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To ready for the ritual of greeting Tuukka forces himself to do chores in the night. This lets him sleep in the day to be awake at night.

Day 1 of the 2nd week before summer season

In the dark of night Tuukka returns to an ant nest he had marked on an earlier day. He shaves off silver as instructed. Its strange to see the silver fleck into the nest. He stays up until the small hours of dawn. He never saw the gray man. Tuukka wonders if he should try again once on the mainland.
For now he has his own punt to replace. The snows have receded from his thighs to his knees.
First he makes a fresh batch of pine tar glue. The good amount he will need for mixing for the steaming and later sealing. A mix of roasted fish and rye baking sustain him. The “sacred” log from across the waters is cleared of its bark into a log shape. That took a day the next day he’s studying the log. There are defects in this tree he’s not sure about cutting through.
Frustration is settled with fishing sessions. Getting off his stool for a walk he checks a birch. Finally the birch bark is in condition to be pulled off. Frustration grows again as two trees are felled then converted to logs to find defects making them inappropriate to continue. Tuukka made one already. Perhaps the Gray Man of the forest didn’t appear because of some imbalance in the spirit realm with tendrils around Tuukka. Tuukka decides to head to the village to hire one of the woodsmen.
Speaking to Olaus its learned old man Teppo needs chores done. It simple work done in a few hours. While doing it a hare ran by very close. Perhaps a sign the woods are calming to Tuukka.

Day 2 of the last week before summer season.

Today green greets Tuukka. The snows have melted in blotches. The sea ice seems to be weakening.

Tuukka hasn’t yet found a viable tree for his second punt. He made one before so it is a little confusing to him. Now he will either have to use the raft or just keep trying. With the bark of the various trees harvestable he gathers quite a bit of birch and rowan. Rowan bark is worked into a set of tassets decorated with elk bones, the bones of the first animal he found in the ice here at the landing camp.
Tuukka takes a break by working on other projects, making fish glue for a bow. He fells a possible birch and sections it up. Nothing really looks too god for bow making.
Coming back fresh minded to the punt Tuukka gets started on the punt again. He tries on one of the partially worked trees. It really is looking full of knots and parts that might crack. Struggling for days Tuukka comes to appreciate the value of skilled woodsman like Kyotsi. Was it one of the trees he had worked on?

Day 5 of the 13th week before midsummer.

Tuukka has three pointed logs all with concerns and one unpointed log around the fishing camp. Its time to just get going on one of them. He chooses the original intended “spirit” log from the other island.

There are many steps where he can clean out problems so long as the material that is left is the good. He turns the log to a slight angle to aim the worst at the top. Hacking the start of the opening and starting the burn Tuukka starts getting around the worst parts. He reshapes the bow and stern to compensate. It might turn out okay after all.

The next day he continues digging deeper with the adze. New fires started inside. Tuukka smiles then laughs. Its coming together decently after all. Maybe he was too nervous. Still a better start is always good. One must do with what can find, or something like that. After that days hard work he works the traps at the landing and logging camp. The landing camp traps he leaves the section he has to walk a ways to check down so as not to accidental leave caught animals suffering.
A few days later Tuuka has done the deep digging then pitch-steamed the walls to expand the boat shape. He finishes it off producing a decent Finnish punt. Its not as magnificent in his mind as the first one but it will do well on the seas.

Day 3 of the 12th week before midsummer

Skillfully Tuukka paddles in his new Finnish punt. A testing is done fishing between the two islands. To honor the boat the first fish caught is thrown back. Probing along the ice packs Tuukka does a few yards of dragging overland to slip around a sheet of ice. Then he paddles along finding a narrow path where the punt just squeezes by. A pleasant sea battle on a sunny day finds him sailing onto the beach at the landing camp!
Checking stores he’ll have to leave wood and other stockpiles behind.

<Tuukka sailed to landing camp>>>

Day 3 of the 12th week before midsummer

Tuukka sorted goods this way and that. By late afternoon the punt is packed with as much as he can fit by volume and weight. The traps of the landing camp are disabled with two more birds caught in them. Travelling to the village Tuukka calls over Kyosti.

“Well, the ice is thinned, still there but room enough to make a go of getting to the mainland,” Tuukka said.

“You made our winter full of stories,” Kyosti said, “You worked hard, helped us and even caught a wolf. You’ve left us a fishing punt which happily turned out better than those shelves!”

The two laughed.

Kyosti asked, “Mainland, north east? Or east? Or go north?”

“I feel there is something to the east. For the best distance I launch as soon as I next wake,” Tuukka said.

“We’ll look east every dawn offering hopes for your safety,” said Kyosti.

