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Better price reference

1 squirrel hide is worth 17 torches


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Though, tbh, you just did (release). Now it's forever in the abyss of the internet ;D But don't be humble, I think you should just go ahead and make a thread even if you don't plan updating it loyally. And I do think ppl here are more on the chill side than usual, so borrowing from others shouldn't be a problem to anyone. Just don't expressly claim all of it yours if it isn't.

Thank you for all the praise! The reason my release style is so 'formal' is (apart from the usual ocd) perhaps my background in computer science. Hard to break old habits... I'm partly doing it also to set some example on commenting and study material for future modders. All of my stuff at least is out there to use without attribution (to make ppl feel comfortable modifying it as they see fit). All that said, by no means I expect anyone to use up time as stupidly for all the needless chatter.  :P

yay thanks and yay i did...  :o Although its just a part of my mod and i thought i was contributing to your topic.
But reading again i realized that i missed your call regarding the trees. Sorry if that was completely out of place.

I actually planned to bring the mod out sometime, but i still work on explanations regarding the funktions and regarding the "stolen" "concepts".
Funnily i had some own ideas, which I found now reading other mod posts... But I won't claim to be the inventor. And since i didnt read the hole forum(but im working on it ;D), I am not sure any of my ideas are new.
I am also quite "chilled" about that and i even wouldnt mind if someone else would stole my recipes...
My point of view is, that this open "source-community thing" (or however you call it) really amplifies creative ideas. I definitely standing on the point that knowledge in general has always been in danger of getting lost, and speaking of me as a chef, i almost dont have any secrets besides company secrets. I always give away all of my recipes, especially to young people who want to learn.

I think there also is one thing many modders have defined as a goal for themselves: One day perhaps the idea or even the whole mod is integrated somehow into the main game. And there are only two persons who should make profit out of that.

Since i cannot contribute to the tree modding topic, i will shut up now and read myself into it. :-X 8)
And I already have some kind of a disclaimer for my "mod" in mind...


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New version 2.3 up and running just letting people know ::)


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Thanks @trowftd. There were still a couple of graphical issues - now fixed.

Important: Characters from previous updates will not have flora updated - at least not in explored areas. Sometimes out-dated flora will also find their way in new areas too. That's why best practice is to start with a fresh character whenever flora files are changed.

Here is a good place to say something about version numbering that I follow:

Buoidda's Crafts 2.3.1
2. <----- Major version number (not all that interesting)
3. <----- character compatibility number (likely flora file change): if this changes, previous characters are not recommended
1  <----- new crafting recipes, bug fixes, graphics etc.: characters are compatible

EDIT: Bugs fixed in 2.3.1:
  • .Juniper bowstaff. recipe was not possible in dry terrain, even though they can be found on it (heathland):
    {[TERRAIN:cliff grove meadow settlement clearing fresh dry]}    'Cut branches on site'
    There were also weird numbers on the recipe but they have no effect. It was fixed by removing the 'settlement'.
  • {Cord} requirement in fletching recipes won't work with "cord of rawhide" (because the base item is not a cord). Changed reqs to {*Cord*}
  • Offset graphics in straight winter rowan

EDIT: Other changes in 2.3.1:
  • bowstaffs are staffs (weapons) now, possible to get better quality staffs now with a stone axe, at the expense of finding the material
  • updated bowstaff graphic
  • Straight birches' commonness down to 20. (Minor flora update, old characters might see more of them.)
  • [mushroom]-class changed to [root] in *trees.txt. They randomly spawn up until withering period - not just sprout month.
  • [noquality]-tags off from lumber items. (Timbercraft much more important in bowying.)

Characters started with previous versions might have trees spawn little differently, but nothing serious.

Any feedback on flora distribution is especially welcome.
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Bowstaff update 2.3.2
- shortened pine belly making from 6h to 5h to allow making it with a handaxe
- deprecated offal since it was unnecessary with the ground item not consumed bug [urw 3.63]. Use bones on the ground for carcass harvestables.
- removed <axe> from bowstaffs since it preferred stone-axe over (iron )knife and unnecessarily multiplied time use
- slightly increased skill bonus modifier for bowstaffs
- large spruce now also found in the north (albeit more rarely: *big* spruce is not) [minor flora update!]
- typo in .spruce bowstaff. "Staff " (extra space) prevented it from appearing in menus
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Next update
- ? ? ?

Maybe medicinal/herbal produce from trees.. until Sami gets that to vanilla.


