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Managed a quick look and half an hour test play.

The layout looks a lot tidier and more logical, I think there may be a few things missing though. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place which would not surprise me.

I miss repairing clothes but making new replacements is possible. I also miss the block pot chain, I often start with no metal tools and cooking with hot rocks in a wooden pot was always useful. Making clay pots is still an option but making radial boards with a stone axe seems to take about a week.

I also make life a little more complicated by needing glue to make arrows and several other recipes are tweaked to take longer or more inputs. I also need to add privateers chicken coop and beehives with honey and mead, but with so many menu slots free I can add my other recipes to a spare slot.

I will test further to see if I can find anything else.
Thanks for taking a look!

The repair clothes option I did not even realize was "bumped off" the page. I will definitely figure out a way to rearrange things so that is brought back. This is why input is so valuable, thank you!

I had removed the block pot for space, but with the latest version there is room for it, so that will be restored in the latest version (posted tomorrow). (It's just commented out; I think I had done that temporarily and then forgot about it)

If you find anything else 'missing' super good to know!


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I will test further to see if I can find anything else.

This 'hotfix' fixes both issues you observed, as well as two other changes.

Anyone downloading this, it needs to be unzipped on top of the R2 version a few posts up.

Spoiler: Changes • show
Version R2.1 (changes as compared to Version R2)


* Commented out Linen privates wrap, and linen breast wrap, two mod-introduced clothing items. This was to bring back the "Repair Clothing" option that I'd accidentally bumped from the clothing menu; I had to cut two clothing items. I chose these two for a few reasons. First, nettle clothing is (apparently) softer, and more suitable to being against the privates or breasts. Second, this distinguishes nettle and linen clothing a bit more (linen already had some unique clothing items, such as undershirt, now nettle has some unique clothing items too). Users can easily comment out some other clothing items instead, if they so choose

* Restored the block tub / block pot under lumber. I had commented them out for a test, I think, and then didn't restore them.


Changed the cloth recipes under textilecraft to require 150 feet of yarn instead of 50, and output a piece of cloth that weighs 0.66 instead of 0.5. With the reworking of the vanilla yarn system, the vanilla yarn was much lighter per length than the yarn in earlier versions of the mod (it was the same thickness as cord), and under the original recipe 0.2 pounds of yarn was becoming 0.5 pounds of cloth. With the recipe change, a full 150 bundle of yarn will be used each time (satisfying), and 0.66 pounds of yarn will become 0.66 pounds of cloth. Prices of the cloth output were scaled up proportionally (32%). Time scaled up from 36m to 1h. The time scale was difficult to judge, because the length of yarn increased three fold, but the cloth output only increased 32%, so I went with something in between. Patch option reduced from 10 to 5.

Extracting fibre from rowan and spruce increased to 3 units, to be more competitive with the 7 units from birch bark. Getting 0.7 pounds of fibre from one pound of birch-bark, but 0.1 pounds of fibre from one pound of rowan bark, makes little sense to me. I don't understand the relatives trees well enough, though, to increase the entire recipe to match the 7 units confidently.

Bert Preast

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So in Finland nettles around the nasties are considered comfortable?  Dayum but these guys really are savages.

Many thanks for your work on the mod  :)


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So in Finland nettles around the nasties are considered comfortable?  Dayum but these guys really are savages.

Many thanks for your work on the mod  :)
I actually don't know how undergarments worked in Iron Age Finland. Those two items were added by the BAC mod, both in linen and nettle forms; they don't exist in the base game at all. All I did was research briefly and find that nettle clothing was often considered close to silk for many cultures, and preferred for underwear.

You're very welcome; I hope it's useful.


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Bear in mind that retting removes everything from the plant and just leaves the long stalk fibres. I would not consider puttinf freah nettles anywhere near my wobbly bits.

Bert Preast

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Is there a reason "Skin" appears twice on the Utility menu, at 4 and 9?  At first glance both appear to make the same thing with the same components.


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Is there a reason "Skin" appears twice on the Utility menu, at 4 and 9?  At first glance both appear to make the same thing with the same components.
Thanks for the catch! There should not be two, even though the recipes are not identical (One uses 'cord', the other 'thin cordage'). I'll remove one for the next version, but need to decide which recipe is more appropriate. 'thin cordage' is more universal, but allows for using things like linen yarn, which probably doesn't make sense for a skin?


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I'm going to be away from my Unreal World computer for the rest of the week. Here's a view of where I am in the latest updates. Other ideas or suggestions are always welcome.

DONE (for next posted version)

BUG - Skirt items in clothing had "hig" instead of "hip" coverage. fixed.

Added new recipe to lumber menu turn a slender trunk into firewood; attempted to maintain same ratio of time and mass as turning larger logs into firewood.

Changed the skill used for Quern Stone creation to AGRICULTURE (instead of COMMON)

Cloth recipes changed to use 'hunting horn' base item, then other properties adjusted. This is because the 'bandage' base item was not allowing higher quality cloth from higher quality yarn (it was treated as though it had the [noquality] tag on output).

Cloth recipes changed to use 225 ft of yarn in order to produce a 1 lb. cloth output of equivalent weight. Better to have cloth in single pound units. (Doing 2 units at a time will still allow the use of exactly 3 150 foot spools of yarn, or yarn can be created in 225 foot spools in previous step). Time and price adjusted proportionally. Patchwise max reduced from 5 to 4. In-recipe warning added that input should be exact length required, or surplus is lost (I know of no way around this while requiring the specific type of yarn). Shorten/join cords command allows exact length to be accomplished easily, though.

