Topic: Do livestock animals follow the player character unleashed?  (Read 2735 times)


« on: November 09, 2020, 04:46:11 AM »
I can't remember if this was addressed in a recent update or not and I'd rather not buy an animal just to lose it into the forest. Do any domestic animals besides dogs follow the player automatically or do they need to be leashed, fenced, or tied to trees to prevent them wandering off?

I'm working on building a nomadic reindeer herder type character and wondering if my vision of her driving a big herd of reindeer is possible or if I'll have to have them all leashed.


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 Not to my knowledge, I think they will wonder and be lost.
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I haven't heard of it being changed, so I expect them not to follow (and while I think they'll be lost, I don't think it's in thought [@Privateer ;) ]).