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My current character has advanced sufficiently to go beyond cooking by a fire on the ground, and has encountered a few gotchas:
- Setting fire to a line of fuel (for farm plots) no longer automatically succeeds in lighting the fire when the adjacent tile is lit, but the character isn't adjacent to the lit tile


f=fuel, F=fire, .=open ground, c= character. Having the character within reach of the lit tile allows the automatic bringing over the fire, though.
- A single tile of fire at the end of a line of fire has managed to both set a pile of trunks on fire, as well as more or less the complete wealth of the character (clothing and weapons/tools), in two different incidents. Previously you needed two adjacent tiles on fire for the fire to spread automatically. I certainly hope it doesn't mean a single fire set adjacent to a shelter has some chance of setting everything on fire!
- Trying to smoke meat using the new sauna stove resulted in a "cold room" failure fore each one of the four 50 cut batches (well, I didn't try the first one, as I know it was cold before a fire was lit), and my character got cold while preparing the meat for smoking, rather than hot (it was snowing outside). I think I used 20 branches for the first fire and 16 for each of the following ones. I've yet to see how the whole smoking process turns out, though.
- I haven't seen any embers remaining in the sauna stove at any time I've started a new fire (each day), nor when I've tried to use the stove for cooking, so I've reverted back to cooking by an open fire outside...


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For reference:

v 3.63

I light my field plot fires with 2 firewoods and 1 branch. That is 3 items but more weight than 3 branches.

They do spread from one to the next. They do at times set adjacent trees on fire.

The spreading may require a certain size of fire on the source fire. If its just 3 branches it might not spread.


On the smoking we've had various other threads and it seems its more than just 3 firewoods and 3 branches (which seems about the minimum to start the fire). A block of wood with 3 branches seems to be fine.


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On the Fire mechanics announcement (or possibly thread about mech change) Sami responded saying 10-ish firewood’s should be a good start for daily burn with smoking. Block is twice that with 20+ firewoods split from one.
I think minimum was, possibly still is, to start a fire in fireplace: 3 firewood and one branch. Or 4 firewoods. Or 16 branches. (This was where Sami mentioned 10FW as a starting point for smoking) with minimum fireplace burn, daily, you can expect ~30% spoiled.
Waking up, my toons burn 12FW, or if missing a day from overnight treks, burn 2 blocks to “catch up”

I need to test that single tile fire spread... seems very dangerous.


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I know about the risk of spoiling for under smoking, and I've been feeding the stove 32 branches per day (twice the minimum to start a fire) to see where it ends up (I couldn't remember exactly what Sami said was needed, and was hazy about the conversion ration between branches and firewood. My 32 thus ought to be increased to 50, which I'll try the next time).

However, even with the minimum fire the sauna ought to heat up somewhat, especially when repeated 3 times at 1½ hour intervals (about the time it takes to prepare 50 cuts).

My spreading fires were 3 branch ones, so they weren't raging blazes, which is why I was surprised that the fire spread. It can also be noted that they did not spread diagonally to piles of trunks.


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3 branch fires did not spread pre-3.63, needed to have 4 branches for that... might be unintentional.


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3 branch fires did spread if there were two of them adjacent to the "attacked" tile earlier, but I've seen that it doesn't (or rather, didn't) happen with a 100% frequency.

However, I definitely don't want a fire hot enough to thaw my freezing to death character to set the shelter on fire...