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In the category of super obvious suggestions: now that there is presumably some kind framework for the orders systems, it would be nice to see other relevant NPCs.

For example bowyers who make bows and arrows (possibly player would need to supply the arrowheads?), rough/decent clothing from female npc from villages (possibly with rather long manufacturing times as they have other things to do than make you clothes), rare dedicated seamstress NPC who make fine and masterwork clothing in at least Driik and Reemi villages. Maybe (already present) craftsman NPCs should be able to supply you with more general items like paddles, punts, yarn, snares, nets etc.? The readily available stock in villages could then be revised to be more basic accordingly (though I think they should always have some stuff there, a desperate player might want to steal an axe, for example).

It's worth noting that there would be some thematic issues with ordering fur clothing, since furs are mechanically player's prime loot and currency, but fur clothing isn't priced accordingly. For example fine reindeer fur goes for 250 value (25 value/pound) while fine fur shirt is 200 (28,58 value/pound). Maybe (forest) reindeer furs should have the price cut down to half to bring them in line with elk fur for value/pound, though I feel the added value from the expert manufacture is still rather small. The fur clothes could be also made more expensive, but fine furs (warmth 6, but very heavy) are already bit iffy for warmth when compared to rough nettle and linen clothing (warmth 2, but much lighter), so they aren't terribly useful for players except for the items for extremities.
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