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« on: May 08, 2021, 09:04:32 PM »
As a still relatively new player I've gone through quite a few throwaway characters just to see what the start is like and such. I'd like to remove the dozen or so dead 16 year old 'ancestors' from my list of ancestors.  :P


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In your game directory there's a folder labeled ancestors where those files are stored. You can manually delete those whenever you want.

But having an option within the game interface to tidy the list would be nice.


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Once you have 50 ancestors, it'll start automatically deleting the oldest ones chronologically.

There's a file in your ANCESTORS directory called lastentry.txt that is just the number of the last character that died. When a character of mine dies, I edit it to be the number before my shortest lived ancestor so that this one gets overwritten instead, because I want my ancestors to be the characters that lived a long time and I put a lot of energy into them, not the characters that died on day 1 because i couldn't escape the njerpez camp.