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Is this normal, or some borderline bug? I came to pick my smoked meat (about 40-50 cuts of elk) less than 2 days after it was supposed to be done.
Anyway, looks like I will have to warm up on them before I go for the Njerpezit, will killing them worsen the reputation of a nearby village? Or will it make the spiritworld angry?

Oh, it seems like stories here go deeper, not just two lines of roleplaying some game event.
Anyway, my character was born to an abusive, drunkard "gold digger", wandering around the Kaumo to get laid for ale, mead, psychedelic mushrooms, a place to stay in, and scraps of meat. He would be used to do menial tasks, and would always get into fights because all the others knew his mom would not stand up for him. One time when he asked his mom and her partner why they hate him so much, he would be knocked out and then thrown into the village's pig pen as fodder. However, he only pretended to be unconscious, so he fought the pigs off and even ate part of one. So he and his mom would be forced out of the village, but she knew a campsite to stay at. They both went to sleep. In the morning, there was not the usual yelling-with-cold-water wake-up call from his mother. He looked around, no trace of her, only her trousers, her knife, the food, the spearhead and the carving axe she had stolen. He had no name, but the moment he realized he's all alone: "I'm Rautasoturi" his thoughts whispered.

After assessing the situation, he went straight after his instincts: he tried to eat anything he could find, looking for some animals to hunt, as this was the only thing he knew. He has hunted several elks just by chasing them until they tired out. However, that meat would eventually rot on him, so he attempted look for a village to smoke the meat he couldn't trade. He had stolen meat to be smoked himself too, but he didn't think all of his meat would get stolen. But those damned villagers stole them all, and left the cordage with a noose tied on it: has he been in this village before as a kid?

This experience made him decide to build his own smokehouse, even if that means no hunting for a while. He had lots of rotten meat after all, and he found out that boiled meadsweet helps to keep some of it down. This is done now, it's time to prepare for the winter by stockpiling food and projectiles for active hunting, trading with a (suspiciously) friendly village and fighting. Maybe Rautasoturi will cross paths with some of his former abusers and can avenge everything!
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