The two men embraced in hug, patted each other’s backs. As they parted Tuukka shifted to the logging camp making sure those traps were released. The villagers could reset them when they were ready to take over the harvest of trapped animals.

Day 4 of the 12th week before midsummer
It was a cloudy night. The air was above freezing still thawing the ice. The seas were still freezing cold. The spirits roused him just after midnight, the beginning hours of this day of late Swidden month.
Off the island onto the sea the going is at first easy. Trying a bay of ice the path around two nearly joined islands is blocked. This thin ice is to risky to dry a surface dragging. Portaging is possible but with all the supplies would take several tries. Tuukka goes half-way back west to try a broad opening to the south east.
Late morning after a rest break along the edge of ice the rain starts. Yet paddling north west a settlement is spotted. Circling to approach near its east side Tuukka went into speak with them. Its a small Islander village, Huge cove, with a hall smaller than the one he just left.
Its Noon now, Tuukka is tired but moves on farther east. Evening exhaustion overcomes him. It is rain chilling him and filling the punt that wakes him. A rush of bailing with a bowl soon calms to just another fisherman’s day. The punt is stable enough. Tuukka had turned from mostly south east to mostly north east. It has been a few hours without seeing land. From recollections of stories and sailing he may have gone around the south west corner of the mainland. A small island is nestled with a V notch of ice. Paddling up his exhaustion takes over. At least the V ice is acting as a wave breaker.
In the early morning rain Tuukka bails the punt again. For himself he is feeling rather hot in his furs. There is enough spruce and branches that he can have a false deck covering for his legs.
Late morning of Day 5 of the 12 week of summer, Tuukka is scouting what he thinks is the coast of the main land. The rising heat finally dispatches the large sea ice chunks. As if a glorious greeting for coming to the shore.
Choosing a cliff to land near he climbs. A roach fish is put out on the cliff top in offering. Then standing tall he lets out a long loud song of greeting. To the north east is a vast stretch of forest! The mainland! Farther up there is a village and stead.

<Tuukka mainland village>>>


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Tuukka goes through the punt stores selecting some of the seed crop, boxes, a bag, a pair of tubs and so forth as trade goods. Travelling inland Tuukka arrives at Islander village of “Goodish wild”.
A sage and his wife wive to Tuukka. There is an urgency to the gesture.

“We have a wounded adventurer here,” sage Mauno said, “We need another adventurer to help. Surely a traveler like you is such a person.”

Tuukka’s head jolted. He had been a fisherman carpenter who was taken up in a ritual for the fishing folk. Now he was walking in as a friendly stranger wearing a spirit-wolf headdress with goods of value for trade. A shield was on his back and weapons on his hip. Tuukka chuckled. He did look like an adventurer didn’t he.
In their main hall the wounded adventurer is resting. He weakly waves to Tuukka.

“I knew one would come on thaw,” he said, “I am Uolevi.”

The story is told of Uolevi’s shelter being attacked by a bear. Uolevi tried to escape but it followed so they fought. The bear staggered away with a bleeding wound. The equipment was left there, a place four kilometers to the north-east at the border of a large heathland with a lichenous pine forest in the east of that.

“Can you bring me my special trident,” Uolevi said.

Tuukka staggered a step back. Now he was being asked to rescue a trident! Was this the foreign spirit at work? The sea man with the trident. Tuukka turned his head to the side disbelieving what he had become a part of.

“Please, you can keep the rest. The trident, it needs to come to me. An Islander like you is best to do it.”

Tuukka spoke slowly, “Yes. I’ll go. I’ll bring the trident so there can be peace.”

Tuukka felt dread. These adventures might never end.

Lasse, a local woodsman, is hired to help in the hunt. A bag of peas and smoked pike from the trade bundle cover the food the man needs to carry. Payment hopefully will come from the goods they find near the trident. The sage Mouna hovers around were Tuukka is roasting bits of meat at the village fire.
There is an adventurer Eero visiting. He had heard of the trident. He felt warned not to take the lead on the expedition. He would need a knife or better yet a spear to go fighting with, plus of course food. Instead Tuukka trade over another spare bag of grains plus foods to buy Eero’s woodsman’s axe. A strong long handled weapon, Driik make by the looks of it. Eero confirms that he is a Driik and its from his people.

So it is that Tuukka and Lasse made out to find the trident. Perhaps a symbol or the actual trident of a foreign great water spirit that had lead to the lose of Pekka, Ilotros and Kylpymies. At Tuukka finally has a metal headed axe to bang against his wooden shield.

