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Through the shutter he had seen the lynx take a look out from the spruce at the drying reindeer meat. Before sorting out the cabin (swapping location of the fireplace and sauna due to that bake issue) Calle set out predator traps near the lynx trails on the north side of the cabin. This was a medium and big trap. The latter took a trip to the hills to get enough stones for the weight.

It would be big deadfall trap that pinned the lynx. To preserve this winter hide Calle dispatched it using the rough flat iron hammer. It was the tool’s christening in combat! It took longer than expected. Perhaps the stone hammers with their heavier weight would be better.

“Next time!” bellowed Calle.

<CALLE 081 Lynx with big deadfall>>>


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Day 4 of the 5th week before midwinter

Framing wood, axes and knives fitting mortise and tenon joints, dowel pins locking the joints, reinforcing cordage and numerous rocks for mild weights combing under Calle’s skilled hands to assemble a loom.

Merrily whistling Calle brings over the wool spools he had traded for during warmer seasons. The image of the sheep pen with its many sheep. A few arrows for the spooled yarn. The women had been great with their spindles making it into yarn. Now those yarns had become sheets. One of the those sheets becomes a wrap around his head and neck.

More yarn is worked by bone needles. Calle’s thick fingers wiggle the needles with inaccurate strokes. Its very fussy getting things to stay neat. Socks are done as simple tubes closed together. Those came out well. Feel very cozy on his feet! A second pair are made to rotate drying. Mittens are more a challenge requiring a joint for the thumb while balancing warmth against being thin for handling tools. Unsatisfied Calle made a second set trying to improve with a similiar result of a few large holes than desired. Well a second pair of mittens for drying rotation is good. Along the wall bed Calle taps notches then fits branch pegs to allow hanging the extra socks and mittens. A wool cap is worked up as a sleeping cap when he doesn’t want to wear furs on his head.

Calle had greatly under estimated how much yarn he should have bought. In the spring he can check the sheep herders again. The socks and mittens will a great defense against frostbite in the feet and hands.

Two days later Calle brought out the skis for the first time this winter. It was fun gliding on the gentle slopes at Swan Cabin. Calle had been amazed at how quickly his constructions had gone through stones and rocks. With good light this was a day to visit hills to gather more. Out there elk tracks were crisscrossed with a fox. Had the fox been chasing the elk? Pretty brave fox!

With the success of skiing Calle went to the sledwagon. Dismounting the blocking wheels he fitted its own ski runners. Now was another easy time for moving trees. No more slogging with late fall muddy slopes.

<CALLE 082 First skiing>>>


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With the recent Lynx dealt with by the big deadfall which has been reset the loop snares by cellar can be repositioned. Calle moves them to the part way up the spruce trees. The target now is squirrels that would evade the other guard traps. As with guarding your food even if you lose a little if you catch the culprit you gain it as a replacement.

Drying wood takes time. Dry wood makes certain goods. One of those to be long bows for trade. Calle splits up a fresh spruce tree and sections left from earlier. He places them upright under the bows of spruce. The air outside is now very dry. These will be sufficiently seasoned shortly after the winter solstice. Being that is when North Wind is the most active they will be a good in cabin project.

A few other spruce near the cabin are brought down. Its important not to over harvest near your homestead. The trees break up the wind, give you shade, are part of the harmony and if an emergency does happen they are their then. These ones are coming down just outside the cellar tree and trap ring. With more traps up Calle needs to be able to both walk and ski around. Also when the trees are spaced out a squirrel can’t just jump from to another. The squirrel would have to climb down to the ground, run across the ground and then running up might run into the loop snares.

Once the splitting axe has parted the spruce into boards they get an inspection. Better ones are set aside, most go in a common pile and those with flaws are added to the wood pile for heating. Those better ones are carefully stacked under the spruce trees to do their own drying.

A pleasant ski to the hill tops looking for signs of activity. Along the way the pit fences are reset. At the fields Calle recalls those hard working urgent days for the first ash turns. Peas weren’t reliable but he did get turnips up. There was threshing work waiting him too.

Coming back to the cabin there is a happy surprise. A cellar loop snare has a prize. Its not a squirrel but a small hare. It must have been hoping to get at the scents from the cellar. Well that’s a nice homecoming from a happy ski.
Its now less than a month to midwinter.

As far as survival Calle is without illness, can breath, has shelter to sleep in, warmth from layered clothing including furs, warmth from the fireplace and stocks of wood, water from the lake, water in the cabin in two large containers so that the are never both empty at the same time, food in his travel kit, food ready in the cellar and drying meats for months. He is quite well supplied.

He decides there is one more warmth layer to have. One that is also decent protection in a fight: a bear fur overcoat. He does have enough elk to sleep over him and the harsh bear fur for the under mat. As he starts to work he notices the see through spot on his reindeer fur leggings. Those had been made last year with his early kills and early hideworking skills. It will be then both a bear fur overcoat and leggings to upgrade his winter warmth. Those also make him a sturdier warrior in battle.

