Topic: Allow pre-loading of crossbows without nocking  (Read 611 times)


« on: January 09, 2024, 11:34:16 AM »
Currently it's only possible to load crossbow in advance by wielding it and then wielding an arrow in the other hand. Problem with this is that it makes crossbows practically unusable with skis. In addition if you change the nocked arrow to one of different type you need to reload the crossbow for some reason. I'd propose that it should be possible to load a wielded crossbow in advance by using the apply action. The load action should be the default selected action in the apply menu (over the bowstring one) to save bit of keystrokes. After this the crossbow persists in loaded state until unwielded or shot with. If you load the crossbow by wielding an arrow at the same time as we currently do, the crossbow should also maintain the loaded state even if the arrow is unwielded or changed to a different one.
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