<Tuukka trident quest>>>


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Through the day the two walked. Lasse talked about the local plants, spirits and tales he knew. They saw another village, a distant traveler and an elk. The traveler they met, a woodsman looking for the right forest to accept him. Hopefully one day he will find the home he seeks. That night they camp next to the lake “Bruin summits.”
Days of searching together hasn’t found the camp, trident nor bear. Its still been a very good time for Tuukka. He’s learning about more plants and woodcutting for they fell and board a few trees. This is so Lasse can show Tuukka techniques he didn’t know. Afterall in his youth others provided the boards to the boat builder, not the boat builder going out into the wood. Though it comes to mind that Tuukka recalls his father going out to choose which tree would be used for the keel. That is the long bottom wood which though could be joined is best if it is all from one strong straight tree. A few days later Lasse departs.

Day 4 of the 10th week before midsummer

After several days of solo searching Tuukka could never find the camp, trident nor the wounded bear. He accepted his defeat after a second methodical pass through the land. He couldnt peer behind every tree but had gone to each field size patch of land that seemed to match the description. The blood scrapes were surely long gone from the rain by now. The shelter from a distance would just appear as a lump of spruce amid pine and spruce. Luck had not favored him that way. He had one one points come within a few yards of a powerful elk though he had no bow nor intent in chasing it in this warm season.
Returning he visited two villages and a stead, all Islander people. The time out in the woods of the mainland had at least let him practice his plant identification. The plants were young being unsuitable for harvest. He had taken his axe onto already fallen trees and one newly fallen. His skills with the initial timbercraft were growing thanks to Lasse’s lessons. OF course he might not even have this iron headed long handled woodsman’s axe had he not accepted to try.
He met Uolevi, now well into his recovery. Though saddened the mission had failed Tuukka told him of his adventures. It had been good for Tuukka afterall. He hadn’t really explored like that. Pushing off from the mainland Tuukka sailed south east making an overnight camp on a tiny cliff like island. He marked his landing spot, one that had hooks of land to better shield the landing point. A shelter, fire ring and cooking stone were set with rocks and stones as makers to better find it again.
Just off shore there were upthrusts of rocks one of which had an F shape. Here he nestled the punt in to fish from for a short while. The next day he pulled ashore on the mainland at a pine mire. He searched and found a suitable tree for part of the bow he was making. It was felled, a fire started to warm the wood and him and he managed the heart wood out. Perhaps not ideal but neither was the birch backing he had made back on the island.
Assembling the bow parts is done here in the wilds. It will take days for the glues to set. Since this is mire Tuukka intends to explore for a bog to harvest ores from. Where the mountain side rains drain into a bog where the oily slicks reveal where lumps condense as a gift for those that understand the transformation into smith’s iron.
In his search he stumbles across a driik village, “Sweet forest”. This could be a useful place to trade. Tuukka is already committed by the bow making to be in this area for a few days.

<Tuukka bow and Driik>>


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Day 1 of the 9th week before midsummer

After exploring and greeting in the first Driik village Tuukka speaks with them on iron working. They agree the cliffs feed the bogs nearby. They are also willing to sell a well trained big dog or a nice linen dress. The linen would also easily be turned into a tunic and socks. Both options would be rather expensive.
 Exploring a little more finds the walled town of Sikumetsa “Sweet forest”. It has even finer weapons, clothing and tools for sale. Photo is one of their leading craftsmen, a skilled iron smith. He says he isn’t worried if Tuukka takes on minor crafts as he is too busy making fine swords and axes.

“Having someone else make nails would ease the annoying knocks on my door,” Photo says, “But don’t stay till midsummer. That make me think you are cutting into my trade.”

Tuukka explained, “I plans to leave well before then. Really I stopped to make a bow. Most important for now is to stockpile some crude ores. To roast them will take making charcoal. That whole process can take weeks or months. The spirit call to the east feels like it will allow a rest but more travel is to be done before the longest day.”

For now Tuukka explores this place a little more. Soon is found a third Driik community, the village of “Day forest”. Here Tuukka trades his wooden shield for a handful of arrows. These he will use for hunting. The arrows he might make might not be this good. A shield he can make again. Making minor improvements where he set the bow to dry Tuukka gathers ore chunks from various coastal mires fed by cliffs.

Day 6 of the 9th week before midsummer

The later afternoon rains start as he prepares to do his first firing on the rough two-wood bow he has crafted. He certainly has a long way to go with his skills though much of the early work had been done with a stone not metal axe. He fires the air toward a young pine tree that remains undisturbed. The arrow goes a little sideways into the rain. Search by wet foot or boat in the rain never find it. Tuukka had thought about firing an arrow as a gift to the spirits. Seems they have chosen their offering.

