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« on: October 19, 2023, 01:49:07 AM »

I have been playing this game with a controller using both the inbuilt Steam system, and a program called Controller Companion. They both work nicely, although two things come to mind.

One is, that using the Steam controller system, the radial menus will not appear many times and are seem to be working on a very low framerate. Otherwise, this is excellent for this game.

The other thing, and the actual suggestion is, that would it be possible to get a menu for all the base actions in the game, the same way as we can access the skill and crafting menus? It would be nice for controller and mouse and keyboard alike to be able to open up a menu with actions like lighting a fire, talking, equipping items, and so on. This could be divided further into actions sets.

Adding this would help a lot, since I don't always remember all the buttons and I take breaks playing. The Steam radial menu would be pretty good if it didn't have issues, and also it's not available for those that don't use a controller or Steam.