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« on: June 13, 2017, 06:59:43 PM »
Would love to have the option to ask directions to a sage. Many smaller settlements don't have a sage living there, but it seems to me like people of this time would have known where the nearest sage lived, in much the same way that frontier towns in America may not have had a doctor, but the townsfolk knew that there was Doctor Jones two towns over for when someone was seriously ill.


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Even better if asking for a sage in a village that has one would give you directions to him (or one of them, if more than one).
That might be expanded to allow you to ask for an adventurer, and probably every profession when at it, as well as for named villagers (in particular those involved in quest).


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Great ideas.  I agree that asking for specific NPC professions would be helpful.  Maybe make sages rarer and make the player travel to find one?


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excellent idea. would work well.


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I'd already be happy if the villagers could tell if there is any sage in the same village. I don't like it when I'm looking for a sage which doesn't even exist in that village.

Directions aren't necessary for me. In fact, I think it's quite realistic that most of the time the villagers don't know where their sage is lurking around.

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Roleplayer agrees,

I think also that npcs should automatically provide an option to direct you to a sage if you are visibly injured. I mean it's pretty odd that some huntsman is talking to my Pienivelho when he has just been repeatedly mauled by a bear and barely escaped with his life.

Also if it is planned to add any use for the different professions then we would need to have a way to find specific rarer ones.