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One of my recurrent "themes" for playing is as a pure northern nomad. Small kota and furs carried by my docile reindeers Astrid and Gudrun and off to explore the north.

It occurred to me that reindeers should be "gendered" just like cattle and sheep. This would allow the collection of nice reindeer milk from domesticated female. Antlers grow on both sexes apparently, so that'd be the same, but males are bigger (eg, carry more and yield more fur/meat).

This would make my northern experience much more complete :)

According to this paper, this is the nutrition of reindeer milk:

Proteins: 9.9
Fats: 15.5
Carbs: 1.2

It's now clear why Sami people took good care of their reindeers!

This is a very nutritious milk but I believe it can be balanced by milk output: should be less than cows, maybe like sheep?


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I like this idea. Anything that's good for Reindeer.
Didn't know sheep shielded milk.  :o


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I like this idea. Anything that's good for Reindeer.
Didn't know sheep shielded milk.  :o

Yep they do, about a third of the daily cow's output. I guess reindeer should have an output between sheep and cow, since sheep will be very valuable one day when shearing becomes officially available :)

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THe roleplayer wishes to add two of his shiny cents.

Techincally all female mammals should be able to be milked, but I've never heard of anyone trying to milk a sow. I think it's an excellent idea that reindeers should be gendered, especially considering the upcoming baby animals. My issue is in being able to tell them apart at a glance, wich you can do with most animals in this game.. Although I don't think you can tell sows and boars apart unless you examine them. Then I suppose it's a brilliant idea that I cannot possibly refute, as expected of koteko