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Tom H

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My newest guy, who has been able to get nothing better than a harsh skin or fur from the few squirrels, hares, and birds he'd trapped, recently chased down a lynx. One arrow rendered it unconscious and then it was clubbed to death. I had a Companion who claimed he had moderate hideworking skills, so, I told him to skin and butcher it. He couldn't do any worse than me!

Anyway, he produced a SUPERIOR skin! I rested up for every step in the tanning process, stripped down, and used his assistance. In the end, I got a Superior lynx fur!

This guy, whom I play as an indentured servant who was marooned in the deep forest far from home when his new master died from a fire (Not all who wander), has had some fortunate occurrences.

In the first village he found, he was asked to supply branches for fires and got the '5 squirrels' reward. Then he found a drowned bear which he skinned. He got the meat and some harsh bear fur armor from the skin.

Soon after, he found a wounded adventurer whose reward was a hidden treasure on an island. Coincidentally, he'd just gotten the 'Punt' quest. Using that punt, he found the island, recovered the rich reward, and turned in the punt. And now he has that excellent Lynx fur.
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Just as winter is setting in a dog came and was eating the hare bones outside. I tried to rope the dog but it just growled and eventually ran away. The next day as I check my trap fence I find the dog in a pit trap and try to rope him once again. Still no luck, so eventually I'm forced to turn him into dog steaks. Just as I'm skinning the hide an arrow flies by, then another, then I see a man on the other side of my game fence shooting arrows at me. I leap the fence, he strikes with a knife, I counter blow with my axe and down he goes.

Now I have a nice new northern bow, arrows, and a hunting knife.

edit : And a corpse I'm not sure what to do with?


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edit : And a corpse I'm not sure what to do with?

Just burn it.(drop some firewood on corpse and start a fire or push corpse on existing fire).


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Noticed a goshawk that tried to kill a black grouse lately. It's the first time I saw a predator actually hunt.
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Late Soil month. Most game, apart from elks and birds seem to be hiding. Got thousands of feathers, ~1,600 cuts of dried elk, some smoked elk, some more of meat from bears and deer.

Traded stack of winter arctic/fox hides for fine battlesword.
Only game in steady supply are Njerpez.

Went scouting earlier for hunting cabin location in Kaumo lands. Slow progress, over a month but fun to explore in the dead of winter. Left some elk drying there too. Killed the largest bull elk to memory. 354lbs meat weight. Might need to schedule the cabin build for early summer after sowing rye and barley. As a side note, got so many Njerpez weapons and armor; wouldn’t need to hunt, trap or farm for maybe 6+ years. Maybe make a living as a “home guard”, for lack of borders to guard. 
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Now I have a nice new northern bow, arrows, and a hunting knife.

edit : And a corpse I'm not sure what to do with?

Now you’ve taken the step to the dark side and taken life of a fellow human. And made a sizable profit with it. Next try to bag some njerpez, and get really wealthy... with a risk of death, but hey: low risk, low reward.

As for the corpse, most folks seem to pick them up, zoom out to Wilderness Map and drop on the spot for time and nature to clean the mess and leave 4 bones as trophies.
Some collect those bones later and add to their grim trophy pile at cabin site. Or leave them on the spot as reminder where a hostile fighter met, you.

Unless you’re couple days into starving, in that case, you *could* butcher the human remains and cook‘im for dinner.


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Today I encountered robber and liar...

When I was checking my traps I immediately noticed one of them is triggered without prey inside. Human tracks were leading from it. After following those tracks I discovered "adventurer" as he introduced himself. Shocked I started conversation and he told me about Driik village. I checked my map and I was shocked that Driiks went all down to the Islanders territory but that had to be checked out. Instead of killing him I took my punt eager for new discovery. I knew two villages in that region so it wasn't hard to locate. Though after scouting rest new lands I found no Driiik village and now I'm standing bamboozled in my punt.


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Those are the settlements he told you about.
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Indeed. There’s a bug that causes NPC to refer the culture as their own. I.e. Driiks will claim any village they know location of as a Driik village.
Same goes for vagabonds and foresters.

The same bug manifests itself, in reverse, with for example “unfortunate hunting trip” scenario where character’s deceased father is of the culture where the game begins.


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That's fine, settlements reference can be a minor bug. But that pesky thief was still wandering around my traps. Once I caught him red-handed there was no mercy. He killed fox inside my trap and fortunately for me that made him very tired. After piercing his neck and smashing his arms he became perfect short-term trainer.


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Another day at Windy Forest and Knockenwood. Antti went to check the north-east traps. One small fox. 2 black grouses. head back to cabin. Spot a Njerpez on the Pine mire, turn to intercept him/them. Solo warrior with scimitars, shield, spear and knife. And then I realize I left the hunting bow at the cabin. Oh well, the fine battlesword will have to do. Njerpez calculated his odds and decided to turn and flee. Smart choice. Except the snow in Early Swidden comes to the waist... couple scenic turns later, he manages to get to spruce mire.
Nice, little sport, not just straight on slaughter. Well.
Not really, Antti caught up, swung once, hit hard on his eye, he starts to bleed and falls down, drop the ski stick for better grip, Njerpez stands up. Hit him again, he starts to bleed profusely from his thorax and goes down again.
Time to see if fine battle sword will give clean decapitation. Nope, just stuck on spine, again. At least the Njerpez stays down.
Strip his belongings and dump his remains on a spruce as warning to other invaders.

Continue towards home. Spot another Njerpez. Huh, guess they don't learn. Intercept!
And in straight ahead, gazing at Antti. The Njerpez lays down to sleep. O-K...

And again, not a full decapitation. Got to keep working on that.

Ara D.

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Less of what's happening in my unreal world and more UrW happening in my world.

So my wife just gave birth to our first child on Monday. Through the process of the induction and waiting for her to dilate UrW has been there during the down times, at least for us there was plenty of hurry up and wait. UrW has been great with it ability to quickly save anytime. It's allows me to pick it up and put it down as needed to attend to my wife and babies needs. Thanks to all the UrW team for being my emotional support person.


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It can be tiring and doubt infusing at times. But do your best to enjoy the time.
And if you have family close-by, let them help. (Mother might have baby blues and also be hyper protective for sometime. Try your best to do the little things, she’s likely extremely tired for a while.

Got 4 kids; 20, 15, almost 6 and almost 3. 2nd family. They’re all different.
No advise “kids this, kids that” from me. Some sleep, some don’t. Some eat well, others might have reflux. There’s nothing except your (parents) instinct to tell what’s best for your kid(s). Or simply trial and error.

Good luck! And let mom take a nap!


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It was early winter morning and all was dark but my torchlight. I was leaving my home base, a Koivula village, to start my day of fishing and trapping when I got the message "You hear Koivula robbers singing to the west". This is the first time I've seen this message. I hurried back into the village to hide until the day is bright enough to see around me.

The curious thing is that the village was only two tiles west of where I heard the message. I wonder what it implies... :)


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Tuukka who was on the Island Challenge (and did die a few times) has finally come into spring and paddled to the mainland. The first village he is in is telling to quest for a trident.

Now here's the thing...

In my Island Challenge attempts Ive been roleplaying Posedin as a "Foreign Sea Spirit with a Trident"

So uhh... yeah...

now that he got to the mainland he has to go rescue Posedin's trident. No biggie right? right? please agree....