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« on: September 04, 2020, 10:06:40 PM »
How do I mark locations that have something I want to come back for? Villages have certain items, river ford or rapids, animal found here, etc


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 Hit f6, hit A(dd) Marker, dialog pops up, select message color of indicator etc.
This location/marker will now be visible from F6 mode


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You can add the marker in Zoomed In view: e.g. my character bumps into large game, I then hit F6 and add red marker with “drop”. Drop excess weight items, shoot and pursue the game. Regardless if I get a kill or not, I can easily travel to the dropped items on Wilderness map, zoom in and land right on the dropped items most of the time. Then I remove the old marker.
I use yellow markers for village interest items; armor, fine and masterwork tools, animals for sale and sage. (As villages are yellow squares)
Green for game sightings and certain plants (bear pipes, burdock, golden rod etc) that aren’t ready for harvesting yet)
Blue for rafts (since they now weight ... bit more... than 80lbs.

Pick a color scheme that works for you and you can find stuff at glance, even if you play multiple characters parallel.