Topic: Buoidda's crafts 2.3.6 [released 2021-01-12]  (Read 26332 times)


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I'm testing this mod and it gives me a very wildlife feeling to my quarantine days. Lovely  ;D
The trees spice up the scenery somewhat, don't they :) Please let me know what your testing finds.

Currently I'd reduce the tub from 6 down to 3 boards at least. (What was I thinking? Nothing.)


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Probably a stupid question but is this compatible with BAC?


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« Reply #47 on: February 27, 2021, 04:14:33 PM »
Probably a stupid question but is this compatible with BAC?

Since BAC moves around some vanilla items, I doubt it is compatible with anything but graphical, non-crafting, mods.


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Ok, thanks.


« Reply #49 on: March 01, 2021, 03:49:23 AM »
Brygun keeper of BAC here

Buoidda and I have talked a little about his ver 2+ and the BAC.

The "bast" idea for cordage was moved into BAC

A major thing Bouidda did for this upgrade to his mod was add custom vegetation and rework bowying/fletching sections. That would stop anyone mid-process in making bows but that might be tolerable to players wanting the new ones anyway.

New plants don't spawn on tiles you've already visited and you have to find new tiles.

I've not "yet" implemented the Bouidda 2+ beyond the bast for that reason.  I respect Bouddia greatly and they are one of the early contributors to BAC.

I've wondered if Bouidda aimed to use specific menus as overwrites that might work. Most of BAC menus are getting very full so just adding more into an existing menu is going to be a very fussy case by case.