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On a fine summer day, the world mine to be explored,
Soon though my mind bewitched, senses to be ignored,
All too soon the sun sets, sure on it's way.
However I remain lost as night takes over day.

I travel fast but without a thought,
Hunger sets in, at least there's no drought.
I come across a village with hopes for help,
I stumble on an adventurer who lets out a yelp.
A bear, a fight and lost family heirloom,
I head out after trading for a room.

Spruce forest with a pine mire to the east.
Soon enough I find the tracks of the beast.
Following the blood and items everywhere,
Axe brought back and treasure location to share.
Another search, another trip, the clues concurs,
Finally in the dawn, digging up jewelry and furs.

Why not call this island my new land?
Slowly a home is built right on the sand,
I harvest, slash and burn and plant and sow,
Nettles threshed and planted row on row,
A badger appears and mills around,
I build traps and set up about the beast's mound.

My new enemy takes my birds and hares,
Eating right from my lever traps and snares.
Dodging arrows and knives alike,
Even coming into my home and stealing my smoked pike.
So busy I was chasing my new foe,
My field burning spreading to my home, reaction slow.

As I stared at the burnt out husk, all my items lost to the kerfuffle,
I read in the bottom: "You hear a snuffle."


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Was unable to not give this a dramatic reading to the cat, much appreciated. As a player who has been clawed eyeless by a badger, my condolences to you.
Iiiiii juuuuust want to set the woooooooorld onnnn fiiiiiiiiireeeeeee.... Iiiiiiii don't want to start a flame in your heeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrt.
And with your admissiiiiion you feeeeel the same, I'llllll have reached the goaaaal I'm dreamiiiing offfff, believe meeeeee