Topic: [3.63] Trading for "almost all your reward" can take whole reward.  (Read 801 times)


« on: August 18, 2020, 12:21:44 PM »
Version: Unreal World 3.63, Linux/Steam build, unmodded

What happened: Completed "The forest is humming" quest, and received six squirrel hides worth of credit. I traded for a small knife, and then a second small knife as a separate trade. On the second trade, I was told it would use up "almost all of my reward", but then got a message that it also used up all of my reward (which it did). I presume I used up exactly my whole reward.

What's expected: Using up exactly your whole reward says it will use your whole reward.

Steps to reproduce: Have not attempted to reproduce.



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6 squirrel hides * 8 value = 48

2 small knives * 24 value = 48

Checks out!

I've also noticed the same thing in my game, so it's not a localized issue. Reproducing the issue would probably be trivial.