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Hunger bar almost full - meaning very hungry:

- if I eat 7 fistfuls of milkweed leaves - I'm full and nutrition level goes up one lvl at most.
- if I put 40 fistfuls of the same leaves in a bb-box - I can eat the whole box empty in one go!
- Nutrition level didn't skyrocket or even change so something is definitely wrong here at least in terms of lost nutrients.

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I can confirm to have experienced similar situations before.

I think(not sure) i did that with cooked marsh marsh calla(roots). I had several pots of a small amount and poured it all together in one bowl.
When i ate it, the bowl was empty, and i still was hungry.
Occured to me on some more occasions. I think it was lake reed flatbreads.

I never was sure about it, because there is no way to really get a measure on that if you can not look into the code.
Just wondered why i was burning through my food supplies so fast.
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related query:

IF you "E"mpty the box of them can you get them off the ground or are they just deleted?


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Emptying container deletes the contents. It does show a warming about it too.