was one equipped well. Helena threw 3 spears all solid hits, but he didn't go down. He pulled out a bow
and shot her in the abdomen casuing some grevious wounds, as well as blacking out and started to bleed out. In a desperate attempt I threw the masterwork spear which knocked the warrior down. however soon he rose to his feet and with poor
skills in other weaponry I thought it might be over... I equip our masterwork shield and handaxe and went toe to toe. Not one hit was landed with the axe but luckily the warrior dropped the masterwork spear when helena blocked a blow
so I picked it up and slew him where he stood (just in time to stop the bleeding). Helena returned home and that's where I re-read the rules and realised I'm stoopid. So she's pretty beat up. Best of luck!

Turn 16: Moonsilence, Harvest Month (August)
My first try at "mulitplayer" UrW. I played my turn mostly staying safe around the homestead doing some housekeeping. Organizing items, building more cellars, healing my wounds, continuing the Kota, naming the cattle, resetting the traps in trap fence, felling many trees on the east side of the homestead fence (with help from a helping hand), hunted an elk together with helping hand, helped a lost vagabond find the nearest village (quest), hunted another elk by chasing it with dog then meleed it with spear, smoked and salted a ton of meat, sowed plenty of barley and rye (ripe next year), build a new six-indoor-tiles cabin, just set the nets on the last day of my turn, also there is an elk hide at the shore just ready for the next step in the hideworking process chain. Hail Helena!

Turn 17: Plotinus, Fall Month (September)

Constructed a Piru warden. Got spirts of the forest quest. Thankfully someone had already bought silver. Went on a quest to recover the dead bodies that people hadn't turned into thighbones, with the help of msglog.txt and math. completed spirits of the forest quest. Someone should clear out that njerpez warrior camp near koivula.

Returned a handaxe to an adventurer and got a treasure. Retrieved the other treasure too, the one from MrMotorhead's turn. The ground will soon be too frosty to dig so it's good we got it now. The crops were planted too late and they withered before they ripened.

Have fun!

Turn 18: Davidor, Dirt month (October)

Moonsilence is busy and didn't play. I'm quiet suprise file size reaches 790MB and the first thing I did was map maintenance :P now we have a nice 327MB file. This month she just chop woods and train herblore. Got a message about water spirits are happy with her so she performed the water folk ritual, nothing really important happened just an old water folk pop out and dive down. Helena also killed a bird by throwing a handaxe.

Turn 19: Plotinus, Dead month (November)

I remembered there was a forest reindeer totem bench that jharvest built in a grove north east of our home to do the Luonnatar dreaming but when I went to look at it, I couldn't find it. I thought maybe the tile was invisible or something so I walked on every tile in the whole square and still couldn't find it. I've marked the location on the F6 map. Anyway, we don't need to have a totem bench that far away. "Peaceful place" can be found at the shore of a lake, too, and there's a spot on our island that we can use. I've marked it on the F6 map and when I have 8lb of leather I'll make a new totem bench to keep in that spot. I wondered where all our leather went and realised it was probably making up the kota, so I deconstructed a wall of the kota, found 16lb of elk leather, made the new totem bench, and then reconstructed the wall. Got the branches quest in a village but didn't collect the reward. The village is marked in green.

There was a bear in our trap and it onehit killed us. I should have used a bow.

killed by bear while unconscious
She fainted after being hit by bear. While unconscious she was hit by bear and got a fatal wound
Spruce mire at Kaalokosket "Troll rapids"
in southern Sartola.

Her msglog.txt was 9.4 Megabytes long, which is incredible for a text file!


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 I remember reading a series of deaths from time back,
Curious if any of the legacy multi-player survivors are still alive?

Thanks for the post  :D
To help is it's own reward.
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Xena lives on!  Xena is another 4-5 year old character (real life years). She's 25 months old, has a giant house. Davidor has her right now.

We're always looking for more players if you're interested. Requirements are showing up in IRC now and then + being able to play your turn within a reasonable amount of time (you get 30 real life days to play 30 days of the character's life, but faster turnaround is appreciated.)


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For multiplayer, game should be changed. Time should go on when we stand and not doing anything. When we stand on a hill in wilderness, we should see animal or NPC is moving even if we don't move.

JEB Davis

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For multiplayer, game should be changed. Time should go on when we stand and not doing anything. When we stand on a hill in wilderness, we should see animal or NPC is moving even if we don't move.
If you keep pressing keypad-5 (or period) the game behaves how you want it to.
If time passed without any key presses it wouldn't be a turn-based roguelike anymore.
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Turn-based games (like chess) aren't as popular as any other multiplay game with time going on by itself. Who would select turn-based multiplayer in e. g. Counter Strike if it existed? No one.
I understand that multiplayer in UrW can be only furn-based because . e. g. building, sleeping etc. are speeded up.
But timing could be available as option in singleplayer.
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The way we do multiplayer here is that multiple people play a single character sequentially, so by the time the character comes back to you, it has changed: it has a house you didn't build and a field you didn't plant or whatever.

Dungeon Smash

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Turn-based games (like chess) aren't as popular as any other multiplay game with time going on by itself. Who would select turn-based multiplayer in e. g. Counter Strike if it existed? No one.
I understand that multiplayer in UrW can be only furn-based because . e. g. building, sleeping etc. are speeded up.
But timing could be available as option in singleplayer.
you can already do this, by pressing 5, as JEB Davis pointed out.  Or, you can advance time one increment at a time using the Period button. 

It sounds like you basically want to play a completely different game.