Topic: Drawings of my travels in UnReal.  (Read 12257 times)


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I'll do some before then for sure!


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I didn't know where or how to post this, so it's going here.

Last Inktober 2016 I did a series of drawings, and from the 16th October to the 23rd they are inspired by UnReal World and a few characters I was playing with then.

Please feel free to comment and discuss.



Wow! Your pics really catch the deep and thoughtful side of URW!


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Just looked at the pics myself. Each of the unreal world ones I could recognize as things like my characters have gone through too. The stead building one, that is the one where (s)he is about to cut down a tree, felt like what Novrus has recently gone through.

One feedback, other than they are all so awesome:
The bow hunting scene. It seemed to show 2 male deer with antlers walking beside each other. Male deers with antlers would be rut and not like hanging out with each other. Reindeer though do have antlers on male and female and travel in herds. If those were reindeer the antlers would have a different shape.