<CALLE 083 Bear overcoat>>>


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Working in the month before the winter solstice has a challenge. Sunlight to work by is scarce. When there is a good moon long work days can be put in. In the no moon times there is only enough time to fell and sled over a few trees at a time. No further work outdoors can be done. Inside a soft glowing fire is adequate if needed. The shutters on the north and east wall would give light if there was light to let in. Still they are good for controlling an air flow like driving out smells.

These are coming in for the plans for a smokehouse. That isn’t needed now when the air is dry. It will be needed in the spring, summer and fall when the air is wet again. Calle has decided to build it as a separate structure a short way down the east slope from Swan Cabin. There is a cleared area large enough for a narrow smoke house. The distance is a safety margin in case one or the other catches fire.

Day 2 of the 3rd week before midwinter

The first meat hung to dry outside Swan Cabin is ready! Calle made it. The stores of food still had a few dried meats, dried berries, lots of wild greens and bag of grains for flour beyond the seed grains. With the reindeer in now he is good for weeks. Then the elk will be ready. That tight transition has been passed healthy, safe and well fed.

Going to sleep earlier Calle rose in the early hours. These were the ones with the light to work. With stable food work progressed. Game sighting right now were scarce. Pleasantly fed this isn’t an issue at this moment. Work was focused on logging and sledding in trees for the smoke house. It was going quite fast now in a routine. A few times he flopped to sleep in the snow. Snow was easy to knock off bear fur overcoat and bear leggings. Other fur, leather, cloth and wool layers so far made a comfortable sleep. He was shambling as a swaying mound of fur, just like the bear that once wore the fur itself.

A few days later more trees were gathered outside Swan Cabin. At this point Calle needs to start finalizing the build plan. Then it occurs to him. This could be done before even midwinter. Is a detached smoke house not needed for months really the right thing to build now. Swan Cabin was always intended to have a west side to the large Lake Room he currently slept, cooked, worked and everything in. The south west was planned to be a hot room, a sauna, and if really needed an occasional smoker. The smoke could be resisted or tolerated if it was really needed. Certainly if Calle was struck by North Wind again the sauna room would be far faster to heat up than the whole Lake Room. That might just save his life and the smoking can be delayed for a few months yet.

<CALLE 084 Building plans>>>


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This is one of those strange light days. Moon light in the small hours let Calle gather trees for the sled and a second run for large building stones. Early morning is bizarre. The moon is down yet the sun isn’t showing over the horizon. Faintest glow fills the land. Waiting a halfway is still the same. He can barely see farther than the tip of sword in hand. Well, this is what is there to work with.

Skiing out Calle hears rustling near the west trap fence. By the fields there is a bull elk stuck!

Hours of work, sleeping, working and sleeping again is needed to spill the guts, remove the hide, quarter the animal, transport portions back multiple times, clean the hide, prepare the meat for drying, gather existing cords, make more split spruce ties, hang the meat, mix the brain and fat tan, tan the hide and assemble the antlers into a victory horn.

Well now Calle is immensely stocked on food!

The new bull elk hide still had rinsing and stretching to go through. Another hard day of work lay ahead.

Sitting himself down on the bed with the elk furs already there Calle blew on the horn. He laughs to the Swan figurine. This was such an easy harvest or was it easy? Words from his people come to him.

“A moment. That’s all it takes to die. Preparation is all it takes to live.”

That pit took hours of digging and the fence line as well. Having the guarded drying place outside in the winter was preparation too. As was having the cabin to work the hide in winter’s cold. This brief moment of the kill was easy. Preparing for this moment had been hard.

Calle flops back on the bed. His grin as wide as swan wings.

<CALLE 085 bull elk>>>


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Closing on the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year, there are times when working at night under the moon is easier. Snow growth has become a calf deep blanket. Gathering for building goes smoothly his skis and the sledwagon on its skis.

As the materials are being gathered Calle sets up a fire in the build area. This begins melting the snow. The fire wasn’t right next to the cabin. That he would shovel out.

Calle also noticed the weather had gotten colder as North Wind began looking for those to take to his ice palace. Is North Wind a male or woman? An ice queen sounds like a better story. Well with his double fur layer including the outer bear layers Calle felt cool but not cold. It didn’t feel like he was in danger. He put out heather as a respect to North Wind. Just being safe now didn’t mean being safe later. She will want something to take to her ice palace. Calle blew the heather petals northwind so they would be her guest in his place.

Days later a hare whimpers from a trap. Occasional trapping was handy for fresh roasted meat. Too much would different time to tanning. He’s skipped over tanning birds at times to focus on the building. Whether tanning or drinking water is needed. The cask has been wonderful allowing a days between breaking the lake ice. That could be extended with the amphora though its role now is the emergency reserve is a deep storm comes or he’s injured.

