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« on: June 29, 2021, 08:55:21 AM »
I loaded up a character that was created in 3.63, for whom it is Late Soil month. The snow is thigh deep. It is early morning. It should be cold, but the outside temperature is maxed out, all the way in the red, and my character is sweating a lot. If temperature is a signed integer then I suspect it underflowed and wrapped around to a high temperature. I can provide a save game if you want.

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it happened to another character of mine too, Behtter. It's early center month, I notice while she's pushing food into a cellar that she's sweating a lot and the outside temperature is as hot as can be. There was knee deep snow with a crust before but it's all melted now. I've been playing her for about 5 in-game days this version and I think the temperature has been normal until now because she was skiing just fine on the hard crust yesterday. I can provide a save for this character too in case there's something in common between them.


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Experiencing this with yet another character. Early center month, calf deep snow, suddenly everything is boiling hot and all the snow melts and the rivers melt

update: what i initially interpreted as the rivers melting was incorrect -- it was dark and it was deep water wherever i looked but it was actually a stretch of three rapids tiles. However, this winter heat wave persisted for a few days and the rivers did get as close to melting as "you don't trust the ice", which usually doesn't happen until late swidden early seedtime, and then it ended and it got a little cold again.
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I suspect this might be a failure in migrating the weather information from the old-version saved game.

So, to narrow it down it would be helpful to get confirmation if this only happens when first loading a character created in older version, or if it indeed is possible that an old character starts OK, and temperature then goes silly after a few in-game days.
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It can take up to a week before the weather goes silly with a migrated character, and I've noticed the problem with every migrated character I've played, both in the forms of snow melting in January and in the forms of blizzards in summer. If I think about it from a differential equations standpoint it makes sense that little errors in the weather code could propagate to become big weather errors after some time passes -- that's one reason that real life weather predictions are only accurate for a few days, there are just too many variables involved.

I'll create some new characters and see if I have any silly weather problems with them. So far I have been mostly playing migrated characters.

Also, I'll migrate a character that I haven't migrrated yet and record what's happening with the weather.


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Migrated a different character, Wimme. Time stamps are from msglog.txt

q1hm: 26th of Center: migrated character, temperature: half blue, knee deep snow.
I rest with - for less than an hour because my character was fatigued.
q1hn: temperature is suddenly full red. I hit escape and save the game.


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n4il: 23rd of swidden, migrated character Yrkki. No snow, temperature is 1/5th red. spend a little time preparing my field
n4im: temperature is suddenly 100% red.

I said earlier that sometimes it takes a week for me to notice that the temperature has gone red, but since I'm paying attention right now, it does seem to be happening reliably within the first hour. My experience with the characters I spent longer playing was that after being hot for a while it would get cold again and then go hot again, so it's possible that I just wasn't paying attention and only noticed the second occurence of "suddenly everything is hot". Me not noticing it going hot right away isn't the same as it not going hot right away, after all.

I have a few more unmigrated characters where it's winterish, so I'll test migrating one more character and then I'll start making new characters.


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 counterexample: Nikke, Dead month, just migrated, after an hour the temperature goes from a 1/4 red to full blue no red, so his weather hasn't gone silly yet. I'll keep playing, noting the weather every hour until it goes silly


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8bg8: 8th of Death month, temperature 1/4 red, wandered around
8bg9: temperature full blue 0 red, still wandering around. Nikke is only 7 days old, maybe newer characters have less accumulated weather data to go silly, though the other characterrs where I didn't notice it going to silly for the first week were older than this so maybe not!
8bga: temperature still full blue
8bgb: noon, temperature still full blue, it starts to snow
8bgd: snow has stopped, wasn't enough snow to stick, temperature still full blue
8bgh: did some fishing, snowed a little more then stopped, temperature stayed full blue
9bga: throughout the night, the temperature got a little colder and then a little warmer, now it's about 90% blue and a thin ice that I can break in 30 seconds has formed over the river.
abg8: temperature has stayed about the same, 90% blue with only slight variations
cbg9: temperature has been about the same for the lsat couple days, now it's up to about 10% red. still normal.
dbg1: just woke up in the rain in the middle of the night, temperature is suddenly 100% red. Nikke is now 11 days old. Saved the game.

Now I will make some brand new characters.


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« Reply #9 on: June 30, 2021, 11:51:27 AM »
For a quick remedy, to be able to continue playing, you can delete WEATHER.DAT from character's folders.
Then new weather is generated upon loading the character next time, and it should be sane one. :)

Maybe it's wise to back-up character in any case before the file delete.
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« Reply #10 on: June 30, 2021, 08:50:19 PM »
Gealbu, a new, non-migrated character, is now 1 month old and has experienced no weather silliness. We started in Dead month and now it is the beginning of Winter month. The temperature fluctuated normally, sometimes a little bit warmer, sometimes a little bit colder. We had a littler rain earlier in the month but now we've got enough snow that the ground is white. So I think this confirms that weather silliness happens only to migrated characters and always happens to them within a week or so, often within the first hour.

I'll try Sami's WEATHER.DAT trick tomorrow with the migrated characters and I'll make backups first


« Reply #11 on: July 05, 2021, 04:41:38 AM »
For a quick remedy, to be able to continue playing, you can delete WEATHER.DAT from character's folders.
Then new weather is generated upon loading the character next time, and it should be sane one. :)

Maybe it's wise to back-up character in any case before the file delete.

It works quite well for my migrated character for now :D will update if the weather gone silly again.


« Reply #12 on: July 05, 2021, 07:12:33 PM »
I've done the weather.dat trick with all my migrated characters now, and I've gone on to play a couple months without any weather silliness with one of these characters