Topic: Are there docs on reputation? What's the easiest way to increase it?  (Read 1379 times)

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I'm doing The Challenge[1], and my adventurer, while desperate, stole a cut of meat from a nearby village. But he was caught and took a reputation hit. Now he's slightly less desparate and it would be good to get back on their good side to get better terms on trades.

What's the lowest-cost way to increase reputation? Or just . . . what increases reputation generally? Surprisingly, there's not much about it on the wiki. Searching for "reputation increase" in the forums indicates that quests, and trading, particularly if one does generous trades, increase reputation. I'm curious if there is more detailed information available. Is it frequency of trades? Does the village keep a sort of balance sheet where one big generous trade would do it? Etc.



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Gifts, Generous trades, and frequency of the aforementioned.
Who cares what they call you, the price is the price. As long as you didn't kill anyone.
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I was trying to do the challenge and stole some meat from a village, they asked me to pay a ridiculous amount so I said I could not afford it, take back your property. It did not seem to affect their reputation of me. I later found if I took some meat and ate it then they were happy to take back the eaten meat with no consequences. I visited them a dozen times for a quick meal over the next month. One time I did not realise that I still had a small uneaten portion of the meat with me when I left and nobody asked me to pay, then 2 Km away I got three arrows in my leg, hip and arm which left me with a 6Km crawl home with no food. I never got to find out about my reputation as I died (again) soon after.