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« on: December 26, 2023, 01:06:02 PM »
A known request being repeated.

Playing Calle's story (in the story thread) now that Im coming out of his third winter (#3) he is very well established. Long term goals other than killing Nerjpez in large numbers are a bit of struggle.

Id like to bump the request for very long ties such as marriage or live in or converting your homestead to a village.

Perhaps a mechanism where you build an extra cabin and designate it as for long term guests. Maybe a special sleeping bed that the player can't use. The long term visitor can pick up things left in the guest cabin as a way to equip or pay them.

The long term visitor would warn not days from leaving but weeks so the player has time to craft or trade things.

Payment might be pay in advance? So you can pay for them to stay for months or a year?

At least a season of three months though six or twelve months would be better.

Perhaps while staying or assigned to the guest bed the visitor might be assumed to at least produce enough to feed themselves.

Abliet with the Savo game started Im not sure the devs would divert energy to experimenting with things in UrW vs their new game.