The next morning the one defensive trap is disabled. With the fencing around the shelter intact a bit of flower is sent to float onto the sea. Tuukka continues his journey now with a bow, four arrows and bog ores.

Day 1 of the 8th week before midsummer

Tuukka awakens at a traveling camp. Paddling into a bay on a large island he selected a landing point behind a rock uprise, sheltered from the waves. The shelter was barely visible among the spruce with only two man sized approaches, one of which he warded with a trap. In that trap this morning flaps a raven. Apparently the spirits are overall blessed with him to bless him with food on his journey.

Day 7 of the 8th week before midsummer

Traveling for the rivers for the great inner lake, between Reemi and Nerjpez territory, a simple camp each night had been made. These are markers on his mental map. Places he could steer for should he come along the shore again. Each a good not hard days travel as he always needed time to build and often fish.
On this day he spies a river mouth. Along the river are splashing rapids that never freeze. The wonderfully named “Horses bottom” river. A swan graces the waters of the river mouth. Thinking this is a good omen Tuukka well set one of his camps here.

<Tuukka Horses bottom rapids>>>


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Pushing into the Horses Bottom takes some effort to overcome the outflow. Paddling up the river the need for an overnight camp means this must indeed the great inner river network. This camp Tuukka nestled the shelter very tightly into a close clump of trees. In the morning the sound of Nerjpez drums and chants could be heard. A war camp was made the same night nearby!
They were on the river way he would need to use to return. Was with there spirit magic shutting the door? Had friendly magic held them off? Straining to hold them back until Tuukka had crossed north? Does this mean in the future he must come to purge this warcamp?

<Tuukka warcamp cut off>>>


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Day 4 of the 7th week before midsummer

Jlmavaara, “Cruelfell”, is the name of the Kuamolais village up river. Tuukka warns them of the Nerjpez drums. There are boasts of the Kuamo big knives from the younger men. Others in the village concerned. An adventurer named Seppo is there, saying he will patrol the woods for wandering Nerjpez. He also has a carving axe that interests Tuukka. Meanwhile Hetta has rough linen trousers for sale.
Tuukka decides he will try crafting for them for a little while. IT will also mean he is around if the Nerjpez come this far north. A few days later Hekka has a table and benches for the pants and Seppo has spare shields for the carving axe. It is much more comfortable having linen rubbing inside the rough elk fur leggings. With the carving axe for middle work between the woodsman’s axe and knives Tuukka expects great things from his carpentry skills. Using his improved collection of tools Tuukka form a decent wooden shield, well balanced yet as sturdy as one with metal reinforcements.
The next morning is a short trade of bench and odd things so one of the village elders can have a comfortable seat. This in exchange for village cooked meats, a nice change from his own cooking.

<Tuukka carving axe and pants>>>>


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Day 4 of the 6th week before midsummer

Upstream paddling finds a moderate lake as the end of the navigable waters. Tuukka thinks it best to scout from here before committing to a stead location. An improved camp would be wise with a pair large boulders offering a starting shielded location next to the lake. While gathering supplies a snuffling sound reveals a badger drinking at the lake. Tuukka isn’t sure if this is a blessing or warning or both. To be safe he lets it leave and places heather flowers out as an offering to the local spirit.
As Tuukka builds the shelter the badger watches. It isn’t scared of him at all. Tuukka put down some of his travel bundle wondering he should hunt it.

<Tuukka greeting badger>>>


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Tuukka, wishing the best with the spirits, moves after the badger. These things eat everything. As powerful diggers they threaten cellars as well. Tuukka hides best he can with the badger’s own courage being quite obvious. They move along the shore east until when just a a few meters away Tuukaa fires his village made arrow from his self made bow. It slams through the badger’s face for an instant kill. The badger itself weighs twenty pounds. This yields nine pounds of meat, plenty for a landed exploration.
Next morning the exploration begins. There is a cliff and hills nearby. Fairly clear areas if he wanted to cultivate the hills. There is mostly heathland around with no likely iron holding bogs right at hand. Eastward finds interesting ponds just off another river head. In a broad mire an elk is spotted which Tuukka gives a go at stalking. Tracking the muddy trail is now within his skills, thanks the training from the Islanders. However he doesn’t get a good sighting. Surely it can see him on the open mire and is keeping its distance.
At another river bank in the east he makes a simple over night camp, not even bothering with a fire ring. Exploring the lands finds the forests broad with large mires but the hills and cliffs are shielded in heathland. A good many resources save for easy bog iron. Perhaps he can get more out of the lake.
When he awakes he circles west. Then south nearing the previous river camp. Turning northward… is a bear!

