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Does anyone know if it's at all possible to make a recipe that creates a plant or herb? For instance, a .Hemp. recipe that creates a single hemp plant. I've been fiddling around with it but am unable to even get the recipe to appear in the menus...

I've been able to make vanilla stuff (nettle, for instance) but my custom plant is not being created at all. Here's the code:

.Pinesalve.     (1)    [grass]
[REGION:eastern western]
[TERRAIN:grove meadow settlement clearing]
[EFFECT_RAW:antiseptic astringent anti-microbial anti-inflammatory]

I've tried changing the 0s to 1s, to no avail.

EDIT: I created a new character and now it works, so that explains it  :P
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I'm not an expert, but if you are not getting the results you expect, it might be that you are trying to make it a craftable item, and not a spawning plant. If you wish to make plants spawn, make sure you use the fauna files :) Maybe that's what you are already doing, the wording just makes it sound like maybe you are trying to create an item, and I don't think the fauna-specific attributes will be useable in crafting.


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An item in the flora files can be "poofed" into game with a craft task. The item(s) need to be in the files when the game starts.

 The issue I always have with this method of adding items is the measurement descriptions..
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