On a trip to refill the cask Calle skiing down to the lake could make a nice long arc onto the lake. Turning the ski tilted to catch snow he stops. If that ice breaks he would be in the clutches of North Wind. For safety Calle sets up a fencing stakes before the water edge. Those are to force him to stop, tripping him if going to fast.

“A moment is all it takes to die. Preparation is all it takes to live.”

Delimbing, debarking and shaping the trees to building logs created a lot of small material. Calle assembles batches for ground warming fires. Fire safety is important here. The last thing he wants is to set Swan Cabin on fire. A space has to be left between the fires and the cabin. Building materials are pushed. Calle stays there will the wide fire burns through what snow was unshoveled to soften the ground.  Once the fire stops the shallow soft earth is cleared. Bottom logs and braces will be set on top. Come the spring thaw this should be more stable than building on frozen ground that will surely shift in spring.

Dancing fire spirits twirl in long light. Its a mesmerizing scene. Heather petals are palmed onto the fire to keep them at peace. Drumming and singing Calle recites the songs and stories of the Kuamo.

<CALLE 086 midwinter ground fire>>>

(Did test game mechanics... you can't have large fires right next to the cabin. It will burn out walls)


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The winter solstice came, the longest night, with the next promising the return to life. Last year’s challenge of First Winter had taught him to respect for North Wind’s claws. Now it is more like dancing with her. You have to respect her moves and let her have her spaces yet you can flow in and around her. To dance he wore layers of cloth, fur and bear fur. He worked on the cabin sleeping inside sheltered from her songs of cold winds. Now he was enjoying being alive in her presence though ever respectful of her strength.

To celebrate he ate raspberries, roasted hare caught the day with a smear of dried raspberries and crow berries. A cut of the meat with berry smear he left out for North Wind’s portion. Something for her to take to her spring feast rather than taking Calle.

A week and a day from the celebration Calle is stocking different sized woods of tinder, branches, boards and a stump block into the relocated sauna. This now sits in the Hot Room the south west room of Swan Cabin of Linenfell. This small room can fit a few people if they wish.

With enough stones Calle had made a taller chimney to put the sauna in a different corner. Where it was first to go in the south west corner was a higher ground, thus needing less stone, until Calle realized the importance of using that as a viewing step. With shutters on that corner’s wall he could see to the cellar or work spaces. Now the south west was were winds come from most often so he rimmed the shutter with strips of bird leather as gaskets. If he had to fight from the cabin this gives two different angles to shoot from with only the one door to the Lake Room.

Lake received a bit of work to reinforce the roof near the chimney since it had once again been changed. Calle hoped that rather than it being a weak point this would be the strongest. An extra pair of slender trunks were wedged in supporting a pair of brace boards.
Happily stripping off his clothes, packs, gear, tools and weapons a naked Calle carried a water tub into the Hot Room. Splashing water onto the heated stones naked Calle confirmed the room’s readiness with songs and dance.

(to simulate this the extra materials (2 slender trunks, 2 boards, 2 x 0.5 lb leather) were deleted then a floor section dismantled and rebuilt)

After enjoying the spiritual sauna dance for over half an hour naked Called hopped and skipped to his bed in the Lake Room. Crawling under the elk furs while over the bear fur he curled up with hare furs for pillows. He hadn’t started an overnight fireplace fire. He wanted to see how well it would be.

Come morning the night had been fine. He had been comfortable most of the time with brief flickers when a particularily strong cold wind was blowing. Calle thought it was North Wind dancing outside the cabin. Swan spirit flying with her in the unity they all now shared.

As he got dressed Calle took the time to closely inspect all his clothes, tools and weapons again. Care was giving with washing, reinforcing a seam and sharpening. This was also a testing time, a respectful one he reminded himself. How cold would he be in the cabin naked and without a fire? After an hour he had gotten cold so it was a good idea to dress. The bitterness was starting to set in as North Wind started to tap his naked bits to remind him she was stronger than he.

Calle started a fire in the fireplace. A portion of in house wood stocks was moved to the hot room. To test the air flows Calle started the sauna fire at the same time. It was good to see the smoke from both clearing out. Calle had given kept a three stones and ten rocks were piled up. These could be stacked up inside to limit the suana’s chimney to make this into a meat smoking room if really needed.

To finish up the Hot Room his carpentry skills were taken onto the stocks of boards. A bunk was added allow one to lay down in this easily heated small room. For the higher ground Calle portable bench. It could be used to enjoy the view, guard the cellar or as the heat rose to sit in the even higher warmth.

<CALLE 087 Hot room built>>>
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Late center month is still a time when North Wind is dancing outside. Calle used to call that stalking. It is a spirit. Spirits can take forms.

“When you are weak and unskilled,” Calle ponders, “Is North Wind as a man, a teaching father to harsh you into avoiding the wrong things? Then when you learn to among the beauty and joy you see North Wind as a woman dancing. A two spirit being.”