<Tuukka first bear>>>


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Tuukka’s heart is pounding into his throat. He grew up a fisherman boatbuilder. Father’s hand running a sanding stone along the side of hull that Tuukka follows with a sealing paint. The days of youth, alert and learning for the trade of his Islander people. Now in front of bear.
His mind traces through tracking practice with his Islander kindsmen after building that raft to change islands. The ceremony at the ant hill where he left silver shavings but never saw anyone. The shooting of the greeting badger as it boldly turned its face to him. Are the spirits going to have this bear kill him?
The heart beat deafening calms. Tuukka takes a breath. The bear has still there. One paw lazily flops off its side. The bear is asleep. Its raining. Rain shields footsteps yet troubles arrows. He has four arrows, two axes, a shield and a few knives. His clothing is elk fur, mostly one layer, hardly armor especially given its self made and rough traveling.
Tukka slides between trees for a clear shot. Snarling roars announce the bear has awakened! Tuukka fires his readied arrow. It sails over the bear among the trees. Tuukka notches another legs seizing in expectation of being charged.
The bear lumbers westward.
Tuukka’s hands are shaking making the bow wobble.
A search for the arrow is quite simply brief. Tuukka circles back to the badger camp. Fear is circulating in his veins. Perhaps he should sleep on his boat? Or in a spot to the east.
He could raise a bear trap.
This is promptly done. Fishing from the lake yields fish, some of which he cuts up, to be able to bait the bear log trap and the smaller traps.
It takes a day the a second before he has the confidence to explore again. He finally sleeps away from “Badger Landing” at a ford a little ways south. While marking the hidden shelter a reindeer doe brushes its way along the spruce. Truly this area has a lot of game!
More exploring leaves him still uncommitted where to put the stead. Certainly there are places to set up traps, like at the fords. Foreign traders are discovered, saying they come to these northern lands looking for furs. They say the sea is calmer than it was in winter. Perhaps the seasonal change or had Tuukka settled the bag magic at least a little?
Many things are on his mind. Making Badger Landing, really called Kasikallio “Hand Cliff” an improved camp with a cellar still seems like a good idea. To be dry the cellar is uphill of the fishing shelter and within the trap line already started. This way animals that come to it may still be caught converting lost foods into fresh meat. At the very least Badger Landing will be a trapping station. “Reindeer Ford” or the other fords could also use pit traps.
It could even be possible to give Badger Landing a small cabin using those two boulders as part of the defenses. This idea intrigues him. His first building can be a small first winter arrangement. It has a lake that will freeze but a shore-door makes that tolerable and saves making a well or rain catcher. A cellar is already here, baiting critters as well. 
Now is a time for major time management. If he is going to use Badger Landing then he has decided that amid these hills, lakes, forests, fords and a rapids he will make a stead somewhere.  Timing though calls for fields to go in, he might yet harvest turnips and pit trips at the fords could catch reindeer. Perhaps the pit traps should be first.

<Tuukka plans at Badger Landing>>>


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Tuukka heads over to the rapids down river, scouting for trapping or a cabin. There is a natural jetty for beaching at on the south side. The north side reveals reindeer tracks.
At the “Hanging rapids” the river flows eastward. Tuukka decides to pit trap on the north side while making a shelter on the south side. He does wonder if he may have issues during the thin ice months. A camp on the same side but a little ways along might be useful. He can probably manage that at a ford site. For now separating them is to hide the smells of his human touch, the camp fire smoke and cooking fish from the traps and the trees nearby. One is clear, the wood shovel is very slow to use, taking time across a second day to get deep enough. Its the punt that makes it simple to move supplies from one side to another.
After his third night there Tuukka on the south bank loads the punt with stakes, twigs and slenders for fencing and another pit or two. Crossing over he hears a rustling then thrashing. Disembarking he finds the one pit trap placed, where the tracks were dense and the trees a natural fence, has made a capture!
Its a small doe. The way it moves its clearly in pain. Tukka will end it quickly. This rapids must be a good draw point! Heavy back swings of a two handed woods axe bash in unconscious then knife cuts on the neck bleed it out. The trap is near the shore making it easy to get it onto the punt then across to the south side for processing. The first cut of meat he gives to the spirits, a thank for their great generosity.
Over eighty pounds of meat remain, more than he can eat himself before it spoils. After skinning, butchering and cleaning the hide Tuukka decides to head back to Badger Landing. There he roasts half the meat and puts the other half in the cellar. He uses some meat to change over the bait on the bear log trap.

