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I've been extensively fishing during winter until I got communicate that my hook snapped off. Fishing rod seemed to still have a hook so I just removed it and applied again (maybe it's bug on it's own).

After that, during fishing, I started to receive branches (there are no logs to indicate that), some of which refuse to stack with the others. No other branches do it so I wonder if those branches are "replacements" for breaking fishing rod, that is not breaking at all?

Notes: While I use modded version of the game 3.71 (BAC), fishing rod have been obtained prior to mod introduction from the village and as far as I know, mods can't change core mechanics like fishing or changing fishing hooks.
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The issue has been reported before (and I've encountered it as well).
I don't think it's related to the hook snapping message, though: you just sometimes get branches.

Bert Preast

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Thanks! Good to know, I've been searching for bugs in 3.71 so it's oversight from my side.