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A macintosh is a colloquial name for a waterproof raincoat.


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A macintosh is a colloquial name for a waterproof raincoat.

Thanks! For reference:

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I've always thought that, from a perspective of developing a realistic game, you wouldn't only want a "wetness" modifier to clothing, but you'd also want to have all sorts of conditions of being soiled somehow. So, for instance, if you're cut and are bleeding, the clothing would become soiled with blood. There might be ways for clothes to pick up dirt or mud. This would create an element to the game where you wouldn't only have to dry wet clothes, but would have to wash ones with other sorts of conditions. On top of that, metals would have problems like rust if they weren't taken care of well enough.

While this would not fit the style of most games, to me, UrW has always been a slow-going game, where these types of requirements just add to the sense of "being there", and give you more to do as a player.

To the extent that not only your clothes and metals can get conditioned, possibly your character could also get dirty; and this would be a condition for taking a bath.


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I would like to see metal weapons deteriorating (eg, rusting) and also for example needing to be sharpened. But the need to clean clothes and oneself seems too much to me (like the need to urinate and defecate). Just my opinion though.


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Well I think it depends on how much its made necessary and also how relevant you can make the mechanics. :D

As far it being necessary -- people don't really need to wash or bathe as much as they do in modern times. They certainly didn't always do it as commonly all throughout history. So, its a matter there being certain circumstances in the game which would either be a reason for you to bathe or wash.

Then as far as relevant mechanics goes, your reference to other forms of realism I think hits this point. For me, its not so much that these things are so far out to include in a game; you find them all in a game like The Sims, for instance. Its just that there aren't any relevant mechanics that could serve them well in a typical RPG -- or that I can think of in UrW -- because there's not much meaningful gameplay or consequences associated with doing them or not doing them. What's the game going to do? Tell you "you defecated in your pants like a four year old, this embarrasses you greatly"? As far as bathing and washing goes, you would then need particular reasons to do these things.

But I can think of a way of implementing them both where both the need to do these things would be rare enough and relative to the circumstances and there would be benefits of doing them. Even just for roleplay in some circumstances; because lets say you want to marry a bride and can't do so while you're dirty, so you take a bath. And I can imagine, as I mentioned in another thread here, villagers themselves bathing and washing in rivers as part of their routines.

In any case, I'm sorry if this diverts from the topic of your thread a bit; I just thought it might be relevant to suggest it because if Sami and Erkka ever think of adding a wetness property to clothing, maybe there could be thought to other states and conditions as well.

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