Day 7 of the 5th week before midsummer

A ten pound reindeer fur is in hand, without major flaws. Tuukka ponders making new footwear and cloths or a cloak. Really though he is warm enough right now. With near eighty pounds of meat in stores what matters now is what crops might be managed. Quick growing turnips certainly. With weeks of food already he can manage broad beans and maybe even peas, though he has none of the latter to plant. Then he can return to pit traps and the selection of the winter shelter. The hills a short walk up from Badger Landing will do nicely.

Day 3 of the 4th week before midsummer

The first section of ash turned earth has cooled enough for broad beans to be started. Its a challenge if they will grow in this four by four array. Tukka won’t plant all he brought north. The idea of just turnips for winter vegetables is rather dreadful. After a second plot is planted and third turned Tuukka heads back to Hanging rapids. While installing a second pit trap on the north elk, that is moose, tracks are found on the south bank quite close to the shelter! So it seems he will pit trap the south side as well.
The elk is there running on the shore! Tukkaa is punting to the south bank when he sees it! Chasing is only briefly attempted. It will be too alert and with only four arrows from a moderate archer isn’t likely to catch it. Perhaps I winter but this is high summer. A pit trap though where it was seen.
“Let the existing animal tracks tell you where to trap,” recalls Tuukka.
The first south pit trap is put in and a second started. The chores must be split though. Heading back to Badger Landing then to the “Hand cliff” hills Tuukka seeds a third plot of broad beans. He may try for a fourth or fifth of broad bean though it will cross the half way in his seed beans. Hand Cliff has a simple shelter with a spruce mat, fire ring, cooking stone and a tub of water nestled next to a boulder at a dip in the hill. This work camp will give him some shelter from rain and cold though it is lacking in defenses.
Sadly the half of reindeer he put in the cellar has spoiled. Well, it does make a wonderful lump of bear bait. A section of the waste he burns at Badger Landing, hopefully received as an offering admitting his error. Though there is not much he can do about bringing down a truly large animal so far. He would need to travel to trade or invest in a smoking building.
Work continues focusing on the agriculture. Tuukka thinks into the first week of Hay month the broad beans might, that is might, make it up. The turnip patches will be started soon. A few days at the Hand Cliff fields is followed by a trip to Badger Landing and Hanging Rapids pit traps. Fishing is again needed to sustain himself. As a fisherman boatbuilder this is relaxing enjoying memories of his youth.

Day 1 of the 2nd week before midsummer

Six plots of four by four of broad beans have been planted all but exhausting his supply.
Tuukka if enjoying a roast trout at the Hanging Rapids pit trap camp when a bawl of pain sounds off. Something went into a pit! Its the small elk he saw and didn’t try chasing. It has gone in at a trap placed on its original tracks. Sure enough animals do tend to go to the same places.
Tukka moves the 375 pound elk by punt to Badger Landing for processing. He has already gotten an idea of the limits of food he can store. Much of the meat will traded to communities south.
Processing the elk Tuukka remembers to pull out the back strap. This hide will be soaked to dehair. This will supply the leather for many tools to be made over the winter. With a reindeer fur and the battered fur he wears he is warm enough for months to come.

<Tuukka to trade elk1>>>


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Day 3 of the 2nd week before midsummer point

Tuukka awakens do a wickedly hot day. He takes off half of the fur garments he is wearing. Splashing in the lake ware cools him. Assessing his clothing its time to replace his loin cloth. His hideworking skills are certainly much better than months ago. His linen trousers still cover him of course. The loincloth is a support he has become comfortable with.
Instead of travelling south along the river Tuukka decides to try north. There should be owl tribe people near. By late morning it is into the “Marry trail” Owl camp Tuukka enters, giving the signs of greeting. First to return the greeting is a shaman, Dearsu.
“I knew someone was coming today,” Dearsu said, “We have exchanged greetings. Why do you come?”
“To trade fresh meat,” said Tuukka, “and to show friendship.”
“Come be welcome,” Dearsu replied.
Ahekjouksa, the village woodsman, offers arrows which Tukka agrees is a good trade. Light yet valuable they are common barter item. Being arrows they have a habit of becoming more meat. Tuukka obtains eight arrows from the Owl tribe. Almost all their other goods were furs.
When asked Dearsu explained to the northwest there is a cave in “Piecetip” a half hour to the northwest. That is quite close!
 Exploring out of Marry Trail, to the north east are waters of various lakes. Reindeer are seen from a hilltop moving in the north. Piercetip Cave is found with the survey finding a boulder almost fully blocking the way in. Easily a single door could seal the cave, a very easy winter homestead!
Soon done Tuukka spends a night with rains pounding outside while he is dry and hot behind his cave door. A cluster of light trap ward the approach. Stone crop flowers in bloom are gathered, always leaving a share for the spirits. Trail makers are placed and an innukshuk is built for the spirits. It also shows the cave is claimed. Tuukka is so very happy he came north. It might not be a forever home but certainly this is viable. An inner section of Pierce Tip cave could be partitioned for a smoker.