With North Wind dancing with the winds and snow outside Calle carries out one of the traditions of his people: winter crafting. Food, water, shelter and warmth all these things are available. Getting more is dangerous for what is already enough. Time then to enjoy making things inside the cabin. Earlier preparations had Calle stack under spruce trees quarter logs and boards for this time. They were seasoned enough to work. Ideally one might have them drying for a season or a year. It was enough that the shrinkage has already happened.

By the north door lays, stands and by pegs is hung expedition gear from long handled axes, long bow, kettle pot to the bear overcoat. Sitting against one wall next to the still warm stones of the fireplace Calle shaves away on quartered logs to shape longbows. Exposed is the bows center heartwood and the outer woods. Their different strength and bending useful to the compression of the inside of the pull with tension on the outside. As he works he compares his own to the two traded for longbows he had kept. Four bows are started with the reserve bowstrings.

To enjoy the winter Calle hiked, not skied, to the fence traps. It wasn’t the coldest of days yet still goodly cold. With his cloth inner layer, fur head wear, fur shirt and leather outer leggings he was fine while active. It seemed sleeping might get cold. Strength to push through the thigh deep snow was tiring yet was warming. His thighs ploughing up fluffy snow like the prow of a boat.

Calle laughed, “This is fun North Wind! Yes you are stronger and mightier than I. Now I can see your beauty too! Like the bear that kill or feed to truly be among you is to see your two spirit forms”

Standing to stretch from crafting a fourth bow Calle wondered about what arrows to make bone tipped were simple work to him now. A tug pulled Calle to the smithy. There was a mix of materials left including two blooms. One was full of messy things the other was all right. Starting back to the cabin he turned to look back. Well there was iron enough between them.

Taken by the inspiration the sun rose in its low winter arc with Calle amid hastily shoved snow pounding at the forge. Charcoal roared with heat pushed by the bellows. The snow was being crushed underneath. Still the air flowed as if more than Calle was blowing into the coals. Hammer blow strikes. A pushing on the anvil stone edge to make a parting in the iron. Blows to pull the edges apart. The sun is gone while a half moon dances in the sky. Pale eery light hears the singing of the metal hammer on the anvil stone. Catching his breath from urgent panting Calle looks at the shapes shock cooling in the snow next to the anvil. His eyes close. His head sways. The urgent adrenaline surge leaves him.

Snow snorts in his nostrils in the morning. He collapsed at the forge.

Swaying up so glad that North Wind didn’t claim him in the night he looks around the anvil.

Five pockets have melted away snow in vertical columns. Into each he reaches in to pull out a snow cooled wide diamond shapes with a fang on each side with a tail is curled up into a cone. Had he spirits done the quenching?  Had he worked the bellows alone? Had they been working through him to teach him the technique?

These are broad heads for arrows!

Now with a centered determination Calle works the rest of the recent forging. He studies the new broad heads the way he studied the traded longbows. The inspiration is now a memory to draw on. Finishing the day the iron was been worked to a quiver worth of broad heads.

That evening the best arrow shafts he ever made are taken from their safe hiding spot under his bed. Eagle owl feathers held for a special thing are taken out. Nettle yarn for lashing and steady work with the whetstone. When sharpened five gleam of superb cutting power and balance while a sixth though lesser to them is surely the equal of the foreigner broad heads. One of his best is placed under his bed as a reminder of the inspired spirit smithing.

<CALLE 088 Inspired broad heads>>>


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Day of the 11th week before summer

Crafting flows along. From tree sized tall rolls of birch-bark gathered in the summer Calle assembles various sized boxes and baskets for organizing on the shelves.

(game not currently very bad to put your herb stocks in container so this is a role play thing)

On a leisure stroll to the hills Calle spots a group of foreign traders. This is good news. Calle has made it on to the touring list of places to trade. This time he has both large and small hides to trade.

Having spotted them from high ground by the time he gathered the furs, dressed in the bears and equipped for expedition they had shifted.

Calle gave a sign of peace, patted his fur bundle then said in their language, “Trade furs. Show your things.”

Spruce branches were cut down to make the two blankets. Traders came to see the furs by Calle’s spruce while offering on theirs.

Bevisald finally presents an item of interest. A graceful sweeping one handed axe with a deep edge gleaming of rippling steel. Runes have been etched onto the sides of the axe head. Red dyed leather gave grip to what was a tan oiled hickory handle. This was a true master piece.

“Cut,” Bevisald pointed to one side then the other, “True.”

Calle’s eyes flickered betraying his interest in the peace. Turning he walked to his stacks of furs including winter elk and small animals.

Bevisald looked the stack over. Reaching down Calle’s heart was pacing. Would he have enough to trade?

