Topic: What will happen when using watercraft with hired companions?  (Read 3526 times)


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Basically the title, I know leashed animals won't drown in water, but I am not sure if companions can cross water with me. Anyone know the answer?


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They have succeeded to swim over in all my attempts (although they haven't been many: I generally avoid crossing water with companions). There have been some reports on the forum about failures to make it, though.


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Thanks, can I know if this apply to zoom-out map? or only zoom in map?


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To my knowledge it should work on both. My knowledge is a few years old, though. I'd recommend taking a backup of your save folder and delete the original and restore the copy if things go wrong, though.

Tom H

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I recently hired 5 Companions to hunt a group of thieves. The ice thawed while the hunt went on and when I left I had to make rafts and break the ice to cross the now-brittle rivers. Two Companions died trying to walk across the ice, by drowning.

On separate occasions, I've lost at least 3 other Companions who were trying to swim behind my raft. Some had previously crossed the waters where they died. I assume that fatigue factors heavily in their survival, perhaps swimming skills, too.

So, in answer to the question, they CAN die from drowning.


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I’ve never encountered a drowning companion before, and I don’t know the cause of their death is cold or fatigue
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