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« on: March 04, 2021, 10:13:13 AM »
As per title, wool mittens do not seem spawn in shops in settlements. I have gone through all the towns in Driik and Reemi in multiple recent versions including the current 3.63 and they are never, ever available, I have kept close eye on them. As wool mittens are a rare supplement to fur mittens for for winter wear (it's easy to get frostbite with just fur mittens when the temperature plunges) and are also involved in a spell, I think this qualifies as a bug.

Other piece of clothing that I have never seen in shops is undergarment, though perhaps that's intentional since it has rather imba weight-warmth coverage. (Veils and aprons might be, but I'm less sure, I think I might have seen them rarely though there are none anywhere in my current game)


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They do spawn, but horribly rare. Socks and foot rags seem also to be unrealistically uncommon.
I wouldn’t mind to see higher spawn rates for clothing, but I think it’d be appropriate to have more ‘rough’ quality items throughout the full inventory of items.
It’d give more “backwoods feel” and correspondingly, make any fine or gosh, masterwork a heirloom to cherish.


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In my current game I have visited essentially every settlement in Driik, Koivula, Sartola, Kiesse, Reemi and many in Kaumo. Of those Driik, Koivulais and Kiesseläis settlements have been revisited once they have had their first major restock (happens after x amount of time, generally several months after you first visited it, rather more muted in Driik, but immediately obvious in Koivula and such when you suddenly see tons of metal armour around where none was before). I have seen maybe half a dozen pairs of regular woolen footrags (I bought two and have two more on my map notes, but I kinda stopped taking notes on that), one par of fine woolen footrags, two pairs of woolen socks at least two pairs of regular linen footrags and a pair of fine line footrags. I have also seen at least two woolen cowls, one masterwork and one fine, but since I found the masterwork early I might have skipped noting one or two regulars.

This matches my previous experience, which includes at least two other games of similar extent and few ones I started just to check on all Driik/Reemi shops. The socks/footrags are there, they may be as rare as masterwork tool axes but you can consistently find them. Cowls are occasionally around. Woolen mittens, never. I think I'll throw another Driik shopping test right away to see what I find.

It's quite possible I'm wrong and I have had unusually unlucky experiences, but at this point I'm kinda begging evidence of someone having a pair of (taken) or (unpaid) woolen mittens in their inventory. If I'm wrong, then take this as suggestion to increase spawn rate of woolen mittens in settlements.


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Ok, I completed my promised tour of newly generated Driik lands (actually two, just that the first one ended with a neck biting wolf right outside the first settlement :(), 38 settlements in total. Final tally was 1 masterwork linen cowl, 1 masterwork linen footrags and two regular linen footrags. Maybe slightly less than what I expected and I was bit surprised they were all linen, but ultimately sufficient. Zero woolen mittens (though there were 4 mail ones...), undergarments, aprons or veils.
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