<Tuukka Pierce Tip cave>>>


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Exploring Tuukka finds various crops are coming into season. A few leaves are tried in hopes of identifying them. To his horror he is coming down with a fever! Rushing back to Marry Trail the sage Dearsu gives him a concoction with prayers to speed his healing.
“This is moderately bad,” Dearsu warned, “You best learn not to eat those again. Bet it was spicy though, that can be warning. You should rest. Do you have heather? It makes a tea that can reduce your fever.”
“I still have some heather, yes. From the islands far to the south west. If I drink that then can I put in more fields, for the turnips?” Tuukka said.
“Dead men don’t eat turnips,” came the stern reply.
Tuukka departed. A pack of wolves scared him. He backed away and they went their own way. Badger Landing had caught an eagle owl, good for meat and feathers. Fetching his pot from the cellar storage Tuukka made his heather tea.
Grumpy at his foolish mistake Tuukka heeds the sage advice. At least for a little while he will simply do some whittling safely in the Badger Landing camp. By mid morning the fever has cooled. The combination of sage healing, herbal tea, rest and good eating has saved him.
As a thanks to the spirits he places one of the new figures here in Badger Landing’s shelter. Another is placed in the shelter at the Hand Cliff fields. These figures, Tuukka, feels give better eyes to the spirits who could choose to inhabit them.

Day 1 of the last week before midsummer

Having healed from the moderate poisoning Tuukka got back to the agriculture project. Another plot, four by four man lengths, was made that soon would start the turnips. Starting sets of traps were set for the small game that could threaten the crops. Perhaps later he will make another pit trap up here.
Out of meats Tuukka strolled back to Badger Landing. He realized there were wolf tracks doing that way. Sure enough the big three log trap with its hunk of reindeer had been pulled down. A wolf was trapped beneath. Recalling the tale of Beodrin two-bears Tuukka bombarded it with blunts like rocks. Only once it was stunned or battered should one approach such a dangerous best. Once skinned and butchered the first cut is gifted to the spirits.
Since he had been away so long Tuukka goes to the Hanging Rapids pit traps finding them empty. The pit traps are adjusted and repaired from the routine weathering they get.
Coming to the elk hid on the planned day, he finds it has rotted. Something had gone wrong. Its useless. He had been checking it a few days ago that it still needed a few days yet. Disappointing though its not dangerous to him. Tuukka takes a rest in the shelter to think.

<Tuukka poison, wolf and rotted>>>


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With the hopes for a large leather sheet for clothing and gear ruined Tuukka settles on laying a few more turnip plots. He did come north with three boxes of turnip seeds. That amount being more a matter of trade value then desire to eat. Light lever traps in sets of three are being placed around the plots. Its far from a complete shielding yet already they have pinned a hare and a grouse. Meat and fur traded for a few lost vegetables.

Day 5 of the 13th week before winter season

Routine life is so far proving safe. Tuukka sees people moving to the west at times. Traders in a group and perhaps a lone local traveller. Collect the few furs he has he goes to meet the traders.
The whole ten pounds of reindeer fur is traded for a small bronze brooch. Hardly the warmest idea though these makes a nice way to pin together clothing and small items can be far easier to travel with for big purchases.
The wolf fur is traded for twelve broad-head arrows, he kind that bleeds out large game. Tuukka’s mind flutters with the thought of the big game he has seen easily replacing the four pounds of wolf fur. The idea is warm in his heart he trades a hare and two squirrel furs to hold another four broad-head arrows. That makes for sixteen broad-head bleeding arrows plus the eleven normal arrows he already had. 
As they trade two of them are discussing berries unfamiliar to Tuukka. The elder explains these are northern bilberries, a bit earlier in season, but are edible.
Tuukka goes to meet the other figure. It is a lost woodsman named Isto. Tuukka and Isto come to conclusion that Isto may be on a travel quest, like Tuukka was on an island quest. It wouldn’t be hard to get them to a village and a sage. Given that this is a journey it feels wise to lead Isto north to the Owl village so that he sees new lands and people.
Dearsu the Owl sage is there to greet them. Dearsu agrees to guide Isto. He has things he best do. Isto thanks Tuukka by teaching him tracking wisdoms. Tuukka spend the night with Isto and the Owl’s of Marry Trail. Me splits a tree for boards and shapes some for paw-boards or fitting where needed. For this they give him ten more arrows. Tuukka now considers himself well supplied to arrow hunt big game.

