Topic: [3.81] "I think he is around here, but I don't know where exactly."  (Read 1970 times)


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This happens in twin villages. Residents of either village will give you the same names for a shaman or smith, and they will tell you that your quest target lives there, but they will never tell you exactly where they are.

Even when said target is three tiles away from the villager you're addressing.

EDIT: They will point you to a quest target if you go close enough, but they haven't done so yet with the shaman and smith. It's possibly because they're not in their spawn point, but I'm not sure of anything right now.

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The "somewhere around here" message is given when the target is outside of the village, and so seems to happen when the target is in the other "part" of the village as well.


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I wish that twin villages would be wholly combined or wholly separated instead of being half-on, half-off as it is. In my save file, the villagers of both areas prefer to hang out at one end of town over the other, which is the wrong side of the shaman and smith's spawn point. That makes the villagers of absolutely no help when trying to locate them.
Combined with the large population of Seal-tribe villages (times two), one might as well give up any quest that requires finding someone in a twin village.