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« on: June 30, 2024, 08:30:41 PM »
The summer and nightless nights have made it less attractive to sweat inside the development chambers, so I've been experiencing natural and seasonal downshifting periods with coding. Nevertheless, the new features are being pushed ahead slowly but steadily amid all the other intriguing summertime activities.
So, a brief summery summary from the development chambers goes as follows:

The work with the shingles is basically all done by now, except that there's one sidetracking idea that may delay wrapping up the shingle code. See, the shingles would actually need to be split from a block of pine wood, and as we know the tree species is not currently derived into lumber products. Well, I'd dearly would like to feature it now together with shingles but as it's somewhat complex addition we don't want to delay the next release too long either. So, this is being considered now, and yes, whenever the tree type will be featured in the lumber products it will naturally start affecting to many other crafts too.

The pausable crafting transition naturally continues and it's now considered and prioritized as the main sector of work until all the crafts are prone to pausable mechanics.
It won't be yet completed with the next release, but we'll be closer to the goal with every patch. When going through the all item definitions the bigger and lesser chances to some crafting recipes will follow. For example, as we're now getting shingles the concept and crafting of torches is being re-considered.

The idea of featuring separate key-command for modded items has been brainstormed and very lightly sketched amid the ongoing conversation and is likely to be first featured as a "beta-feature" which can be used/tested at will alongside the current way of adding modded items. The current system of simple diy_*.txt snippet additions is going to stay as it is, and easy as it is. We're hopeful, but can't quite promise, that the separate modded item key-command will be featured in the release - it depends on the favourableness of the spirits of priorities.

There are also several new arrow types being considered, eg. whistling arrow, together with introducing a separate ARROWMAKING skill. We're hopeful that these will be also feature in the next release - if the spirits be on our side.

And then, a brief summery summary of the past weeks from outside the development chambers goes as follows:

- Sami | UnReal World creator