From the stacks the foreigner lifted only one small fur. The wintered coat of an arctic fox. He put that and only that on Calle’s spruce. Bevisald put the hand axe on the foreigner’s spruce and stood back.

“That’s it?” Calle said in his own tongue. He looked to the other traders to see if they were laughing.

The other traders were nodding with approval.

Calle clapped his hands, walked over and picked up the masterwork handaxe.

“Truth Cutter,” said Calle, “I shall call you Truth Cutter.”

Future crafting would be so much more efficient. All for one small animal fur. How wonderfully strange it is how folks value what they don’t have want a thing and those that do have it don’t want a thing.

Reviews of the other goods find little interest with Calle. Then a man named Evermot stepped forward. He waved both hands wide over all of Calle’s fur as if picking up the whole pile over and over. From his back he removed a cloak from a mass of metal onto the foreigner’s spruce. The mass uncurled to be chain mail leggings. Evermot was willing to trade!

Calle put all his furs on his spruce blanket.

Evermot flicked the ermine fur off disinterested. Then he looked back and forth and gestured for above the fur for more.

Calle shook his head and turned around gesturing at the snow.

No deal was agreed. Each took their goods back from the spruce blanket.

“Next time!” Calle shouted.

“Next time!” shouted Evermot.

A quiet ski home. Coming to his bed his hands smoothly pulled out the fine hand axe that he had started the First Winter with.

“You served me well and true good warrior,” Calle said, “When I see you remind me of the village of my home. Together they gave you to start me on the quest. You are being laid down not as a broken thing but as a victorious thing. So well have you aided me that Calle has come to have a truly great thing: Truth Cutter. Only Truth Cutter has been great enough to take your place on my belt. Still you are not being thrown away. No. You are a good friend. There may come a day I or my children need you again. For this you are being stored until you are called on again.”

A careful cleaning was given the handaxe. Strokes of the whetstone to hone and honor. A wrap of bird leather over the metal to protect it from weather. That would double in protecting others form accidents. A few board was placed under the bed. Gently onto that was laid the handaxe. The last bits of the battled bear fur laid over top. As it was tucked into its bed heather petals were placed on the fur. An offering of respect. Should something move the axe the heather would also be moved.

(turns out currently if you put herbs into a container you can’t get them out in small amounts. So the birch-bark containers were made then deleted to roleplay the better organizing. 4 baskets, 6 boxes)

<CALLE 089 Truth Cutter>>>

Pearl month it is called. When there is that deep layer of snow across the land. North Wind is still at dancing looking to snag the unprepared.

“Preparation is all it takes to live.”

Using the food and trade goods to hire workers seems a good idea. Skiing is easy right now. Collecting the four bows to be traded, arrows and dried elk Calle goes to see what can be found.

First is the Kuamo homestead of Maiden’s Stream. One of the boys sees him and runs wildly to their main hall. Calle chuckles. This is his first time coming dressed as a bear! At one of the small houses the girl Rauni recognizes him. They laughed at the boy’s flight.

“Though to be fair,” said Calle, “Stranger danger is a good instinct. If you don’t recognize them it could be danger. Get an adult. Ask if they know the right stories.”

Rauni says, “Well yes but I remember you. Sampsa and Konsta told me stories about the time the three of you fought the bear! They tell it often this winter. Calle the Winter-Proven. One day I’m going to take the First Winter challenge too!”

“A moment is all it takes to die. Preparation is all it takes to live,” said Calle, “Start preparing your skills.”

“They won’t let me fell a tree yet,” she pouted, “but chopping fire wood is good practice.”

“Oh  you’ll be chopping a lot of wood,” laughed Calle, “Trust me. In your First Winter you will want a lot of firewood.”

“Hey, you’ll want to see these,” Rauni said, “Foreign traders came through. They were given our furs for this metal shirt. An adventurer needing food and fur clothes traded an old looking helm. Its beat up but it makes a great drum.”

Calle goes to where she points to the trade goods of armor: a mail habergeon, rusted mail leggings, mail knee cops, mail cowls and indeed a damaged iron spectacle helm. Calle remembers missing out on the well made helm so that is what he picks up.

“Rauni, tell the adults Calle wishes to trade.”

Rauni nods and waves over Nyri.

“Good to see you again Calle,” greeted Nyri, “We know you are a good man. You want the looking helm. What did you bring for trade? More tubs and boards?”

Calle smiled, “This time something a hunter would like even better.”

Opening his trade bundle he pulled out one of the longbows. Nyri’s eyes widened happy to see something he himself could use. They settle on three of the four bows and a few of the bone tipped arrows. Nyri and Rauni then help Calle adjust the helm’s straps to fit him right. Its strange to look out the eye loops. Calle thought it would be hard to see out. So close to your eyes the frontal armor only blocks the outer edges of sight. Taking up his bow he can still see to aim a shot.

“This is good for both of us,” Calle patted the helm.

