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Hello all,

I wanted to share a fairly small mod. All it does is allow the player to build tools using animal bones.
I'm not exactly sure if anyone has already done something like this, but it's my first mod, and I didn't see anything else like it.
All but one of the tools are honestly pretty OP, as they are based off usually un-craftable items (more info in the readme provided in the zip file), and, to be honest, I also didn't look into whether or not these would even be possible to use in real life, like the sword and bow.
Given that, it's safe to assume they'll be very valuable in trades, so try not to use them too much as trade items  ;)
[EDIT: I fixed the trade values, so trading probably won't be an issue anymore]

Bone Bow (Base Item: Longbow)
Bone Knife (Base Item: Knife)
Bone Club
Bone Arrow(s) (Base Item: Broadheads)
Bone Axe (Base Item: Handaxe)
Bone Sword (Base Item: Shortsword)
Bone Buckler (Base Item: Buckler)
Bone Spear (Base Item: Spear)

All feedback is greatly appreciated, especially if I didn't balance something right.
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Congratulations on taking the step  :D
 You can set the value of your crafted items;
        [PRICE:4]         - the item costs 4 squirrel hides

Also since you are making weapon class items (not sure what base item you are using), you can modify their effectiveness;
        [BLUNT_ATTACK:] - damage values for weapon attack aspects

            possible values: 0-9 or -
            numbers define the damage, - means the aspect is not available for the weapon

To help is it's own reward.
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Thanks for the info.
I didn't know you could set price on items...

I plan on tweaking the items that require it as soon as I can. I had already set the damage values on the advanced weapons, but I wasn't exactly sure if the settings worked.
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I've changed the recipes for the bow, sword, and spear. Now they should be more realistic (i.e. removing the fire requirement for the sword and spear.)

Grand Sage

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This looks nice. I havnt tested it, but i wanted to pitch in on your questions about real life use.

Obviously, bone knifes were a real thing. I also dont see any problem with a buckler or an arrow, that is made of mainly bones.

With some of the larger ones, like club, axe and spear, it depends on what your imagining the end product to be. Obviously it would be possible to have a wooden spear with a bone spearhead, but it might be odd to have a bonespear made out of several smaller bones. Axehandle out of bone works, axehead obviously not so much. Club depends on how big the bone is i guess, and if the recipe uses a stone or something for the impact part. i think bones are in general lighter then wood, so that might make sense.

In regards to swords, I dont really see it. Although the Aztec made some "swords" (in a very broad sense of the word) which had serated blades made out of small rocks. Maybe this could be done here? No idea if that ties into finland in any way though.

Now, Bows i find really interresting. Making a bow just out of bone would likely require one big bone to carve it from. I wonder if it is possible to limit the bones used by species? maybe you could even have "Bear-bone Bows" and "Reindeer-bone Bows" and so on? I dont really see it work with smaller animals, although I believe mongolian composit bows used an outer layer of flexible wood, with an inner layer of bone, to achive a small bow that could rival the longbow in power. So there is definitly some realism in that idea as well.

Great to see a mod like this, I might definitly steal the knife at least! although i wonder if it could be based on the stone knife for balancing.


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Sorry for the hiatus.
@Grand Sage I wanted a way to make metal weaponry without having to get BAC, to be completely honest.

To answer all the questions:

1. The Club requires iirc 1.5 lbs. of bone, and a cutting weapon.
2. The Spear's head is made of bone, and the rest is wood and other things.
3. The Sword is made of bone, except the hilt/pommel. I just wanted a sword lol.
4. The Knife is a metal knife ("Knife" in-game).
5. The Bow is made of bone for the frame, but is reinforced by strong wood. And no, the "bone code" is unable to be changed for crafting afaik. I had to just settle for multiple bones totaling up to like 2-3 lbs.