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How do you find the nutrition for a given food item? I'm modding in some recipes for bread and I want to look at the standard flatbreads for reference. (I know the game can automatically create the values for modded food-items but I think the way I've structured it will make it a bit funky, if not non-existent.)

I think the nutrition for flatbread will come from the flour used to make it.  I think these values are defined in the herbs.txt file.  There's also a wiki page for flour:


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Hi PALU, thanks for the answers, I checked the log again, there's no mention to the fact that when I zoomed out my escortee couldn't follow, so I presume he was already dead, I returned to the place where it happened but can't seem to find his body nor his items. It's a pity, the reward was a treasure location  :(.

Just found the body, yep, he's  dead and none of his items compare with a treasure.
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Hi PALU, thanks for the answers, I checked the log again, there's no mention to the fact that when I zoomed out my escortee couldn't follow, so I presume he was already dead, I returned to the place where it happened but can't seem to find his body nor his items. It's a pity, the reward was a treasure location  :(.

Just found the body, yep, he's  dead and none of his items compare with a treasure.
A pity. The treasure is still out there, somewhere...

A note for the future would be to avoid ice when it's not certain that it's thick enough. Note that even if you might have a small character, hirelings may be larger, so even if your character can cross ice on the overland map, I'd advice not to zoom in when there's any risk the ice is dangerously thin for others.


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strugling to find silver... Gone through 3 different cultures and nothing. Also i live in Driik's territory, which is meant to be the "richest"... or the one that holds more items aveable.



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Finding silver things can be somewhat elusive.  It seems to me that villages might become a bit more wealthy over time and when they restock they might have a silver trinket.  Also keep some high value furs with you at all times and keep your eyes peeled for the boys in blue, foreign traders have something silver about half the time, give or take.


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As MrMotorhead said, villages have a slow turn over (probably too slow for your quest limit), while traders have silver more often (I wouldn't put it at 50%: I'd say it's less than 50% for them to have trinkets, and probably less than half of the trinkets are silver).
Anyway, check out all traders, as adviced. Whether to lug around furs or not depends on whether you're close enough to a stash to mark the trader location on the map once they've been confirmed to hold desired goods, rush back to grab furs, and then return to trade.
If you're lugging around a trading stock, I'd recommend using a cow of burden (or a dog if you're not yet rich enough for a cow). Silver isn't cheap, so a sufficient trade stock is going to weigh a fair bit, and you really don't want to run into a Njerp with a movement speed of 3 km/h (and I don't know if robbers steal the trade goods, but I would expect them to...).


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What's the minimum req for building a fireplace? One wall and floor? Two walls and floor? Making tomorrow's building plans in my head away from my computer and can't test atm, but I'm annoyed I can't remember. :P Thanks in advance!


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As far as i can remember you need two walls in order to be able to build the ceiling and floor (if not three). One wall doesn't allow you to biuld a floor


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It should be two to build a floor/ceiling, or you wouldn't be able to build buildings more than a tile wide...
And yes, you need a floor as well.


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Thank you both, two walls one floor were correct and I should've remembered that. Tells you not to play games in your head while at work. ;)

Two more quick ones:

1) I have always known quality in clothes only affects value, not protection (as opposed to weapons, where quality affects damage). Then I stumbled onto this thread that says it actually affects protection too ( Now Im unsure. Can someone confirm?

2) According to the dev news, (some?) skulls and teeth are for rituals, bones are edible by dogs (and actually work brilliantly I found - great addition that one, esp. bear bones, they last forever and make keeping dogs feel more realistic). But antlers are just trophies, so not even sellable. Am I missing some other non-modded use?


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Lin, I just recently figured out that you can [A]pply a bear skull to pull out the teeth, you will need a knife.  Then the bear skull can be [P]ushed into a pine tree to complete the bear skull rite.  This is a ritual that all characters start with, so it must be common knowledge and important.  The teeth seem important even though I haven't fount any discrete use for them, I can say my survivor has been wrecking face since he started carrying the teeth around with him..

I haven't found any use for antlers, their trade value is painfully low, but they do look kinda nice when placed on a fence or a wall.


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1. I've been under the impression clothing quality only affects value, but clothing material does (with bear fur being the best fur material, if I remember correctly). Note that this is far from a confirmation of any kind.

2. Bear skull/teeth: as MrMotorhead said. There is a use for bear teeth as well...
- Bones: dogs can eat them, but I've found it's a pain as the mutt barks every time it nibbles at a bone, and it isn't really sufficient to keep it fed. Dogs eat bones of the same type in a round robin fashion, so you'll end up with a lot of partially eaten single bones if you try to stack everything into one pile. Also note that human corpses decay into bones as well, and dogs eat those too, without being starved. Thus, I pile the bones of slain foes in a big pile on a rock in the rapids my character's homestead is located by.
Interestingly, the bones from different humans do not stack; Njerps, Reemi, and Vagabond robbers form 3 stacks.
- Antlers: I've found no use for them beyond being a source of mod reactions (such as e.g. Buiodda's Crafting, which also uses bone and bear teeth).


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Thanks both. Actually, Palu, Im pretty confident bear isn't the all around best. I've found plain fur, aka mixed to give me better values to some things, and I just checked, the wiki seems to confirm this.
EDIT: Colour me wrong, that was confirmation bias. :) Bear is mildly better than generic, according to wiki. Not by much, but still. Again, according to wiki, which should still stand though, havent read any changes to that in any devlogs. Apologies. I should listen to my betters. ;)

But Im still super curious about the clothes quality question, if someone else knows.

But yes, bones for dogs are only useful at home. But at home they mean I can save up on some meat, for the hungry hungry spirits, plus Im not attracting trouble by constantly having meat lying around the yard.
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I am pretty sure that quality does not affect clothes protection value, however I'm not sure if higher quality material degrades slower


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After finding, and killing, a black grouse eating bear bones I left, I've been wondering if you could use bones for traps in place of meat. I have tons and it's annoying feeding dogs with them because they take two bites then I have to command them to eat again.

I do not feed my dog bear bones, I leave each bear's bones by where their skulls hang out of respect. But the 20 elk and human bones I'd like to put in traps so I can use the meat to feed my pups.
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