Holding a bow up high Nyri said, “Yes is is! This prepares me for my hunt. I am going to ski out soon now that its the pearl time.”

Rauni shouted, “Preparation is all it takes to live!”

The two men laughed at the ancestral wisdom of the girl.

The boy from Calle’s arrival was leading back an old man.

Old Ollie, “Yes that is Calle bear fighter. Can Calle use his young limbs to help this old man?”

“Yes of course friends,” Calle stood up making a point to bobble his head with the new helm.

With his youth, tools and skills the chores were a quickly done. A bit of chopping, a bit of hauling and replacing the legs on a bench. Calle would be rememberd for his work next time he came to trade. For now he skied off to Button Stream.

Arriving rather tired he first went to their hall to trade stories and sleep. In the morning trade goods were shown. Calle offered to take up two of their shirts for extra elk meat he carried. This was agreed on. One shirt was woolen for winter and other linen for summer. Both were a bit unsteady in the weaving, probably made by one of the girls learning the skill. Calle was still happy to be able to swap out his nettle tunic that he had been wearing every single day for over a year!

Changing into the woolen shirt he was a bit worried about something. Both these villages had recently taken winter wolf furs for trade. There had been a pack prowling the area. It is good that he had Swan Cabin and the friendly spirits to be in during the harshest of the winter.

Apro the Kaumolais tribesman came up, “We have our village in good stocks right now. Did you want a helper at Swan Cabin? You weren’t able to come with me to your Reemi lands. That’s the way sometime. Your people treated me well when I was there.”

Calle smiled, “Glad your trip was safe. It is a long way. You understand then why I couldn’t go with you then. As to the help yes indeed. Always more lumber work at a new homestead. Here, there is one more longbow I made for trade in the Dead times. This will be your payment.”

When the bow was passed to him Apro looked it over and gave it a test pull, “This is more than enough payment. I’ve not my own bow so couldn’t hunt this year.”

“It feels right,” Calle said, “and if there are more wolves you will be glad of the bow.”

<CALLE 090 Spec helm and worker>>>


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As they were leaving the housewife Salme came up offering to trade an extra pair of linen trousers. Like the shirt a bit rough in the making but also just as useful for summer war. More elk and a few arrows meant Calle had a matching set of spare shirt and trousers.

Traveling they saw multiple animals with trouble closing on them. There was a bull elk, cow elk, reindeer and as Calle guessed wolves. Only the cow elk was closed on for a possible shot but Calle didn’t fire expecting too much trouble tracking it amid the thick spruce forest. Moonlight was reduced by snowing clouds when they arrived at Swan Cabin. Calle started a good fire. Calle and Apro settled in on furs for the work ahead.

Using the deep frozen waters they could cross easily to other woodlands to avoid over harvesting near the cabin. With the two of them working with a sledwagon the gathering was going at a rapid rate. At the end of the few days with Apro almost all the needed trees had been felled, shipped in, logged or boarded for smoke house.

Calle was again busy alone at carpentry construction. It felt different. There was no looming doom nor yet a sense of urgency. Swan Cabin offered safety. The Hot Room could be used for smoking with spillage into the Lake Room. Winter was still with the dry cold air for air drying meat.

For now all was well at the place the Swan spirit has picked.

<CALLE 091 Smoke house started>>>


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With it still being Pearl time with the good skiing Calle elects to attempt to hire a worker from the Owl tribes to the north. Two days of carpentry for trade goods are joined by spare bone tipped arrows, one of the extra well balanced wooden shields he made and dried elk meat.

Knowing where the tribes are herding right now makes this much safer. Its only an afternoon ski to those at Hanging Wide.

At the village is the survivor of a wolf attack. Those had been worrying Calle for with what he saw in the south. The attack took place in a coniferous forest just north of heathland. With his bear furs, warmth layers, looking helm, oak shield, the river sword and Truth Cutter this task seems appointed to him.

No one can be spared as their hunter is patrolling in case the wolves come for their herd. Heading north west Calle comes across foreign traders on a mire. He signals that he has no furs to trade though the camp at Hanging Wide does. Thanking him the traders head that way. Outside the planned search area Calle raised s temporary shelter to sleep in.

Searching is problematical as there is only faint moonlight coming through clouds. The first sweep doesn’t find the trail While there is still good light Calle prepares for the possibility of injury. At a nearby lake it erects a shelter, lines it with extra spruce and with guard traps for alarms makes it a defended shelter. A fallen tree is rolled over then split into stump blocks and firewood. Trail markers pointing to the shelter are set in the 3-3 or 1-1-1-3 patterns pointing to safety. He sets a particularily large fire this night to scare off any wolf prowling nearby.

As he scouts a shape bolts out of snow burrow beside him. Fear instincts lash our with the river sword. Its rippling blade of steel and iron cleave the beast in two. Looking at the remains it was little bigger than his foreman. An ermine whose belt is ruined for trade. Sad laughter burbles from Calle. Well carrying the fresh meat may gain the attention of the wolf.