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Gotta think about that, in the meantime, boil urself some linden flower tea.
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Lumberjack update 2.3.3
- rowan leaves appear as felled rowan
- number of big rowans on an area increased from 3 to 5
- specified credits for trowftd in tree comments
- edited 'revamped rowan graphic' smaller to better distinguish from 'berry-bearing big rowans' and to cover less space
- adjusted lindens' bast yield down to 40%
- adjusted willow bast recipe a little
- adjusted willows' and lindens' maturing time from 120 to 100 days
- small skill bonus for bowstaves
- added "felled" graphic for all modded trees. They appear when harvested or picked up and dropped.
- fixed summer rowan graphic
- deprecated elk (track) graphics, recommend Galgana's creature sprites:;boardseen#new
- antler-tipped blunt arrows output just blunt arrows, but with an altered graphic
- leather instead of cured skin for staff-bow
- redefined vanilla ski stick as weapon for easier selecting
- made fowling arrows heavier from 0.15 to 0.25
- adjusted bowstring lenghts in bowying
- added [MATERIAL:wood] tags to bast and bark
- changed willow bark [TYPE:timber] for it to work in tanning

Linden flower beverage update 2.3.4
- linden flower beverage now properly named due to missing name tag fixed in flora*.txt (minor flora update)
- added ability to dry perch-skins
- perch-skin glue now boiled in a pot and quality affecting crafted bow quality (but not antler blunts)
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Sausage update 2.3.5
- added gurpi, a preserved sámi "sausage"
- added mixed flatbreads for extending flour
- more fat in blood cakes
- doubled amount of blood obtained (still less than rl)
- added sour tanning sludge which only works inside birch-bark container
- absorbed sour milk and nettle cheese from BAC
- made all withes [noquality] to condense inventories because of apparent lack of impact otherwise (well skis, minor)
- fixed tanning solution
- dropped fowling arrow damage 1 more point, removed [noquality]-tags in an attempt to cap quality (fine is counterproductive here)
- reverted fowling arrows' weight back to 0.15lbs
// Forked arrows' main benefit is that they do not penetrate deeply underground and thus are easier to find.
// They also have a wide two-pronged point that more easily hits small targets.
// I cannot mod the above, but but at least they do less than normal damage to not grislify birds.
// After testing there was no perceivable effect on range even with 9lbs arrows.
- duplicate 'straight elm' variety more common in southern groves and meadows (flora update!)
- elm more rare (minor flora update!)
- late summer lindens appeared felled. Lifted them up again. Just pick the flowers, do not harvest linden (there's no additional gain anyway). Same behaviour expected of other trees near their withering period in december. I can't do much more about it, I still prefer the visual effect of trees falling down when harvested.
- fixed missing 'felled' graphic to harvested slanted pine (in addition to picked and dropped)
- Harvest: slanted pine, juniper, all willows, straight elm, rowan and birch.
- Pick: elm (or harvest and tresh), big rowan (pick young leaves to get lumber), lindens and spruces.
- Testing above some more, likely decide to revert so that only harvested and treshed trees appear felled (if they yield lumber). I want to see first how long before december they "fall down" by themselves.
- season colours on hares, as in Galgana's creature sprites
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Wooden box update 2.3.6
- fixed typo in batch files concerning hare fur colour change
- price adjustments
- added traditional wooden box
- added wooden tub
- turnips' graphic changes now when harvested
- smaller blood cakes (increased number produced)
- mixed flatbreads bigger (smaller number produced)
- changed perch-skin glue type to [food] to be able to remove it from the pot


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Just want to comment that I'm excited by this mod, and plan to use it on my next playthrough.

I have to figure out how to incorporate it with BAC; currently trying to consolidate BAC for my own use.

It's funny that BAC is based on your older version, and now I'm trying to incorporate your newer stuff into it =D


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Thank you. I'm unsure how many are actually using this - so it's good to hear  :)

- or how many would if it only was compatible with BAC.

Although I don't spesifically wish my mod to become popular by itself. This has been a modding demo/testing lab for flora modding I wasn't familiar with before. I play with it, it contains those things I feel are essential additions to the vanilla.

I'm guessing others of the silent masses are/will be doing exactly what you are. I've been meaning to open a (private?) discussion with @Brygun about us doing the merge on behalf of the audience. But I wanted BC2+ to mature to a certain level of stability (especially concerning flora files) before that.
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A conversation is possible.

Ive been watching for stability.

I've also been a bit hesitant on adding new on-map trees, which many of the new recipes have as early inputs.


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Hmm. They're kind of central to the whole thing. Try playing them!

I'm not foreseeing new updates in close future btw.


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I'm testing this mod and it gives me a very wildlife feeling to my quarantine days. Lovely  ;D