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Hi All,
Here is a mod for training melee weapon skills with a training dummy. It is derived from Privateer's Kalma mod but without the need for butchering humans or gods.

I play with the BAC mod, so this uses Q for the menu. But, of course anyone could modify as they wish.

Thanks to Privateer for doing the main work... i just modified the mod. :)
Thanks to Sami as always!
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Brygun caretake of the BAC here.

This mod looks good.

Due to the number of recipes needed I don't think I will attach it directly into the BAC. The author, wolfman00, has already accounted for the integration issue though. It using one of the "free letters" in the BAC. Since objects, like the training dummy, remain in existence even if the diy_ file with recipes is removed this mod should be able to be added in and taken out as needed. The game objects, like the dummy, will have all their data attached. Just be sure to leave in any truetile graphics otherwise those objects will go invisible though still exist and have weight.


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This thread could possibly be moved to the Mods Releases section as it appears complete.


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Hi there!

I like this version without the need for killing. I edited the original sprites to be more akin to actual dummies rather than meat-targets. I removed the blood and turned things more brown basically. I thought this might be a nice addition for people like me.  ;D

Just need to overwrite the files from the "new version" folder into the truetile folder of your game!
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Great mod, finally about to survive my first year on a character, and I was able to use this mod to level up to a competent swordsman over the cold winter days.