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A strange thing happened to the roleplayer.

I had lit a fire, a large one made from about 9 planks and a few dozen branches, because I was leaving the area soon and didn't like leaving tree bits around. I then went to pack up my traps but when I returned, low and behold the fire was gone, no embers left behind, only the stone I used to mark my fire spot.

Is this intentional? Are the spirits being cheeky, even though I am at unity with the world. Or is it a bug?
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It definitely sounds like a bug.
I can be the same one I've reported earlier (on the old forum) where a fire lit in a stove is gone without embers remaining (which I wanted for cooking requiring embers) when going away for a short trap checking trip (a few hours).
In my case it always seem to happen at the change of seasons/months or something similar, and always across the turn of day time in the morning (stove lit on the "day before" and checked on the "next day"). In at least one case I noted the palette changed as I was checking the traps. I believe I've also seen it with a large fire (similar to your case).

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Hmm this is troubling.


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It's not really troubling, mainly annoying. It doesn't happen that often, and in most cases you can just start a new fire as there's no vanilla need for an ongoing fire. I would guess you could miss out on ash when preparing farm plots, but, again, it's just annoying, as you only need a few branches to set a new fire.


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More details needed; screenshot of the fire site or how long the characters were away (how long the fire burned) etc.
If the area is super occupied with stuff/items/animals/buildings/etc. ashes can end up on the list of 'to be removed to free data stack'.
So if the area has been hoarded up with lots of stuff that might explain this.
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I'll be on the lookout when I start a new character (which will be after the next update). However, for my last character the fire was lit in the "sauna" stove, she went to the trap fence about 3 tiles away, walked around the single tile lake inside the fence, and returned back to to make a stew on the embers that were MIA. The stove was lit with the minimum number of branches.
There wasn't enough items around for an item overflow explanation, and I don't think tracks were removed either (I've never actually seen an item overflow warning, apart from the one for loading watercraft, animals/companions of burden, and the character with items, but that's a different one).
I'm fairly convinced it is a timing issue where the fire has to be in some specific phase when the day (and possibly month/season) ticks over. I'm not convinced the character has to be away, as I believe my character was doing some kind of crafting to pass the time the first time I encountered it, but cannot rule out that the character has to be absent from the tile.
A problem from a fault finding perspective is that the player has a rather hazy notion of what time it is, so it's hard to time the setting of a fire to a precise time (and there's no precise way of passing time to reach the desired time should we be able to identify it. At a guess, a large fire with a large burn time may be easier, if the condition is just that the fire is burning at the cross over time).