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Hey guys and girls,
As inspired by my thread on if persistence hunting been made more difficult and frustration at being able to make only crude javelins with stone tools I decided to make a quick and dirty mod to address this.

Edit: 7th Feb 2021
V2 out. Updated the Seasoned staff making process. First you make partially dried slender trunks that will come out a mix of inferior, decent and fine. These are then aged further which can only decrease the quality, as "you can't make good out of bad". In my test I ended up with 8 decent and 2 inferior seasoned trunks out of 10 but if you're lucky you can get fine seasoned trunks. If you try this mod I'd love to hear your opinions on the balancing and final quality of produced items.

But I guess there would be alternate ways to implement progression, like making a decent javelin / bow with makeshift tools would take a very long time. A javelin made from a fresh slender trunk will warp and bend as it dries out making it worse over time compared to one made from a staff that was dried for 6 months first. A quickly made bowstring can snap when in use, so for best reliability you want good quality which takes longer and needs specialised tools to twine. Dunno, just thinking here.

Maybe I should make an alternate mod to BAC that allows you to make good quality primitive weaponry by spending longer on it.

So attached is v1 of this Patience mod. Now since this is a test version it only takes 2 weeks to produce seasoned lumber where in reality it should be like 6 months.

I took inspiration mostly from these three videos on stone tool selfbows: "Working On Some Bow Staves" "Making A Stone Age Hunting Bow: Stone Age Bow Making With Abo Tools" "( Nature's Arrows Part 1) Arrow Straightening"

If anyone wants to try it and give me opinions I'd love to hear what you think.
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I like the name of the mod I think it suits nicely. And if anybody is thinking about downloading this mod, I can recommend it if you don't like huge mods like the BAC mod, but would prefer a small mod with the focus on making primitive hunting tools.

And I am pretty sure this is intented but, it is imposibble to make longbow with stone axe and stone knife, I've done all the stuff with stone tools. You can create Straight Javelin no problem. Most of them turned about to be rough or inferior, but I don't think this is that much of a problem, my carpentry skill was 48% so considering all the other bark and cordage recipes, multiple tries should yield the quality that player wants.

I quickly crafted the items one by one and as it stands right now, it is quite nice and a small mod. But I don't think the %skill modifiers% in Green wood staff and Seasoned staff are quite there.

The *COMMON* skill is afaik 50% so adding %-50% skill modifier to that would equal 0. I don't know if you intented it but this would mean no fine or even decent staves, becuase in the recipes you are not looking at the quality of the included items but only the staves. But with stone items I've never yielded good staves, so the chances get really low in this part. Maybe I did not give it enough tries but this was my first impression.

And of course all these are just my observations but I like the mod overall, it is very similar to what I've done. The times are good imo, it doesn't leave you with a huge time gap where there is nothing to do after you've built your cottage and stuff, but it is also not super simple to come up with an amazing bow or javelin that it is overpowered.

And a quick beautifying process :P . I added the 'Be near water' line so that in game it doesn't say [NEARBY_TILE:water] but shows the line.
.Birch-bark fibre. "Hunting horn" [effort:1] [phys:hands,one-armed] *COMMON* %-50% /30/ \3h\ [patch:5]
{*Birch-bark*} #1# [remove] [noquality] [patchwise] [name:Birch-bark fibre]
{Rock} '+for scraping' [noquality]
{Cutting weapon} <Knife> '+for trimming' [optional]
{[NEARBY_TILE:water]} 'Be near water'

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Thanks, awesome observations!

You pointed out some real issues. I had only tested with a metal knife - I foolishly assumed that [noquality] on the tool would mean that stone knife = metal knife. In my testing I was able to make decent and fine seasoned staves no problem. But it seems that the stone knife gets an additional "the stone knife is an awkward tool here" modifier regardless.

Ideally I would have wanted to have just one crafting recipe for drying a slender tree trunk, which produces a slender tree trunk that has a quality modifier. Each application of the drying recipe would have a chance of bumping up the quality. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out a way to do this with the UrW mechanics as "you can't make good out of bad". That's why there's so many [noquality] tags and the progressive stages.

The tool quality seems to override everything else. I gotta rethink this a bit and I'll post a v2 soonish. Really appreciate you checking it out.