Topic: Villages should keep their water sources free of ice during winter  (Read 3140 times)


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It's not just matter of having to smash the ice yourself, I can almost never find the things during winter since they blend in with the snow.


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This is a good suggestion, I like it!

My current workaround is that i put some branches in a little circle around the well in every village that i go to so that i can find it again later.


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asking for directions from the villagers also helps somewhat, but if you're too close to it, the conversation goes like this

Villager: it's right over there, you see.
Me: No, I don't see it, it's covered in ice and snow.


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It doesn't really help that UrW NPC mirror neurons aren't working, so they assume that if they can see someone (or something) you can, even when your sight path is blocked by a building...


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I think they try to do it from your perspective but they don't always succeed

Code: [Select]

For example the other day I was standing in the @ position and I asked X if he knew where W was, and he said that he was inside just around the corner, instead of saying he's right over there, you see.


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So they don't always get it right but I guess this is how real people are, too, sometimes they think you know the things they know and make a mistake, sometimes they realise that you don't know the same things and accomodate you.


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Also, when they say the water is 25 meters to the northeast, they mean that starting from where you're currently standing, you should walk 25 steps northeast and then either your X coordinate will be right, or your Y coordinate will be right.

So they correctly get it from your perspective not from their perpsective in that situation.