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While I was killing Driik villagers for loot, I noticed that the corpses of boys displayed 0 oz in weight. I switched my measuring system to metric and checked the weights again, which displayed as 5 grams. The girl children in contrast were within a normal weight range of 20+ kilos.

I made a new character to check whether the weight aberration happens with kids from other cultures. I spawned in the Koivula and found another boy who weighed 5 grams on death.

Since these are fresh killings, I don't have data regarding the resulting bone weights for male child corpses.

(Wow, this post is so macabre.)
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That's not a young human, that's a young mouse!


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It seems all the boy NPCs don't get their weight calculated properly and get close to zero values.
It's fixed now, persists in 3.70-beta3.

Fixed - persists in 3.70-beta3.
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