Issue with two 'Skin' recipes in Utility; decide which to keep.
Removal of the Trim birch bark recipe? This seems a legacy option from earlier versions that has no function now.
Switch nettle/linen clothing undergarments?
Max weight on barrel is an issue for light characters; I've added a warning. Anything else to do as safety measure?
Experiment with barrel base object so that it can be interacted with from the ground? Unlikely to work based on my understanding, but worth a look.

Ask permission from some other authors to incorporate aspects of their mods. E.g. manure, bait, coops, mead, honey. Or, otherwise ensure compatibility between them.
Optional menu to add in chain mail crafting. I've seen this in a previous mod - a-historical, but not implausible.


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Hi, slight question: downloaded BAC, installed every patch I could find in this thread (in order), now facing a small number of issues;

* s -> Hideworking takes me to the armorcrafting menu

* Clothes and Cloth Garments produce the same menu

* Bundling up branches no longer appears to be under Lumber, nor anywhere else for that matter. Bundles themselves still exist, but I can't find a way to unbundle them anymore.

Have I mucked things up royally with my patching, or are these oversights? Either way those are things I'm noticing.


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I'm not at my desktop to check explicitly, and won't be for a few days, but I think I know what is causing at least some of these off the top of my head.

Bundling branches was entirely removed, because I found it taking up space on the menu while not being an important recipe. However, it is still there in the code, just "commented out" with the '//' in front of it, which you should be able to remove. Since you have now provided evidence that at least one person actually uses that recipe, I'll strongly consider putting it back it. In the meantime, you should just be able to remove the comments.

Could you tell me what 'menudef' files you have in your game folder? Make sure you just have the one. When you open up the menudef_BAC file it should have the following in it. Note the commented out menus. Cloth Garments shouldn't even be a menu anymore, and S going to Smithing is a small change in the lettering scheme.

.Knitted & Bark Clothes. -K- *MAKE*
.Armors of Leather and Fur. -A- *MAKE*
.Armors of Iron and Wood.      -O- *MAKE*
//.Barkware.      -A- *MAKE*
//.Boneworking.      -N- *MAKE*
//.Bowying.      -O- *MAKE*
.Carpentry.      -P- *MAKE*
//.Cloth Garments.   -G- *MAKE*
.Earthen/Barkware.   -E- *MAKE*
.Fletching and Bowying.   -Q- *MAKE*
.Hide and Bone.      -H- *MAKE*
.Mining & Iron.      -M- *MAKE*
.Smithing.      -S- *MAKE*
.Toolmaking.      -D- *MAKE*
.Utility recipes.    -U- *COOKERY*
//.Woollen Garments.   -Z- *MAKE*

Finally, your diy_glossary file should be empty (blank) inside the file. Please ensure that it is.

If any of those things aren't the case, let me know; that will give a good diagnostic of what happened.


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Right, well let's see.

First off - I just kinda like bundling the branches up nice, heh. Both for a spot of roleplay, and to keep things tidy since loose sticks just litter my whole yard. Plus, I use 'm' to drag stuff around a lot, and it at least feels like the bundles work better for that.

So for menudef, looks like I've got 'menudef_additional' and 'menudef_BAC'.

diy_glossary is *not* empty, see attached for contents - too much to just paste on here, I feel.


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Okay well I'll definitely work the branches back in the next update. You can uncomment the recipe in the meantime like I said. It looks like you may not have installed the latest full version in post number 28 because that would have overwritten the DIY glossary file with a blank version. I would check whether the zip file you downloaded ends in r or r2. You want the latter. You don't need the first. Right now it's r2 followed by the hotfix a few posts after that. The first file in post 25 is not necessary, though it shouldn't hurt if you install that first.


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Hokay, got #28's patch in, re-installed #25 just in case first too. diy_glossary is empty as intended.

Things look to be working as intended! Gonna see about removing that comment on the branch bundle recipe now - but just in case someone else stumbles on a similar thing and is as uninitiated as I am, would you mind spelling out the process too? It's *really* tough finding much info on... Anything, regarding URW.


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I definitely sympathize with the lack of documentation. One of the long-term goals would be to create better general explanation of all the recipes in this mod but that's a tall order when most of them not created by me in the first place.

As far as the specific case of the bundle of branches, the simple fix is to open up the DIY_bac_lumber file, and find the line that has bundle branches and unbundle branches. Remove the // that's in front of the lines dealing with that recipe. The only current problem is I don't recall how many items are currently in the lumber menu. Menus cannot go past 25 items, or the letter O. If the current lumber menu has 23 items or fewer then there will be no problems at all. If it has more than that the last items at the end of the list will be pushed out of the page and inaccessible in game. This is a problem I will easily fix the next update but maybe more difficult to fix yourself. If you can let me know what the current size of the lumber menu is, AKA what letter it goes down to. Again not on my desktop to easily check
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Counted, and it's 20 entries on Lumber; 18 pre-adding the branch bundlings back!
Seems to be all there now, and functional. This'll do me nicely.

Oh, but as a wish for the future if possible? Could we get a "wild flour" option for the quern-stone flour grinding recipes? It looks to work if selected manually as a tool for the purpose via Agriculture, but I feel that speed-wise there's hardly any difference - and I'm pretty sure the already included quern use recipes are faster for regular grain.

EDIT: I take it back, apparently the quern-stone only counts as one nearby stone if placed down, and as both if picked up and selected manually from the inventory? Very strange.
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