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Mata Hari

« on: January 16, 2021, 09:58:17 PM »

I just wanted to let you know that the game struggles to keep track of owership for the contents of containers.

Example 1: I wanted to buy a small amount of hemp seeds, so I filled them into a wooden bowl (both the seeds and the bowl belonged to the village). After finishing the trade, the bowl still had the [unpaid] tag and the villagers didn't allow me to leave.

Example 2: Filling village foods into containers owned by me usually works, but can fail as well. In this example, I forgot to pay - afterwards completing the trade also didn't remove the [unpaid] tag any more.

I can understand that it's difficult for the game to keep track of this, but I still wanted to report it. Maybe it's easier to fix than I think :P.


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I'm not exactly surprised that this method doesn't work as it's not one most people think of. Still, it ought to work, so it's good it's reported (although if I saw someone moving goods into their own containers I'd assume they were trying to steal it...).


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(although if I saw someone moving goods into their own containers I'd assume they were trying to steal it...).

(That's how goods were purchased well into the 20th century in the west* and in some places even today.)

Interesting, (with couple of decades of intermittent Urw-ism,) it never occurred to me to even try this. I'm gonna carve some cups and go shopping now.

*lazy broad-brushing here
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Mata Hari

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Haha, I did not even think of how it might come across. Nice to see the different perspectives. In my area, shops where you bring your own containers are an emerging trend in recent years.


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This is likely related to another minor issue that I've encountered, though I can't be sure.

I'm sure many people have noticed that sometimes if you have multiple full bags of rye grains, or barley grains (or full boxes/baskets of other things), they will not always stack. And they should, because they are not decomposing, so they should be an "identical" item.

Well, some testing revealed it's because the ownership of the underlying bags/baskets is not always set correctly. The way you can tell is that if you attempt to [D]iscard the items, some of them it will not let you, saying that items that you don't own can't be discarded, while others it will allow you to [D]iscard.


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When this occurs with pots, cooking something with it seems to "cure" it of the ownership issue. I think that's because the original pot is essentially destroyed in the cooking pot and a new copy of a pot is created.


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So I finally fooled around with containers and unpaid contents.

Now I'm in a position where villagers call me thief and return to the village (if I carry two unpaid containers), which retained unpaid status after a successful trade. Villagers don't recognize the debt to pay but do prevent me from taking the containers with me.

I laid the two containers on ground. The wooden bowl used to be my own.

After the save moment I played some more and now I owe eight containers (I possess four)! The debt keeps duplicating every time I pour contents from unpaid container to another.

After a heated argument I finally got the option "take what is yours". Then I bought my own items and the originally poured-in unpaid contents back and finally in full possession of them. (weird they are identified now)

EDIT: Yes the work-around is: Pick unpaid bag of salt/grains, pour them to a container and wait for villagers to demand payment. Say that you are not able to pay. Then buy back the smaller amount (which originally was in your own container).
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