From behind spruce a snapping growl affirms the plan has worked! Heart pounds with the oncoming battle. Calle spins to put himself into a curve of thick spruce. Looping the ski stick to hang on his back the oaken shield comes down in its place. Moments of no sounds. Calle creeps around the spruce to see the young wolf. To his surprise it is limping from a serious cut in its left shoulder. The survivor had made account of himself!

Snarling the wolf limps off. Calle choses to switch to using a bow. That preparation lets it get out of sight. Starting the track Calle reminds himself to make a marker. He lays out branches with 3 in the center and 1 in each of the four compass directions. That will stand out if he has to find this meeting spot again. The survivor’s camp must be nearby. Calle is frustrated in the tracking in the spruce. Even the wounded wolf is able to keep its distance. Turning around and around the survivor’s camp is found. He is worried though that the crippled young wolf may have to target easier prey like the village children.

More searching in the limited daylight. Deciding that if he can’t catch it then to reduce the risk by feeding it. The ermine’s meat is laid out at the survivor’s shelter as an offering to make peace between man and wolf. Calle return’s mans belongings and tells the villagers of the wounded young wolf. Feelings are mixed that it is still out there wounded but none of them are willing to search.

<CALLE 092 Wounded wolf quest>>>


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Carrying on to the next Owl tribe camp a traveller named Doaivvot is willing to assist Calle. For payment Calle hands over the balanced wood shield he made.

“Clever to arm those who are with you,” said Doaivvot.

Proud smiling Calle spoke, “Preparation is all it takes to live.”

 A hunter came up, “Is that Calle the Reemi of Swan Cabin?”

“I am he.”

“Doaivu is my name,” he said, “Much is said of your hunting and generosity. May I join your team a while?”

“You may,” Calle said, “Though the main plan right now is building a smoke house. As a son of Reemi carpenter there are things I can show you.”

Doaivu patted a hand over heart, “That to is good. We Owl live in tents of tarps and poles. I have seen the steads of the Kuamo. It intrigues me to see how they work such big wood logs.”

Agreed the party of now three made slept here then in morning made for Swan Cabin. Acting as lead building Calle showed them the smokehouse start. He explained the choice of stronger spruce for the footing logs. Pine was being used higher up. He would show them where to make start cuts with Calle making the final fittings.

“Doaivu here is my traveling canteen,” Calle said offering it toward payment.

“I’m Doaivvot,” the man laughed, “That’s Doaivu. The sage was drunk the night they named me. Two with almost the same name in the same has been a game ever since.”

The real Doaivu stood up, “Thank you Calle. This will be good when the ice is frozen. As the wooden tub you gave me for winter tanning.”

Chuckling Calle was glad to have company at Swan Cabin again. Heavy work was good work. The two Owl tribesmen worked with sincere interest in a craft outside of the lifestyle of those that travel in tents. When they rested at night they traded stories of hunting. Calle took out the figurines to act out the elk that became a bear. Everyone smiled with Calle smiling the widest.
“Over here is the Hot Room,” Calle showed them the second room, “ With chinking in the logs it really traps the steam. There is leather sealing the shutters when they are closed. It holds steam and smoke in tight. We will do the same thing at the smokehouse. Having ways for airflow is good for when you do a cleaning. You can have a sauna tonight.”

Daoivu and Doaivvot congratulated each other on the decision to work for Calle of Swan Cabin.

On the morning they were to leave Calle took them to see the pit fence lines. Another style of hunting not often done by the migrating Owl.

“You have a broken pit,”  Doaivu pointed out, “That’s why you have to check them every few days. To fix them?”

“Yes, strange distrubances might break…” Calle stopped.

A mass of brown fur was visible through the tumbled spruce. Calle drew his sword in case this was a bear. The others drew there weapons. They crept up.

Its an elk!

It had already breathed it last on who knows what day. Frost had set in deep. The three struggled to get the hide off. Felling axes were used to split off major portions of meat for transport.

Doaivu said, “Calle is a hunter, trapper and builder. You do your people credit”

Blushing Calle let out a fast breath, “Well a hunter when they blunder into me. Tracking I do too slow to catch up.”

Doaivvot laughed, “Doaivu has lost his share of game too!”

Smiling at this kin Doaivu added, “It is though on this sun we need to leave. Days are short we can’t stay longer.”

“Short days indeed,” replied Calle, “Good journey to you both. May we share stories again.”

Working on the elk took into the next day. With the companions gone Calle was alone when sky water touched him. Rain. A sign of the seasons changing soon. With this would be days of warmth and rain then days of freezing making crusts on the ice. In a few weeks the snow would be gone.

Eyes rolled in Calle’s head, “Then the ash turning begins. Ha! Then the iron shovel I made will be unleashed! Haha!”

