Topic: Wolfpack guarding traps aka what the hell do I do now!?  (Read 4580 times)


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I thought I was smart setting up 4 traps around a baited tree, for a wolf pack nearby...

Now its leader is in one of the traps and all seven wolves (update: nine) are stuck around it.

My 16yrs old is so poor and wimpy (axe is 12, all other weapon skills <10) he can't match even the smallest one 1vs1.

Any ideas? Another trap-complex? Do fences block wolves?

UPDATE: I was scared shitless with loose wolves within vision while setting new traps. Finally the first trapped ones died and the pack movement was freed. I managed to trap all but a big one. It just would not go into a trap. I also had to wait for the others to die and quickly go pick them up so as not to upset the big one that was loose. Left a bear trap, let's see. (Yeah, it's a turnip. Maybe it likes it. There's meat too.)
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Wolves have no trouble getting past fences, but they prefer to go through openings if there are any, so passive trap fences generally work well against them as long as they're not attacking.


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If you don't mind cheesy approach, lure them to the location near river and sea, bring yourself a punt and the rest in about lure them into water and watch them drown. Lure them to nearby village (if any) might also works but 9 wolves might overrun a medium size village easily.

I myself like to roleplay so these aren't really my options. If I were in such situation, use a livestock as a bait i.e. sheep and surround it with tons of deadfall traps sounds good to me. Good luck hunting :)


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Well waterways were pretty far away. I let the big one go since it is already spring. Half of the wolf pelts became regular instead of winter furs.

I waited and watched some of the wolves get trapped. But funny how I got the feeling the big one couldn't get into a big deadfall trap. I reset them many times and all the smaller wolves got trapped sooner or later. But the bear trap didn't work either. My char's skills are pretty low but since the other wolves were trapped I don't think it was because of that.

Can someone remember trapping a big wolf with a deadfall trap? Pits don't count.

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Not specifically, but I haven't had any problems with catching various wolves in bear traps, and big wolves are still a lot smaller than bears.
I mostly don't bother with the medium size trap unless I'm pestered by a medium size predator (smaller than wolves).

Thus, I'm fairly sure I've caught big wolves in the traps, but haven't looked for the size specifically.


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Can someone remember trapping a big wolf with a deadfall trap? Pits don't count.
I found a dead big wolf in a big deadfall trap I had originally built to catch a lynx. The fox/arctic fox* cut bait was gone.

*fox cuts are useless for anything else really IMO