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The roleplayer is confused by gameplay mechanic.

In combat it's a given that you can't use the physician skill, this isn't some jrpg where you can just down a potion and everything is okay. But there is a problem here as physician is the only way to check your own wounds. This makes it problematic when you are wounded in midbattle as your supposed to be able to switch which hand your fighting with. It doesn't make much sense that we can't tell which arm/leg is wounded, isn't that why pain exists? Perhaps there could be a way to look at yourself, or be aware of your own wounds. I mean the combat messages don't even tell you which side gets banged up!


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F7 will show you your injuries without using the physician skill. That being said, I've never tried it in combat and maybe it prevents it?

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Did not know that, I'll check myself. Still it's very strange that injury text says that one's hand is injured and not left/right hand.


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Yes, the injury page can be accessed in combat. What I find strange, though, is that it doesn't tell you when something is out of commission: it just tells you that e.g. the left arm had a damage of X, but not whether it's still functioning or not. Instead, you're told only when you try to use the injured limb.

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I've noticed that too, it takes too long to figure out what is out of commission. Thanks for making the injury page matter clear, I was having trouble finding enemies for testing that.