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1. My biggest disappointment in all of URW, completely immersion breaking, 0/10 game, worst gaming experience ever, I cried, and I am traumatized forever (;)): When I put a mug on the ground during rain and went to sleep, but in the morning the mug was still completely empty... I felt so freaking clever for figuring out this solution, but the game wasn't ready for my level of intellect apparently : (

2. Melting snow. Being thirsty all the time during winter, while there's snow everywhere around and I can easily start a fire anytime, feels very weird. Why would you search for a lake or pond and carve the ice for half an hour instead of simply melting some of the snow at hand while you're already cooking your dinner?
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We used to have a thing like option 1, where you could drink raindrops but it was removed in February 2013 (it was a bit overpowered and drinking raindrops with your mouth won't usually quench very much thirst in real life

        Options to drink raindrops or eat snow to reduce your thirst have
        been removed. (In the future there will be options to melt snow and
        fill a container with rainwater by leaving it outside when it's

So maybe someday it will come back


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Would also need to setup whether a container was covered or uncovered.

For example you dont rain water going into your barrel of berries or bowl of fish stew.

Perhaps standing alone on the ground its assumed open.

Otherwise you'd have to add a date point to each container as open or closed. Though it would add some RP with a step to actually toggle the open-close.


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And then if you forgot to close it while carrying it, some berries would spill out, leaving a trail behind you for bears :D


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A rain collector from a hide sheet could work too. Leather or fur, with the fur side down, would work equally well.

BAC has a few water tile options from the original well, a roof water collector barrel and a cliffside eavestrough. All of those work by changing a tile to water.


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I think the “easiest way” for us players would be for the game to allow weather checks on recipes. Is it raining? Is it snowing? Is it sunny? Is the ground frozen? And so on.
E.g. [weather:rain] and require outdoor access I.e. no ceiling, not in a cave.

Then it’d be matter of adding recipe “collect rain water” and set the container on the ground to “prepare”.
Complications would be rain ceasing, turning in to snow et cetera.
Realistically setting a cup over night in a drizzle, you’d likely not get more than few cl/fl.oz at most.

How much work that’d be for coding, not sure how easily readable the existing data really is.