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Currently the fisher's knife doesn't really have a point. It's not a fighting knife like Kaumolais, northern and hunting knives are. It's not the skinning knife the broad knife is and it's not crafting/utility knife the small knife is. It's not cheap and cheerful like the regular knife is.

In practice in real life there is some overlap between filleting knives and boning knives, with the latter tending to be more stiff but often not to the degree it doesn't work for filleting anymore. As such I'd suggest to rename the fisher's knife to narrow or narrow-bladed knife and treat it as a boning knife that also works for filleting. In present state make it the optimal knife for cutting a carcass for meat, and if in future an actual filleting knife role is added that can then be applied to the narrow-bladed knife as well.
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Makes sense to me. As a “narrow knife” (or slim knife) it could be preferred for both jobs.
At the moment, butchering prefers the highest quality first; 1st on the tile knife, then 1st in inventory. If I carry skramasaksi and broad knife and butcher, scramasax will be used to butcher. If I drop the broad knife; it’ll be used for the butchering. If I drop the scramasax, broad knife will be used (as 1st on the ground pile), if I pick the broad knife; scramasax will be used as it’s 1st on the ground pile)

With fishing rod adjustments on the way (my guess is 3.64 release), baiting was mentioned, so hopefully gutting and cutting of fish is also included. Here would be the fishing knives best place  :)

Tom H

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I bought a Fine fisher's knife after reading this thread, just in case it bears fruit...heh.