<Tuukka got many arrows>>>


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Day 7 of the 13th week before winter season

At the Hand Cliff fields Tuukka is splitting more firewoood for more turnip plots when a lynx wanders into view. At this moment Tuukka himself is breathless. Nibbling on a cut of roast meat he watches the lynx. It slides away then back. It is drawn to something up here. The light traps might catch it. Tukka decides to slip into a hollow for a while to see if the traps will do their thing. After a half hour he comes out with no sign of the lynx. He’ll upgrade a few traps to have more holding power.
Another two plots of turnips are started which comes to the close of his planting efforts. Anything more probably won’t come up. Instead he adds large animal traps to the fields starting with a spiked pit trap.
Now will be a peaceful few days as early berries can be harvested, the existing trap spots checked and perhaps relaxing fishing. Using the river Tuukka watches the banks. He can see fallen trees, stones, rocks and now flowering plants. Easy enough to travel in a short way to gather those, even the trees to be floated back to Badger Landing. Tuukka is especially thankful to see heather flowering. With how it cooled him when poisoned it is most welcome even treasured. At one landing there is even an ant hill that he might try for the ceremony again.
He starts marking a path to the ant hill to find it in dark night. Elk tracks are spotted. The wisdoms learned suggest it is a few hours old. A patch of plants Tuukka hadn’t gotten to yet have been eating. Clearly a grazing time for the elk. While returning to his punt there is the elk! He wasn’t prepared but now can try hunting with all his new arrows!
Its a challenge as the elk moves so easily through the brush. Tukka decides to try and circle to force it into a notch on the bank. The cluster of trees makes it hard for it to escape. It might get out. Tuukka has become winded running after it. The rain is pelting down. From this angle the arrows will skid into the water, float and hopefully be found again.

<Tukka river pin elk>>>


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Tuukka is as fatigued as the elk. Shifting from position to position a little over a half dozen arrows are fired. Several hit with the misses, thanks to fire from above, striking the ground save one that floats in the river nearby. The broad heads from his self-made less-than-ideal bow aren’t able to get deep bleeding started. The elk’s leg is lamed though allowing closing for blows with the back of his long handled woodsman axe. Cuts on the knife begin the bleeding while the rain continues to batter down.
While the animal passes to the spirit realm Tuukka gives it space. He gathers the punt and some last materials form the shore. It is early evening and he will sail this to Badger Landing for processing. Exhausted he fell asleep with the carcass ashore, regretfully doing the skinning in the morning. Once again it sets the hide for soaking into leather. The damage the beast took and its general condition won’t give a perfect hide. He needs the leather if he is to make large bellows for forging iron. Once again he pulls the backstrap off the corpse for use in cordage.
While processing the elk the lynx came by the camp. It came close but didn’t actually step into one of the traps. Another medium trap is set on part of where it had been seen.
The next morning Tuukka gets ready to travel with the excess meat south. There isn’t any way yet for him to smoke the meat so it was all roasted. Sad eyes look to the de-hair soaking fur hoping it will turn out this time without being wasted like the last.
At the stead of Louhi’s front over a hundred cuts of roasted elk is traded for a hunting knife from a hunter named Nestor. Nestor demonstrates how the knife’s shape can better bleed a an animal. In any case its light weight and steel nature makes its a good trade item. Other roasted cuts are traded for smoked cuts the villagers had made. These will of course last a lot longer in storage. Tuukka had left a small portion of roasted elk at Badger Landing and having found a trapped hare on the paddle over is happy to trade the rest of roasted elk carried here.
Now comes a time for a think. The need for smoking meat is really becoming apparent. He could outfit the Piercetip Cave for it but that would always mean hiking in large pieces of meat from any place along the river traps. The Hanging Rapids though have always held an allure. Growing up a fisherman boatbuilder doing ice fishing, by rod or nets to be made, in the winter has its own charm. Plus if he does take to making a forge that also regularily needs water. Any cave or inland location would take a well. A well is possible or various forms of rain catchers.
Scouting around Tuukka chooses a location on the south bank of Hanging Rapids. There is jet of land into the rapids just there that makes an useful punt landing, fishing and hide treating location. The smoke house will be a smaller walls and doors design. A dozen tree trunks were already gathered by punt which will up a third of the needed logs. This is a process that will take a few weeks. After logging those and felling a few more Tuukka realizes this is just the sort of thing you hire someone for.

<Tuukka starting smoke house>>>