Topic: [3.63] Flora modding can not use both 'dry' and 'dryish' terrain values  (Read 684 times)


« on: December 23, 2020, 12:08:15 PM »
If I insert both 'dry' and 'dryish' values for the terrain tag, the flora stops working. If I put just 'dry', I can find it in heathland. If I put 'dryish', I can find them on hills. But should I put both, I can't find them at all.

Code: [Select]
.Large spruce.      (1)    [grass]
[REGION:eastern western southern]
[TERRAIN:dry dryish]
[LEAF_VOLUME: bunch]

Not really urgent now that I know it. Just announcing it so that people don't have to waste as much time looking for the reason their flora isn't working.
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