Thud! Over and over the thud. Swan spirit had led the spring migration of birds to the cabin. Only half his time was going to finishing the smokehouse. Fortunately it was snowing again in the dry air of late winter. Those rains did mean that soon outdoor drying wouldn’t work. The smoke house was going to be needed.

Many days of the building routine came to Calle. The birds sent provided fresh meats for roasting with many dried elk in stock, more elk drying and plenty of grains in stores. It was energetic days for Calle. Soil month had started meaning the time of ash turning and planting. The snow blanket was thinning yet still enough to prevent such tasks. This gave an urgency to finishing the smoker. He would be needed at the next chores of threshing for seeds.

On day 6 of the 6th week before summer Early Soil month Calle looked about his homestead. Swan Cabin with its large efficient Lake Room. The Hot Room on the side as a sauna and hold out in battle. A work yard just west of that and the cellar south. A few nearby plots for spices and plants for their “medicinal use”. Two pit fences both proven up with captures and a few plots of fields. Now smoke curled up inside the smokehouse just north of the main cabin.

Calle drummed and sung a praise to the Swan spirit.

<CALLE 093 Smokehouse done>>>


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The small knife’s fine edge glided through the reindeer leather. It was from a catch seasons ago now. The last of the large pieces it had finally been selected. Having summer shirts and pants to change our form woolen winter ones the time had come for alternate foot wear. These were cut out as ovals, cupped up and a rectangle sewed on. A leather cord from the same material would catch the oval at the sided and back with the tongue at the front. This would be a pouch for each feet. Fine for summer grasses or the main use being as indoor footwear.

After that Calle took a skin. He felt joy seeing antlers poking up from a pit. This turned to sadness at the advanced decay. A challenge with warming weather. Calle pulled the body out onto the ice a safe distance away. A fire was started and added to. The body needed to be burnt well if other herbivores would trust the area. Calle also hoped when the ice melted it would remove the scent of the fire and bones. As his tradition Calle blows heather petals toward the flames as a sign of respect.

Winter’s blanket is preventing the ash turning. Trade goods are taken up and delayed projects. One of these is to make a second punt. When its done Calle takes it to the northern river system. There is a rapids he had found. He dismantles the old landing camp and sets one up here instead. Now he can even test the punt with fishing right now! This spot has adler trees which will be handy for their bark when the sap is running again.

Being homed at Swan Cabin the equipment, spreaders and weights to make that second punt is used to make a third. This may get traded or deployed remotely. That can be decided later.

Now comes a safe time of doing chores. Firewood is stocked in the smoke house. As the elk meat dries the cords used are taken to the smokehouse. A portable bench is added to stand on to reach the rafters. Cleverly a shutter window can let out threads of light when the fire is going to be seen from the open north doorway of Swan Cabin. Trade goods are dabbled in with different types from longbows to torches. Any particular village may have need of one thing but not others.

<CALLLE 094 Punts away>>>


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Late soil month with the snow still blocking agriculture work. Calle keeps busy using the solid lake ice to transport in pines for building Swan Cabin’s northwest section. The sled wagon had been wonderful to use on its skis.

Its also been pleasing to give a covered wide porch to the front. Two benches sit side by side next to the main, north, door of Swan Cabin. The south cellar door also gained a narrow porch to cut down on debris or rain getting through an open door.

A new inspiration has come to Calle for the north west. Rather than as a room it can be a courtyard. One with a well, an inner cellar, places for winter drying of meat and an overhang porch to protect the door. Even a seat to work on crafts with full daylight rather than what bounces in through shutters. This seems more useful than the original plan for two small rooms, one with a cellar and one with a well. If they get a dog or a child its a small play area though the well would need a safety cover.

Day 1 of the last week before summer season, Early Swidden month

Thigh deep snow with heavy rains after an early sunset. A damp wet day outside. Its still frosty ground not capable of digging for the fields nor digging in the courtyard. Cabin fever starts to sit in feeling the forced confines of a great energy driving to work with the world being overpowering against that. Calle’s name means freedom. He needs freedom.

“There is way!” Calle yelps jumping off the ground.

Bringing a dried quarter log being shaved into a bow he open the door to the northwest courtyard. He steps under the porch. Crouching down cross legged to sit the log is put on the bench. He can work outside under the porch!

“Can you see me Swan!” Calle bellowed, “You make nests. Calle makes cabins! Here I am like one of your chicks in the nest in the rain doing what I do. Ha hahaha.”

<CALLE 095 Swan Cabin’s courtyard>>>


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Slush season of Swidden month continues. Another four longbows have been made. Feeling restless Calle heads to the landing camp at Kirri’s Rapids. Unburdened by a punt its a relaxing ski. There he paddles the second punt to the water. Having forgotten bait he sets turnip on the hook. To his amazement this works! He comes home with four fresh perch!

<CALLE 096 Still winter perch>>>