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? A wounded adventurer barely managed to crawl into town. I wandered into town shortly thereafter. One of the town shamans, Eidar, I think it was, said the adventurer needed help. Of course that was irresistable bait for my curiousity. The poor soul, was out gathering fire wood in the morning when he startled a bear, his limb looked like roughly ground meat. And all he wanted now was the northern spear handed down to him from father to son for generations. He said it was in a coniferous forest bordering a large body of water. And, he marked my map - over there somewhere. What could be easier? And, I could use bear meat to try smoking, now that I had built a fireplace in a cave and walled off the area with a door.

The whole north side of this large lake was "coniferous forest"! I looked but found no bear tracks. Then, I found bloodscape! At least I was in the right area. Hopefully. But, where was his camp? I found more bloodscape to the east. But, no camp. Then, finally, I found his camp... and his spear... and two roasted grouse breast and a wooden mug? That's all?! Well, I was not doing this for the other items left behind at his camp. Honestly, I wasn't! Who needs a masterwork longbow anyways?!! Certainly not this Owl tribe master archer.

So, I returned his heirloom northern spear to him. And he told me of a treasure buried in a cave in the far south-west Owl-tribe lands, even further away than his spear had been. Narutrally. I'd heard from others about tales of treasures like these: rarely something YOU would want, like a huge masterwork battleaxe and masterwork shield, only you are an archer. Yes, I'd heard about treasures like these before. But, I could go, look, take the items to someone / everyone, else and trade whatever I found for jewelry and arctic fox furs - portable wealth. OK, that would keep me busy, really busy, for a long time... I checked to see I still had a wooden shovel I made a while back: yes. So, off I went.

I looked for the cave in the area he marked on my map.. And practically fell in a cave while I was looking the other way! I went back out to get some branches to make a fire and make a torch. How would I find this "buried treaure" in a cave? Was this even the same cave that adventurer was reffering too? There was something over there, looked like an oddly colored ant nest, This treasure was not even buried! It was just a pile against the wall of the cave.

I need a travois! I need a sled.. pulled by solar=powered dogs!!

How far away are Driik and Reemi from here? Why oh why do the two biggest malls have to be at opposite ends of the earth?