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Bert Preast

« on: May 29, 2022, 12:07:04 AM »
Running 3.71 unmodded on Windows 10 via Steam.

I just started a new Finn and on my 3rd day got an elk.  I butchered it and saw the elk fat in my inventory.  I then went to break some nearby ice, and from looking over the message log, that's when the fat disappeared.  I can see it in the list of items I dropped -  but then when I picked them up I cannot see the fat because there were too many items, but where it says "+ 7 items" I see that is 1 fewer than I had dropped.  My fat was gone! 

I noticed a day later when I went to tan the skin, so recent save game available.

EDIT:  Any suggestions as to how to mod in a kilo of elk fat would be very gratefully received!
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To get back what was stolen from you:
You can make a fake recipe that produces elk fat as a minimum time task. I think such recipes can consume nothing, but otherwise you can sacrifice e.g. a twig in it.


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I regularly find items missing from my list. I am not sure if it is connected with dropping and picking up but could be. Often they are unimportant items that I may have lost days ago and quite often they turn up again a few days later, food items may return as stale or spoiled.

If the missing object is important or needed now I add it back with a fake recipe that uses no tools or input items and takes 1 minute, usually I use the common skill so as not to cheat my skills. When the original item returns I delete the replacement.

Bert Preast

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I used Night's excellent URW Character Menu to mod the missing fat back in. 

I duplicated the save when I spotted the bug, so I still have it handy if Sami wants to investigate.